Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thea "Queen of Clubs" Spreads Disco Love
...and Freemasons Bring the House Down!

"Disco was too great,

and too much fun,

to be gone forever!

It's got to come back someday.

I just hope it will be

in our own lifetimes."


I'm Thea Queen aka "Speedy"

aka "Thea Queen of Clubs."

As you recall I'm Oliver Queen's kid sister
on the superhero television series Arrow.

You might remember my first rave in 2016 on Shady Dell Music & Memories.
Today I'm back to bring you a special rave featuring wall-to-wall disco.
The password to get in is Travolta, but don't be fooled. This isn't the
Saturday Night Fever stuff your granddaddy danced to. It's disco
of the 21st century - EDM - electronic dance music categorized
as Disco House. I'll be spinning a continuous mix of modern
disco ditties to keep you busy boogieing out on the floor.


The English DJ duo of Russell Small and James
Wiltshire, better known as Freemasons, are
leaders of the 21st century Disco House
movement. They named their act after the
Freemasons Tavern, a favorite 19th century
Brighton pub. Freemasons produce dance
records with lead vocals by guest singers
including the ladies you are about to meet.
Let's get the disco ball rolling and begin
my rave with Brit singer Amanda Wilson
and "Love On My Mind," a retro disco
song that made a run at the UK top 10
in 2005. If the melody and some of the
lyrics sound familiar, it's because the
song samples "This Time Baby," the
1979 disco hit by Jackie Moore. Hit the 
floor as Freemasons featuring Amanda
Wilson perform-- "Love On My Mind!"

"Love On My Mind" - Freemasons ft. Amanda Wilson
(June 2005, from Shakedown, Unmixed and Shakedown 2)

Next on my turntable, The Saturdays, a five member
English-Irish girl group with a long string of electro-
pop dance hits. In the summer of 2013 the Saturdays'
retro themed single "Disco Love," written and pro-
duced by Icelandic producers StopWaitGo, peaked
at #5 on the UK chart and reached the top 10 in
Scotland, Ireland and Hungary. Any day of the
week... if you like disco... you're gonna love
The Saturdays and-- "Disco Love!"

"Disco Love" (Wideboys Remix)
 - The Saturdays (Oct. 2013 single
from album Living For the Weekend)

(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Let's make a seamless segue to another cool classic
by Freemasons. "When You Touch Me" is a UK
dance floor filler that also reached #3 on the
chart in Belgium. This 'Masons mix features
the vocals of English dance music diva
Katherine Ellis. As you are about to
discover, the excitement meter is
pegged-- "When You Touch Me!"

"When You Touch Me" - Freemasons
feat. Katherine Ellis (June 2008 single
from Oct. 2007 album Unmixed)

(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Haven't stopped dancin' yet... and now let's turn
a double play with two Freemasons singles in a row.
"Watchin'" is a remake of "It's Over Now," recorded
in 1998 by Canadian R&B singer Deborah Cox.
Once again the lead vocals come from the
powerful pipes of English thrush Amanda
Wilson. Released in 2006, "Watchin'"
shot to #1 on the U.S. Dance Club
chart. Let's hit the floor like
never before as Amanda
performs-- "Watchin'!"

"Watchin" - Freemasons ft. Amanda Wilson
Feb./Mar. 2006, highest chart pos.
#1 Hot Dance Club)

(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Did I say double play? How about a Freemasons
triple play with another great disco record by the
house production duo, another track from their
second album Unmixed and another exciting
performance by guest vocalist Amanda Wilson.
Singing a song derived from Donna Summer's
smash hit "I Feel Love," Amanda gives us--
"I Feel Like!"

"I Feel Like" - Freemasons
featuring Amanda Wilson
Factor23 Remix Redux Ver.
(from Oct. 2007 album Unmixed)

(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Holy cow - it's a Freemasons quadruple play! In 2007
UK singer Bailey Tzuke sang lead on a reworking of
"Univited," a 1998 hit for Canadian rocker Alanis
Morissette. Moody, mysterious and hauntingly
beautiful, "Uninvited" gets under your skin.
Set to a driving beat by Freemasons, the
updated single was a dance club hit in
the UK and across Europe. You are
cordially uninvited to click at the
22 sec. mark and be swept away
by-- Bailey Tzuke!

"Uninvited" - Freemasons ft. Bailey Tzuke
(Oct. 2007, highest chart pos. #8 UK,
 #5 Netherlands,#2 Belgium, from
Oct. 2007 album Unmixed and
June 2009 album Shakedown 2)

(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Last call for alcohol and the last dance of my Disco Love
rave party. In the 1990s this Brit bird fronted an indie
rock band. In the 2000s, as a solo artist, she became
popular for her dance-pop, disco and nu-disco record.
"Murder On the Dancefloor," a single from her 2001
debut album Read My Lips, was an international hit,
the most played song in Europe the following year.
Jump to the 50 sec. mark of the vid and celebrate
the endless summer of eternal youth with--
Miss Sophie Ellis-Bextor!

"Murder On the Dancefloor" (Remix)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Dec. 2001 single,
unreleased in U.S., highest chart pos.
#1 Poland, #2 UK, New Zealand, Ireland,
Norway, Hungary, from Aug. 2001
album Read My Lips)

(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

"Disco will never be over.

It will always live

in our minds and hearts."


I hope you enjoyed the Disco Love I spread at
Thea's Rave No. 2.
This is Thea "Queen of Clubs"
saying goodbye for now.

Be sure to catch me on Arrow
now playing on The CW and Netflix,
and I'll be back soon with more def dance ditties
here at Shady's Place Music & Memories.

See ya!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Viva Lost Wages! Time to SCHWING Along
with Wayne and Garth in Wayne's World!




Wassup, I'm your excellent host, Wayne Campbell,
and this is my co-host and best friend, Garth Algar.
Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth! Okay!

Before we start the show, I have a news flash...
a bummer bulletin: I still live with my parents
...and it sucks.

Yeah, it sucks big time.

It bites! It hurls, man!

Be that as it may, Garth and I have learned to
survive on heavy metal and the foxes of babedom.
Babes RULE!

Especially ROBO babes!
Robobabes are the
Grey Poupon of the
female species.

S C H W I N G !

Okay, so metal is king, on that we can all agree,
but Garth and I recently discovered an old dude
who is a lot cooler than previously thought.
We'd like to introduce him.
Game on!

His name is Wayne Newton aka Mr. Las Vegas...
aka The Midnight Idol...aka Mr. Entertainment.
Okay, most definitely cool so far.

Wayne is originally from Roanoke, Virginia,
which is almost as cool as Aurora, Illinois.
Yeah, and he's best known as the
dude who sang "Danke Schoen."

 "Danke Schoen" - Wayne Newton 
 (Aug. 1963, highest chart pos. 
 #12 Cash Box/#13 Hot 100

I don't speak German
...but I'm pretty sure
"Danke Schoen" translates to
"wham bam thank you ma'am."

No way! Uh-hway!

"Danke Schoen" is an okay song if you happen to
be over the age of 99, but Wayne recorded some
buzzworthy tuneage in his day and we'd like you
to check it out, starting with the excellent B side
of that single, "Better Now Than Later."

 "Better Now Than Later" - Wayne Newton 
 (Aug. 1963, B side of "Danke Schoen") 

The next featured Newton number
is a song co-written by another
most excellent dude... Bobby Darin.

You can tell because it sounds
like Bobby's hit "Dream Lover."

Check it out. Here's the velvet
voice of Wayne Newton singing
"Dream Baby."

 "Dream Baby" - Wayne Newton 
 (Feb. 1964, B side of "I'm Looking 
 Over a Four Leaf Clover", from 
 1989 Collectors Series

That song belongs in
a David Lynch movie.
Just sayin'...

Okay, the cavalcade of cool tuneage
continues with a track from the Waynester's
1965 album Red Roses For a Blue Lady.

This one's called "They'll Never Know."

 "They'll Never Know" - Wayne Newton 
 (from 1965 album Red Roses For a Blue Lady

The pride of Vegas pegged the excellence meter
with this next platter. Co-written by Beach Boy
Bruce Johnston, "Someone's Ahead of You"
got lost as the B side of the Bobby Darin
penned song "Shirl Girl".

 "Someone's Ahead of You" - Wayne Newton 
 (Nov. 1963, B side of "Shirl Girl") 

Whoa! Wayne Newton the American
ambassador to Cooldonia, or what?

I'm not worthy
to listen to such

I'm not worthy to take out
Wayne's trash after he
partied all night long
with a bus load of
robobabe groupie foxes.

I'm not even worthy
to breathe the air on
the same planet!

Okay, so just when you thought
you heard it all, the Vegas legend
takes coolness to a whole new level.

In 1965 Wayne surprised fans by making a rare shift
in style to a Beach Boys inspired sound. His single,
"Coming On Too Strong," co-written by SoCal
surf/car scene stalwart Gary Usher, will remind
you of the Beach Boys song "Don't Worry Baby."
The recording relies heavily on support vocals by
Beach Boy Bruce Johnston and producer-arranger
Terry Melcher, son of actress Doris Day.  Only a
minor hit at the time, "Coming On Too Strong"
is today regarded as a lost gem of the genre.

 "Coming On Too Strong" aka "Comin' On Too Strong" 
 - Wayne Newton (Feb. 1965, highest chart pos. #65) 

Totally bitchin, agreed?
Thanks, Bruce and Terry!

Thanks, Gary!

Danke Schoen, Wayne!

And there you have it, the story of how
Vegas crooner Wayne Newton turned
into the poster boy for coolosity.
Like, who knew? As if! No way!


So for now this is Wayne Campbell along with
Garth Algar saying goodnight and party on!
Party on, Wayne!  Party on, Garth!



Saturday, November 16, 2019

Can We Be Frank With Each Other, Vern?
...or Would You Rather Be Ernest?

Hey there, Vern. Guess who?

I'll give ya three stabs at it

and the first two don't count.

That's right, it's me, your old buddy

Ernest P. Worrell!

Hey Vern, you look a little green around the gills today,
know what I mean? Git hold of a bad batch of moonshine?

Guess what, Vern. I'm back to spin more hep cat tunes
and sip Meller Yeller while I watch you paint your barn.

Taint none of my beeswax, Vern, but it
looks like you missed a spot over yonder.

Alrighty then, it's time for me to stop fiddlin' around and
start playing some grade A rockabilly and early rock 'n' roll!


Ted Daigle is one of the founding fathers of Canadian country.
Ever since the mid 50s Ted has been promoting country music as a
performer, as a radio personality and as a music and program director
at stations across Canada. My first spinner is "Rock 'N' Roll Ruby,"
first recorded in 1956 by rockabilly singer Warren Smith. The song-
writing credit on this one went to Johnny Cash, but Smith claimed
the song was actually written by George Jones and sold to Cash.
Taint here nor there. Let's listen to Canadian Country Music
Hall Of Famer Ted Daigle with his 1961
cover of "Rock 'N' Roll Ruby."

"Rock 'N' Roll Ruby" - Ted Daigle
{1961, B side of 'When She Said
You All (Aka "Yo-All")'}



Now here's a good old Texas boy, Johnny Carroll. Johnny and his Hot Rocks
band also did a cover of "Rock 'N' Roll Ruby" on their second single
released in May 1956. A year later Johnny and his posse exploded
in the teenage crime musical movie Rock Baby - Rock It
singing "Rockin' Maybelle" (aka "Rockin' Maybel")
followed  by another ripsnorter, "Sugar Baby!"

"Rockin' Maybelle"/"Sugar Baby" - Johnny Carroll
And His Hot Rocks (from May 1957 film Rock Baby - Rock It)


"It Won't Happen With Me" was originally recorded in 1961 by
The Killer - Jerry Lee Lewis. The song begins with the lines:

You say you could fall in love with Elvis
And you love to hear Jacky (Jackie) Wilson sing

In 1964 Johnny Rivers sang the song on an album recorded
live At The Whisky À Go-Go. Johnny updated the song by
dropping the reference to Jackie Wilson and inserting
the hottest band in the world - The Beatles:

You say you could fall in love with Elvis
And you say you like to hear The Beatles sing

Johnny also changed the title to "It Wouldn't Happen With Me."
Wait for it, Vern-- Heeeeeere's Johnny!

"It Wouldn't Happen With Me" - Johnny Rivers
(from 1964 album Johnny Rivers At The Whisky À Go-Go)


Up next is rock 'n' roll and rockabilly great Eddie Cochran. Eddie first
performed a song he co-wrote, "20 Flight Rock," in the comedy film
The Girl Can't Help It released to theaters just before Christmas in
1956. The following spring, "20 Flight Rock" hit the street as a
single but failed to chart. Let's have a look and a listen as
Eddie takes the stage and wows the crowd in the movie.

"20 Flight Rock" - Eddie Cochran
(scene from Dec. 1956 movie
The Girl Can't Help It)



Now let's go way back and listen to an old school country record requested
by Shady Del Knight. In the mid 50s, when Shady was just a tadpole,
his pappy played this one around the house. It's a duet featuring a
couple of country music pioneers, Kitty Wells and Red Foley,
singing a song about cheatin' hearts. It's called "One By One."

"One By One" - Kitty Wells And Red Foley
(May/June 1954, highest chart pos. #1 Country)


In the fall of '58 rockabilly singer Robin Luke went top 5 with "Susie Darlin'."
Tommy Roe is another boy who can really croon a tune. Early in Tommy's
career, before he switched to bubblegum pop, Tommy rocked and rolled
with the best of 'em. In the fall of '62 Tommy cracked the top 40 with
 a cover of "Susie Darlin'" that made a run at the top 10 in Australia. 

"Susie Darlin'" - Tommy Roe
(Sept./Oct. 1962, highest chart pos.
#35 Hot 100/#21 Canada/#13 Australia)


Hard to believe it's been more than 60 years since that plane went down
and we lost music legend Buddy Holly. In late 1957 Buddy and his band
The Crickets, hit the top 3 on the pop chart with "Peggy Sue," a rockin'
little record listed as one of The Greatest Songs of All Time and one of
the Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll. Hey, Vern, I'll bet you never
heard the "enhanced" version of "Peggy Sue" that I'm fixin' to play.
It's the original with extra instrumental backing tracks added to
the mix, including acoustic & electric guitar, piano, snare drum,
cymbals and tambourine. Here's the new "Peggy Sue!"

"Peggy Sue" (new enhanced ver.) - Buddy Holly
(Nov./Dec. 1957, highest chart pos. #3)

Hey, guess what, Vern...

I'll be back real soon with another batch of tunes
for your high school hop or heartland hoedown.

Till then don't take any wooden nickels,

and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Know what I mean, Vern?

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Best of Bandstands in Foreign Lands - Vol. 12:
Shame, Shame, Shame On You!

Welcome to volume 12
of my globetrotting series


I'm Shady Seaweed,
here to bring you
more great music
performances that
originated from TV
studios, big halls
and nightclubs in
Europe and other
parts of the world
from the 1960s
thru early 2000s.

Join me now for another exciting
trip back in time as we visit

Bandstands in
Foreign Lands!



The first stop on our Biffle tour is Munich, Germany, and a bandstand
called Rock Pop - a rock music TV series that aired in Deutschland
from 1978 through 1982. Appearing on the show in this vintage
clip is Brooklyn born rock singer Pat Benatar performing her
breakthrough single that spent four-and-a-half months
on the U.S. charts - "Heartbreaker."

"Heartbreaker" - Pat Benatar
(Mar. 1980, highest chart pos. #23 Hot 100,
#19 Cash Box#16 Canada, from Aug. 1979 album
In the Heat of the Night, perf. on TV show Rock Pop)


 (LEGS & CO) 


Let's keep on rockin' now as we switch to Merrie Olde England
and a song classic of the mid 70s, "Rock'n Me," one of the three
 chart-topping hit singles recorded by blues rocker Steve Miller
 and his band. Here with every intention of rock'n you, are the
fetching females of the dance troupe Legs & Co on the
British television music show Top Of The Pops.

"Rock'n Me" - Steve Miller
(Oct./Nov. 1976, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100,
#1 Canada/#11 UK, dance perf. by
Legs & Co on Top Of The Pops)



Our next Biffle bandstand is back in Deutschland - Bremen, Germany, to be exact,
and the stage of the TV series Beat-Club. That's where we find American pop
crooner Gene Pitney ready to sing "Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart,"
a song originally recorded by the English pop duo David And Jonathan.
Released as a single in the fall of 1967, Gene's version reached the
top 5 in the UK but merely Bubbled Under on the U.S. chart.
Gene achieved greater success with the song in early 1989
when he waxed it as a duet with Brit artist Marc Almond.
Their single spent 4 weeks at the top of the UK chart.
Let's press rewind, return to the 60s, and catch
Gene's performance of the song on Beat-Club.

"Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart" - Gene Pitney
(Oct to Dec. 1967, highest chart pos. #5 UK,
#130 U.S. Bubbling Under, perf. on Beat-Club)



Next our whirlwind world tour takes us to Holland for a great performance
by Tina Charles, an English songstress who became a disco queen of
the mid and late 70s. Tina is set to appear on the music TV show
TopPop and sing her signature song, the international hit
"I Love to Love (But My Baby Loves to Dance)."

"I Love to Love (But My Baby Loves to Dance)"
Tina Charles (Mar./Apr. 1976, highest chart
pos. #2 U.S. Disco/#1 UK & Ireland, perf.
on TopPop TV show, The Netherlands)



Let's stay right where we are in The Netherlands and the Dutch TV
music showcase TopPop. Performing next are Shirley (And Company),
a disco group from the U.S. featuring lead singers Shirley Goodman,
formerly one half of the 50s R&B duo Shirley & Lee, along with male
vocalist Jesus Alvarez who later became an ordained minister. They are
here to do their international hit single "Shame, Shame, Shame" a song
written by Sylvia Robinson, "The Mother of Hip–Hop" and founder
of Sugar Hill Records. "Shame, Shame, Shame" hit number one
 in The Netherlands and four other countries including the U.S.
where it topped the Disco and R&B charts. Without further
ado, here they are-- Shirley... (And Company!

"Shame Shame Shame" - Shirley (And Company)
(Mar. 1975, highest chart pos. #12 Hot 100/#8 Cash Box,
# 1 U.S. Dance & R&B/#1 Netherlands, Austria, Belgium
and Germany, perf. on Dutch TV show TopPop)



The name Desiree Heslop didn't exactly roll off the tongue.
That's why this English thrush changed her name to Princess.
Back to London we go to check out Princess appearing on
Top Of The Pops to sing the biggest hit of her career,
"Say I'm Your Number One," a single that peaked
at #2 in Germany and New Zealand and made
the top 20 on the R&B chart in the U.S.

"Say I'm Your Number One" - Princess
 (Sept./Oct./Nov. 1985, highest chart pos.
#7 UK/#2 Germany & New Zealand,
#19 U.S. R&B, perf. on Top Of The Pops)

I hope you enjoyed vol. 12 of


Stay tuned for the next
edition coming soon.

Have a Shady day!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Hey, That Sounds Just Like... Vol. 4: Hide & Seek!



This is the series that compares recordings that sound
similar or, in some cases, sound almost exactly alike.
Which do you prefer, the originals or the soundalikes?

Remember, ladies and gentlemen...

This is only an exhibition...
This is not a competition...
Please... no wagering.


In the summer of 1968 "Hello, I Love You
(Won't You Tell Me Your Name)" became
a chart topping hit for the L-A based
psychedelic rock band The Doors.
The song was developed from a poem
written by Jim Morrison after he and
keyboard player Ray Manzarek
spent an afternoon at the beach
watchin' all the girls go by.

 "Hello, I Love You" - The Doors 
 (Aug. 1968, highest chart pos. #1) 


Doors guitarist Robby Krieger insisted
that "Hello, I Love You" was inspired by
the Cream hit "Sunshine of Your Love."
Krieger dismissed allegations that a riff
was stolen from The Kinks' hit "All Day
And All Of The Night," a single released
4 years earlier. UK courts ruled in favor
of Ray Davies and The Kinks and, ever
since, royalties for The Doors song are
paid to band leader/songwriter Davies.

 "All Day And All Of The Night" 
 The Kinks (February 1965, 
 highest chart pos. #7) 


Now here are The Sheep, a four man rock
group produced by Feldman, Goldstein and Gottehrer, the New York songwriting
and producing team that made records as
The Strangeloves, a bogus trio of singing Australian brothers who owned a sheep
ranch in The Outback. Early in 1966,
The Sheep released a cover of "Hide
And Go Seek," originally recorded by
R&B and gospel singer Bunker Hill,
a single that reached the top 40 in the
summer of 1962 and was featured in
the 1988 film Hairspray. On their
1966 remake, The Sheep sheared
the title down to "Hide & Seek."

 "Hide & Seek" - The Sheep 
 (Jan. 1966, uncharted) 


Go back and listen to that Sheep record
from the 22 second mark. Shady's ears
think "Hide And Seek" by The Sheep
is shear bliss. It samples and sounds
like "Wooly Bully" "New Orleans,"
the song that was a top 5 crossover
hit for Gary "U.S." Bonds in late
1960 and early 1961.

 "New Orleans" - U.S. Bonds 
 (Nov./Dec. 1960, highest cht. pos. 
 #5 R&B/#5 Cash Box/#6 Hot 100


Soon to be dubbed The Queen of Pop,
Madonna scored her first U.S. hit with
"Holiday," a single that rode the chart
at the end of 1983 and the early weeks
of 1984. "Holiday" topped the Dance
 chart and brought The Material Girl
one step closer to reaching her goal
of conquering the music world.

 "Holiday" - Madonna 
 (Dec. 1983 thru Feb. 1984, 
 highest chart pos. #1 Hot Dance 
 Club/#12 Cash Box/#16 Hot 100

 M.C. MIKER "G" 


In 1986, M.C. Miker "G" And Deejay Sven,
a hip hop duo in The Netherlands,
sampled Madonna's hit and gained
an international smash of their own
with "Holiday Rap," a single that
reached #1 on the charts in 34
countries. I'd like to hear how they do
"Holiday" in Holland... wooden shoe?

 "Holiday Rap" - M.C. Miker "G" And Deejay Sven 
 (Sept. 1986, highest chart pos. #1 in 34 countries, 
 unreleased in U.S.) 






Stick around. I've got more cool copycats
for your listening  pressure  pleasure
coming soon in Vol. 5.

Have a Shady day!