Saturday, August 31, 2019

Gettin' Mellow with Brian Griffin on Eclectic Avenue!

Hi, folks! I'm
Brian Griffin...
The personable
pooch from
Family Guy.

I'm sure you remember my stints as a guest host on the old blog
Shady Dell Music & Memories. Today I'm back and inviting you
to get mellow with me on Eclectic Avenue, a music playlist to
suit nearly every taste (unless your thing happens to be
heavy metal, gangsta rap or kazoo instrumentals).


You are about to see one of the most beautiful singers
in the world, (I wouldn't mind dancing with her leg),
and hear and one of the most beautiful songs.

Tennessee born, Kentucky raised Marilyn Martin toured as a background vocalist
for Joe Walsh and Stevie Nicks. Marilyn's voice can be heard on their recordings
and on the recorded work of other major artists including Don Henley, Tom Petty
and Kenny Loggins. Marilyn is best known for "Separate Lives," the chart-topping
duet she recorded with Phil Collins, a song used in the soundtrack of the 1985
film White Nights. Now here's Marilyn with one of her solo recordings, a cover
of "Move Closer," a song originally written and recorded by Phyllis Nelson
and released by Marilyn as a single from her eponymous debut album.

"Move Closer" - Marilyn Martin
(May/June 1986, highest chart pos. #34 Adult Contemporary,
from Jan. 1986 album Marilyn Martin)


Now let's tweak the tune list to the soft
folk rock category and listen to a hit of
the 60s British Invasion waxed by the
duo of Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde.
In late 1964 and early '65, Chad and
Jeremy topped the Adult Contem-
porary chart with "Willow Weep
For Me," a jazz standard that
was originally waxed in 1932.

"Willow Weep For Me"
- Chad And Jeremy
(Dec. 1964/Jan. '65, highest
chart pos. #1 Adult Contemporary,
#15 Hot 100, from July 1964
album Yesterday's Gone)


Jump blues, an up tempo music style
of the 40s performed by small bands
and featuring a wailing sax or other
brass instruments, was a harbinger
of R&B and rock 'n' roll. Pianist and
swing bandleader Buddy Johnson
was an exponent of the sound.
Here's a boisterous B side by
Buddy released in 1955 -
"Crazy 'Bout A Saxophone"

"Crazy 'Bout A Saxophone"
Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra
{Feb./March 1955, B side of
"(Gotta Go) Upside Your Head"}


Now here's the late 70s synthpop style
of Cliff Richard, third best-selling artist
in the history of the UK singles chart
behind The Beatles and Elvis. In 1979
"We Don't Talk Anymore," a song from
the album Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile, spent
four weeks at the top of the Brit chart
becoming Cliff's 10th #1 single and his
first in more than a decade. In this clip,
Cliff performed his hit backed by the
James Last Orchestra on the German
television music showcase Starparade.

"We Don't Talk Anymore" - Cliff Richard
(UK: Aug. 1979, highest chart pos. #1, U.S.: Dec. 1979/Jan. 1980,
highest chart pos. #7 Hot 100/#6 Cash Boxfrom Sept. 1979 album
Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile, perf. on Oct. 11, 1979, ep. of TV show Starparade)


You're gettin' mellow with Brian Griffin, and here's a lovely lady with
just the right song.  It's four time Grammy winner Olivia Newton-John
with one of her biggest U.S. hits... a single that reached #1 in 1975.
Libby asks the musical question "Have You Never Been Mellow?"

"Have You Never Been Mellow" - Olivia Newton-John
(Feb./Mar. 1975, highest chart pos. #1)


My Family Guy human Chris Griffin introduced German drummer girl Sina
on Shady Dell Music & Memories. Sina's back today along with her friend,
 up-and-coming American singer Darla Beaux. The duo will perform
"Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)," a song written by Jerry Ragovoy
and Chip Taylor and first recorded in March 1968 by gospel R&B
thrush Lorraine Ellison. The recording was covered the following
year by blues-rock legend Janis Joplin on her album I Got Dem
Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! and released as a single.
Here are Sina and Darla with their version of "Try."

"Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)" - Janis Joplin
(Feb/Mar. 1970, highest chart pos. #103, from Sept. 1969
album I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!)
2018 cover by Sina feat. Darla Beaux


Earlier I mentioned that Cliff Richard has the distinction of logging
the third greatest number of chart-topping hit singles in UK history.
For nearly two decades the Swedish pop super group ABBA ranked
4th in that category until being bumped by Madonna.

Here they are, ABBA, in another rare clip, this one from the French TV
music show Stars, performing "Super Trouper," a song with a title that
refers to a brand of follow spotlights used in stadium, concert and
special-event lighting. Released in 1980, "Super Trouper" was
ABBA's ninth chart-topping single in the UK and also
reached number one on the U.S. Dance Club chart.

"Super Trouper" - ABBA
(Apr./May 1981, highest chart pos. #1
U.S. Hot Dance Club, #45 Hot 100/#1 UK,
perf. on Oct. 1980, ep. of French TV show Stars)

Thanks for gettin' mellow with me.

Doggone it, I gotta go now, but guess what?
If you like what you saw and heard today,
then you'be be happy to know that I'll be
joining The Shady Bunch deejay team
starting next year. I'll see you here
in 2020 for the official debut of

 Brian Griffin's 
 Eclectic Avenue 

on S-P-M-M Retrosonic Radio!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Top Hit Club of America Inc. - Old York/Shady Dell Chapter Vol. 1: Fluent English with a Distinctive Pittsburgh Dialect

Hi, I'm Debbie the Dellette...

a teenager of the 1950s
dancing at the Dell.

I am also president of the Old York -
Shady Dell chapter of the
Top Hit Club of America.

 Today my friends and I will make  
 you regret the day you were born! 

What do I mean by that? When you hear the records my fellow Dell rats Ron Shearer
and Tom Anderson play at today's meeting, you will wish you had been a teenager in
York, PA, in the 1950s and 60s and a regular at the Dell during those golden years.

Remember, as these original rats spin their songs:
"Don't just listen with your ears -
listen with your heart."

Ron and Tom are eager to get started and I second that emotion.
This meeting of the Old York - Shady Dell chapter of the Top Hit Club
of America will hereby come to order. Dell Rat Tom, you have the floor.


Thanks, Debbie! Back in the day it was common practice
at Scepter/Wand and other record labels to have several
artists record songs using the same instrumental backing.
Here's an example, a hit by an artist I know Dell Rat Ron
loves - Chuck Jackson - reworked by an artist my good
buddy Dell Rat Jerre Slaybaugh loves - Tommy Hunt.
It's a fan made YouTube mashup of Chuck Jackson's
single "Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)" and
"Lover," an unreleased recording by Tommy Hunt
using the identical instrumental track. Listen
to this fantasy duet as Chuck and Tommy
sing-- "Any Day Now Lover!"

"Any Day Now Lover" (MottyMix) - Chuck Jackson & Tommy Hunt
(orig. Chuck Jackson recording May/June 1962,
highest chart pos. #2 R&B/#23 Hot 100)

Thanks, Tommy boy!
Now let's hear a few
of Dell Rat Ron's
top tunes. Ron,
the floor is yours!

Sup, Debbie? Hello everybody! If you weren't lucky
enough to be born and raised in Old York, Pennsyl-
vania, try to imagine yourself here during those
great years from the 50s through mid 60s. It's a
Saturday morning. You're at home sitting by the
radio listening to the great local station WNOW's
Rock 180 Club or hanging out at the old Disc-O-
Rama record store next to the Holiday Theater.
Today I brought with me four records that are
among Pittsburgh's favorite oldies, and they
were also hits here in York and Central PA.


Curtis Mayfield's "Woman's Got Soul" seems written with Bertha Tillman in mind.
Bertha will always be remembered for her otherworldly 1962 doo-wop ballad
"Oh My Angel" which was a hit on the West Coast, in Pittsburgh and in soul
mecca York, but failed to catch on in other parts of the country. For that
reason the record didn't make it very far up the national pop chart.
Even harder to believe, it didn't even register on the R&B chart.
Here's Bertha Tillman, a great and underrated singer who
died young at age 50-- "Oh My Angel."

"Oh My Angel" - Bertha Tillman
(May/June 1962, highest chart pos. #61 Hot 100/#67 Cash Box)

Bertha followed "Oh My Angel" with another fine ballad Yorkers loved.
It was released on the B side of "(I Believe) Something Funny Is Going On."
Listen now as Bertha and her vocal group The Killers sing "I Wish."

"I Wish" - Bertha Tillman & The Killers
(July 1962, uncharted)

I will always remember how teens raved when the "Disc" 
got rare copies of those Bertha Tillman 45s and the next 
two records in my stack. I'm speaking of Scott English's
"High On A Hill" and George Goodman's "Let Me Love You."


The dreamy doo-wop ballad "Let Me Love You"
by George Goodman And His Headliners shot
to number one in Pittsburgh and Baltimore and
soon caught fire in the Susquehanna Valley.

Although a hot hit in our region, "Let Me Love You" failed to catch on
across the country. Today it is known as the most released non-hit
single in history because it was issued at least five times on
various labels but somehow managed to miss both the
pop and the black singles charts. Go figure!

"Let Me Love You" - George Goodman And His Headliners
(1964 & 1965, uncharted)


Scott English, who died last November at age 81, was an American singer
and songwriter based in London. With the group The Accents on backing
vocals, Scott recorded "High On A Hill," a song that what went on to
become one of Pittsburgh's all time favorite oldies, a single that
was also big in San Francisco and, of course, here in York.

"High On A Hill" - Scott English with The Accents
(Feb./Mar. 1964, highest chart pos. #77)

Thank you, Ron. Now it's back
to you, Dell Rat Tom, to bring
today's meet and greet to a
close with two more top tunes.


AOK, Debbie! As I'm sure Ron knows, Scott English
was even better known as a songwriter. English, along
with UK composer Richard Kerr, wrote "Brandy," the song
renamed "Mandy" that was a chart-topping hit single in
1974 for Barry Manilow. English and another songwriter,
Larry Weiss, who wrote Glen Campbell's hit "Rhinestone
Cowboy," combined to write two of my favorite songs of

the 60s. I brought both 45s with me today and here's
the first, Eric Burdon And The Animals-- "Help Me Girl."

"Help Me Girl" - Eric Burdon And The Animals
(Dec. 1966/Jan. 1967, highest chart pos.
#29 Hot 100/#14 UK)


English and Weiss also penned "Bend Me, Shape Me," a top 5 hit in the early
weeks of 1968 for the mixed race Chicago rock quartet The American Breed.
Like Burdon's "Help Me Girl," this one boasts a catchy melody, dynamic
arrangement and interesting lyrics, making it one of the grooviest
records of the 60s. Simply put... English spoke my language!

"Bend Me, Shape Me" - The American Breed
(Dec. 1967/Jan. '68, highest chart pos. #5 Hot 100/#3 Cash Box)

I hope you had a good time eavesdropping on the
first meeting of the the Old York - Shady Dell Chapter
of the Top Hit Club of America. Stay tuned for more
golden greats of the 50s & 60s spun by Dell rats
Ron, Tom and Jerre Slaybaugh coming your
way in future volumes of the series!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Malcolm Winters Presents Atomic Kitten!

Hi, I'm Malcolm Winters...
Neil's brother on the
award winning soap
daytime drama
The Young and
the Restless.

Neil's buttoned up.
I play it loose.
Neil's uptight.
I'm clean outta sight.
See what I'm sayin'?

 As Genoa City's most prominent fashion and glamour
photographer (I've done lots of model shoots for
Jabot Cosmetics) I know my way around a
darkroom and beautiful women. I also
know a thing or two about hip music.

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce Atomic Kitten, a Brit pop
girl trio from Beatletown, UK, - Liverpool, England, - founded in
1998 by members of OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

The girls asked me to take some publicity shots for their portfolio,
and I'll show them to you as I play their best songs and videos.

Atomic Kitten's original classic lineup consisted of Liz McClarnon,
who co-wrote some of their songs, Kerry Katona and Natasha Hamilton.
Their debut studio album Right Now, was released in October 2000.

In 2001 Kerry Katona (above left) announced her pregnancy
and left the group. She was replaced by Jenny Frost.

Natasha Hamilton - Liz McClarnon - Jenny Frost

The pic above shows the new Atomic Kitten lineup with Jenny Frost.
Now that you know the players, it's time for these ladies to entertain you.

Released as a single near the end of
2002, "Be With You," an adaptation of
the ELO song "Last Train to London,"
hit the top 3 on the UK chart, top 5
in Ireland and top 10 in Australia.
"Be With You" was also released
on the special edition of Atomic
Kitten's second album Feels So
Good and on their third album
Ladies Night.

"Be With You" - Atomic Kitten
(Jan./Feb. 2003, highest cht. pos.
#2 UK/#5 Ireland/#6 Hungary,
#10 Australia)

Atomic Kitten gave us some cool
and very capable covers. In late
2003 they released "Ladies Night,"
a single from the album of the
same name. AK's remake of the
1979-80 chart-topping R&B hit
by Kool And The Gang cracked
the top 10 at home in the UK
and performed well in other
parts of Europe.

"Ladies Night" - Atomic Kitten featuring Kool And The Gang
(Dec. 2003/Jan. 2004, highest
chart pos. #8 UK, #2 Belgium,
#6 Hungary)

Atomic Kitten reaped one of their biggest hits with a version of "The Tide Is High,"
originally recorded in 1966 by the Jamaican group The Paragons. Early in 1981
the song was a chart-topping international hit for Debbie Harry and Blondie.

Atomic Kitten's 2002 release with the title "The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)"
rose to the top of the chart in the UK and three other countries and was used in
the opening credits of the 2003 Hilary Duff film The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

"The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)" - Atomic Kitten
(2002, highest chart pos. #1 UK, Ireland, Scotland & New Zealand,
from Sept. 2002 album Feels So Good, OST May 2003
film The Lizzie McGuire Movie)

Founding member Kerry Katona (above right) was still with Atomic Kitten
in 2000 when they recorded "I Want Your Love," a song from the group's
debut album Right Now. "I Want Your Love" reached the UK top 10.
 I guarantee you'll get a BOOM out of this hot number.

"I Want Your Love" - Atomic Kitten
(July/Aug. 2000, highest chart pos. #10 UK)

Kerry Katona (above right) dropped out of Atomic Kitten in 2001 midway
through promoting what would become the group's biggest hit, "Whole Again."

She was replaced by Jenny Frost. The song spent four weeks at the top
of the UK chart and also reached #1 in six other countries. The music
video was re-shot to replace Kerry with Jenny. You can view it here.

The international success of "Whole Again" brought the new lineup of Atomic Kitten
stateside in May of 2001 to shoot a second video to promote the single in the U.S.
The song failed in America, however, because the release coincided with the
September 11 Terror Attacks. In spite of this, "Whole Again" made
Billboard's list of "100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time."
Here's that music video shot in Los Angeles in 2001. 

"Whole Again" (May 2001 U.S. music video) - Atomic Kitten
(single Mar./Apr. 2001, highest chart pos. #1 UK & 6 other countries,
from Aug. 2001 re-release of album Right Now)

When "Whole Again" became
a monster international hit,
Atomic Kitten's debut album
Right Now was remastered and
re-released with Jenny Frost's
vocals replacing those of Kerry
Katona. "Eternal Flame," the
first single to feature new
member Jenny, covers a #1
hit for The Bangles in 1989.
"Eternal Flame" was another
smash for Atomic Kitten,
spending two weeks atop
the UK chart and reaching
#1 in three other countries.

"Eternal Flame" - Atomic Kitten
(Aug./Sept. 2001, highest chart pos. #1 UK, Belgium, Scotland
& New Zealand, from Aug. 2001 reissue of album Right Now)

Atomic Kitten released two versions of
"Right Now," the title song from their
2000 debut album, and each version
has its own promotional video. The
first version of the song is a disco
style number and the original video
features the group's original lineup
of Natasha, Liz and Kerry. Click
here to watch that video.

In 2004 "Right Now" was remixed
and given an updated dance-pop
arrangement. The video features
the post-Kerry Katona lineup of
Natasha, Liz and Jenny. Here's
"Right Now 2004," a song used
on the soundtrack of the 2006
teen fantasy comedy film

"Right Now 2004" - Atomic Kitten
(Apr./May 2004, highest chart pos. #8 UK
& Belgium, from 2006 film Aquamarine)

I hope you agree that Atomic Kitten's the bomb...

four exciting and talented zingers... one terrific trio.

Thanks for joining me for my
first hosting stint here at
Shady's Place. I hope we
can do it again someday.
Even as we speak, my
people are meeting with
Shady's people to see if
we can make it happen,
so stay tuned. For now
this is Malcolm Winters
reminding you to keep
your cool. It's my
golden rule. Later!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

How Sarah Got Her Groove Back, Vol. 3:
Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy!

Welcome to volume 3 of my series
How Sarah Got Her Groove Back!

NADV 1502031AM1 Sarah Collins. Picture : Adrian Murray (1502031AM1)

Sarah Collins, as you recall, is the mum of two in Yorkshire, England,
who underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor, bounced back to health
and became a sensation on YouTube in recent years with shot-at-home
videos in which she sings covers of Northern Soul favorites.

Sarah also appears at clubs in England
and other parts of Europe fronting the
Northern Soul band Keep The Faith.
So captivated am I by Sarah's story
and soulful singing that I created
this series to showcase her covers
along with the original versions.


The five man Atlanta R&B group The Tams derived their name from
the tam o'shanter's caps they wore on stage. The Tams specialized
in Carolina Beach Music, the style of music and dance
(the shag) popular in the Southeastern U.S.

The Tams' biggest hit came at the
beginning of 1964 when "What Kind
of Fool (Do You Think I Am)" reached
the top 10, no small feat at the height
of Beatlemania. The group landed their
last record on the Hot 100 in 1968.
"Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy"
was a minor pop hit and penetrated
the top 30 on the R&B chart.

 "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy" 
 The Tams (July 1968, highest chart 
 pos. #61 Hot 100/#26 R&B


Now listen to the exuberant cover performed
by the UK's singing mum, Sarah Collins.

 "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy" 
 Tams cover by Sarah Collins 


Raw, gritty and sweaty are three
adjectives that describe the singing
style of Wilson Pickett, nicknamed
The Wicked Pickett by Atlantic
records executive Jerry Wexler.
In late winter of 1966, Pickett
topped the R&B chart with
"634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.),"
written by Memphis greats
Eddie Floyd and Steve Cropper.

 "634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)" - Wilson Pickett 
 (Feb/Mar. 1966, highest chart pos. #1 R&B/#13 Hot 100


Now here's Sarah Collins, a zinger who never phones it in,
with her exciting rendition of "634-5789."

 "634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)" 
 Wilson Pickett cover by Sarah Collins 


By 1964 Marvin Gaye was an established
hit maker for Motown. In the spring of
the year, Marvin released a hit double-
sider as a duo with Mary Wells, "Once
Upon a Time" and "What's The Matter
With You Baby." Both sides cracked
the top 20. At the beginning of 1967
Marvin teamed up with Kim Weston
and scored his biggest duet single to
date, reaching the R&B top 5 with
"It Takes Two," a slab that was also
Marvin's first major hit in the UK.

 "It Takes Two" - Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston 
 (Feb. 1967, highest chart pos. #14 Hot 100/#4 R&B, 
 dancers on Jan. 1967 ep. of American Bandstand

AT 1:15 MARK!


Now once again here is featured artist Sarah Collins
with her interpretation of "It Takes Two."

 "It Takes Two" 
 Marvin Gaye/Kim Weston cover by Sarah Collins 

I hope you enjoyed
the originals along with
these killer kovers by my
good friend in the UK

Sarah Collins.

Have a Shady day!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

When Girls Attack: These Vinyl Vixens, Garage a Go-Goers and Viral You-Tubers Will Shirley Make You Cry Uncle!

There are two
kinds of girls,
Beaver. There
are good girls
like your mother...

     Yeah, and then
     there are the
     FUN kind,
    right dad?


The Buckeye state has spawned more than
its share of great yet little known girl groups.
One of Ohio's best was The Bittersweet, a
band from Dayton. The act also came to be
known as The Bittersweets (plural) when
the record company mistakenly added an
S to their name on the label of their single,
"Hurtin' Kind." Recorded in Cleveland
in 1967, "Hurtin' Kind" is a cover of a
song originally waxed by a Cleveland
boy band called The Tulu Babies.

This groovy tune might remind you
of the Kinks' hit "Tired of Waiting
For You." Listen and enjoy the
cool, minty fresh sound of
The Bittersweet!

"Hurtin' Kind"
The Bittersweet 
(1967 uncharted)


The songwriting team of Lori Burton
and Pam Sawyer gave us the pop-rock composition "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out
My Heart Anymore," the first hit for
The Young Rascals. The record was
covered by the garage girl group
The Puppets. Burton and Sawyer
also penned songs for various
Motown artists and wrote
"All or Nothing," a minor
pop hit for Patty LaBelle
And The Blue Belles.

In 1967 Lori Burton released Break Out!, an album of songs co-written by her
and Pam Sawyer. The standout track on the album was "Nightmare," a dark,
dangerous, dramatic ditty inspired by the Shangri-Las' "Leader of the Pack."

No boy's worth the
that I'm in!

"Nightmare" was released on a 45
and credited to The Whyte Boots,
a fictitious group that consisted
of lead singer Lori along with
Brill Building session singers.
With her tough Whyte Boots
single, Lori tried to match the
success of the Shangs, but the
record didn't chart. Sometimes
dreams come true, and today
"Nightmare" is hailed as a
classic of the genre - a groovy
example of girl power run amok
in the Psychedelic Sixties!

"Nightmare" - The Whyte Boots 
Lori Burton aka Lorie Burton aka Laurie Burton
(January 1967, uncharted)


From rock mecca Detroit, Michigan,
they came. The Pleasure Seekers was
their name - an all girl garage band
made up of Suzi Quatro & her sisters.

Playing the kind of rough, raw, raunchy
rock usually reserved for boy bands,
The Pleasure Seekers developed a
loyal following in the Motor City in
the 60s while still in their teens.
Listen to this 1966 release and
you'll know why the Quatro
sisters rocked Rock City.

"What a Way to Die"
The Pleasure Seekers 
(1966, uncharted)

Check out this cool piece of trivia:

The oldest of the Quatro sisters dropped out of the
Pleasure Seekers, started a family and gave birth
to Sherilyn Fenn, the actress best known for her
role as "Audrey Horne" on Twin Peaks!


When The Pleasure Seekers disbanded
in the early 70s, Suzi Quatro emerged
as a solo artist and established herself
in the glam rock arena. Suzi was the
first female bass player to become a
major rock star. Ironically, for several
years she was more popular in the UK
& Australia than she was in the states.

In the late 70s Suzi Quatro finally broke
through and became popular in America
when she appeared on the hit television
series Happy Days in the recurring
role of Leather Tuscadero.

In 1980 Suzi's cool cover of the
Dave Clark Five hit "Glad All Over"
was issued on her album Rock Hard.
"Glad All Over" was released as a
single and charted in Germany and
Scandinavia but not in England,
Australia or the U.S. Go figure!

"Glad All Over"
Suzi Quatro 
(1981 single from
1980 album Rock Hard)

   Patience is a

  virtue, Beaver.

       I know, dad.
       We gotta wait
       30 whole seconds
       to hear more cool
       girl tunes!

    Sugar and spice and
  all things nice, Beaver.
  That's what little girls
       are made of.

      Yeah, and the
      big girls in this
     post are made of
     Tabasco sauce
      and jet fuel.


When director Quentin Tarantino discovered
this next act he hired them to perform in his
movie Kill Bill. It's an all girl Japanese band
called, are you ready? ..... The's!
These Fugiyama mamas play a bitchin'
blend of garage, surf-rock and
frenzied psychobilly.

To sum it up, the's
are a perfect 10.

Check out this red hot number
as the girls shoot the curl on
"Pinball Party," a high velocity
retro surf rock instrumental
from their 1993 album
 Can't Help It. Shady sez
these Kamikaze cuties
put down the most
dangerous sound
since Link Wray!

"Pinball Party"
(from 1993 album
Can't Help It)


To wind up this musical journey though
the history of girl power zingers and
zongs, I am proud to present a pair of
viral YouTubers. You might remember
Chris Griffin's 2017 hosting stint on the
old blog, SDMM, in which he introduced
German drummer girl Sina. Now meet
Meytal Cohen, an Israeli-American
heavy metal drummer and founding
member of the band Meytal. Watch
and listen as Meytal tickles the skins
to "Man In The Box," the 1991 hit by
Seattle alt-rock grungers Alice in Chains!

"Man In The Box" - Alice In Chains
drum cover by Meytal Cohen


Last, but not least, check out the tricky sticks of South Korean drum sensation Ami Kim. I can picture Gene Simmons' bloody tongue wagging as Ami beats her kit into submission doing the Kiss Klassik "War Machine." The woman's got Seoul! (Sorry about that, Chief!)

"War Machine" - Kiss
drum cover by Ami Kim

Well Beaver, I hope
you learned something
today about girls.

    Wull, yeah...
    I learned that I like
    girls a lot more
    than I thought!