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Natural Hy, Vol. 2: Girls On Film - The Flirtations!

...and the cow was returned to its rightful owner.

And that's the latest from S-P-M-M news...
fast, up-to-the-minute, completely fake
and proud of it. Now stand by for

 Natural Hy 

on the station that's #1 for music and fun - S-P-M-M!


"Nothing But A Heartache" - The Flirtations
(Mar./Apr. 1969, highest chart pos. #34 Hot 100,
#3 on WRKO-AM in Boston)

Ultra hot and ultra cool at the same time, the surreal sight and sound
of mod soul, a record made in England. The South Carolina Gypsies,
The Flirtations, and their 1969 biggie "Nothing But A Heartache,"
a slick sound that went top 3 on sister station WRKO in Beantown.

Hi there, and welcome! This is your pal on the radio,
Hyski - Hy Lit - and you and I are taking to the sky on
a Natural Hy, kicking off a seven-in-a-row block party here on S-P-M-M, home of The Shady Bunch.

Calling all my beats, beards, Buddhist cats, big time
spenders, money lenders, teetotalers, elbow benders,
hog callers, home run hitters, finger poppin’ daddies
and cool babysitters. For all my carrot tops, lollipops
and extremely delicate gum drops. It's your pal on
the radio, Hyski ‘O Roonie McVouti ‘O Zoot.

Callin' uptown, downtown, crosstown - here, there,
everywhere. Your man with the plan, on the scene
with the record machine, Yours truly Hy Lit -
The South Philadelphia Kid, The Potentate
of the Keystone State!


This one's a monster, The Sound Of Philadelphia in the making,
the ice cool sound of The Delfonics before they made it big. Recorded
in '66 at Cameo-Parkway, released on Moon Shot, reissued by popular
demand in '68, The Delfonics-- "He Don't Really Love You."

"He Don't Really Love You" - The Delfonics
(Aug. 1966, reissued Apr. 1968)


You just heard The Delfonics do "He Don't Really
Love You." Now, The Philly Ambassadors answer
with "I Really Love You," a song originally waxed
by Miss Dee Dee Sharp in 1965, a top 40 R&B
hit for Dee Dee. This sound from '69, see if
you dig it the way I do, You've seen them
on the Hy Lit TV Show. Now hear them
on Natural Hy. The Ambassadors
sing-- "I Really Love You."

"I Really Love You" - The Ambassadors
(Mar./Apr. 1969, highest chart pos.
#123 Bubbling Under/#43 R&B)

"I Really Love You" by another great Philadelphia soul group, The Ambassadors.
If you're just tuning in, you're on a Natural Hy with yours truly Hyski - Hy Lit -
on S-P-M-M, where all the great songs of the past go to live on and on.

Jesse James, a name to remember, is the songwriter
and producer who gave us "Boogaloo Down Broad-
way," the hit recorded by The Fantastic Johnny C,
along with the doublesider single "The Horse"
backed with "Love Is All Right" by Cliff Nobles
& Company. The James Boys, Jesse's band of
session musicians, played on Nobles' single.
A few months after Cliff rode "The Horse"
up and down the chart, The James Boys
took it out of the stable for another run.
They kept the original instrumental track
and changed the words of Nobles' vocal
side "Love Is All Right" into a song about
the latest dance craze. Get into it - check
it out - the vocal version of "The Horse,"
B side of "The Mule," by-- The James Boys!


"The Horse" - The James Boys
(Sept. 1968, B side of "The Mule")

That one beats me up. The James Boys and the Cliff Nobles vocal version
of "The Horse." FYI, some of The James Boys went on to form MFSB -
"Mother Father Sister Brother" - the band responsible for the
Soul Train theme "TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)."


You're listening to Hy Lit... your man in the tower
with all the power, giving you all the boogie you
can handle... in stereo... right here on S-P-M-M,
where all the cool oldies come to play!

These cats were responsible for tearing the roof
off the sucker. The Show Stoppers with their
 biggie-- (Ain't nothin' but a) "House Party!"

“Ain’t Nothin’ But a House Party” - The Show Stoppers
(Bubbled Under @ #118 in May 1967, reached
highest chart pos. #87 in June 1968)

The Show Stoppers, two sets of brothers from The City of Brotherly Love,
and their big song, their sig-song, “Ain’t Nothin’ But a House Party.”
It remains one of life's great unsolved mysteries why that sizzler
failed to make the soul chart.

Now here's one of the unsung sirens
of Motown, Miss Barbara Randolph.


In 1967 Barbara covered a song issued
a few months earlier by the Four Tops
on the B side of "Bernadette." Dig
Barbara doing-- "I Got a Feeling!"

"I Got A Feeling" - Barbara Randolph
(Oct. 1967, Bubbled Under @ #116)

And that wraps up this edition of Natural Hy.
Glad you could be here. Stay tuned for my good
buddy The Geator with the Heater, The Boss
with the Sauce, Jerry Blavat, coming up
next on the flip side of news.


I'll be back soon with another stack of boss goldens,
solid senders...every spinner a winner.... and I wanna
see your face... in the place, right here at the station
that's #1 for music and fun, S-P-M-M. Now this is
your pal on the radio Hyski ‘O Roonie McVouti
‘O Zoot saying over and out - later, my friend!

"I Can't Turn You Loose" - The Chambers Brothers
(Dec. 1968, highest chart pos. #37)

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Ward Warns Wayward Wally

Frankly, Wally, I'm disappointed
in you. Your mother and I didn't
raise you to get mixed up with
that ragtag group of misfits
at Shady's Place.

Gee, dad, you make it sound like they're a
bunch of hooligans. They're really nice guys
and girls. All they do is listen to the coolest
records, dance, sing, talk, laugh and have
fun. The original Shady Dell wasn't like any
other hangout and didn't try to be. That's
how it isat Shady's Place, too.

Boy, I don't think I ever saw dad
this mad before. Looks like he
might be gettin' ready to clobber
Wally! While they're in the den,
see if you can answer Shady
Del Knight's brain-bustin'
trivia questions.


Can you name the two stars of the 1950s
Western television series Broken Arrow?

Which actor later became a regular cast
member on a soap opera for teenagers
that co-starred Tony Dow who played
Wally on Leave it to Beaver?

Which of these actors was married to
Barbara Eden, star of the popular
60s sitcom I Dream of Jeannie?



The year was 1956.

You liked 7 Up... and it liked you.

That fall the Western TV series
Broken Arrow started its two year
prime time run on ABC with reruns
aired on Sunday afternoons during
the 1959/60 season.

Michael Ansara
played Apache chief Cochise
on Broken Arrow.

For 16 years Ansara was married to Barbara Eden,
star of the 60s sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.

John Lupton starred as Indian agent
Tom Jeffords on Broken Arrow.

In the mid 60s Lupton appeared as a regular
on the ABC daytime drama Never Too Young.

Never Too Young premiered in the fall
of 1965. Intended to attract teenage
viewers, the soap, which starred
Tony Dow of Leave It To Beaver
and Tommy Rettig of Lassie fame,
featured guest appearances by
popular 60s recording artists.
Never Too Young got old fast.
The teen sudser lasted only one
season before being given the
ax and replaced by the Gothic
vampire series Dark Shadows.

Remember rock 'n' roller Jo Ann Campbell's novelty number
"Mother, Please" based on the funny old TV commercial
for the pain reliever Anacin? Now watch John Lupton
lose his cool in this 1965 Anacin ad.

Have a Shady day!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Best of Bandstands in Foreign Lands - Vol. 10:
Born To Be Alive... Out on Thunder Island!

Welcome to vol. 10 of
my globetrotting series


I'm Shady Seaweed, here to bring you more great
music performances that originated from TV studios,
big halls and nightclubs in Europe and other parts
of the world from the 1960s through early 2000s.

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of music,
the thrill of Vic Tory (the little known "Fifth Beatle")... and
the agony of the feet (from so much dancing)... this is:

Bandstands in
Foreign Lands!



Our globetrotting tour begins in Germany and the bandstand of the music TV show
DISCO carried on the German public-service television broadcaster ZDF based
in Mainz. That's where we find Foreigner, a rock band containing British and
American members. In this appearance on DISCO, the band performed
one of their hits, the lead single from their chart topping 1981 album
Foreigner 4. Here's Foreigner making it sound-- "Urgent!"

"Urgent" - Foreigner
(Aug/Sept. 1981, highest chart pos. #4 Hot 100,
#1 U.S. Mainstream Rock, perf. on DISCO)




Many times over the years I have used the words "Silly Love Songs" in conversations
about the 60s music revolution from sweet and tender to brash and sassy.  I borrowed
the expression from Paul & Linda McCartney. "Silly Love Songs," a chart-topper in
America, was released from the fifth studio album recorded by McCartney's
post-Beatles band Wings. Our next stop is a bandstand in a foreign land
called England where one of the talented dance companies on the
London based music series Top Of The Pops is set to perform
to the song. Try 'em on for size-- Ruby Flipper!

"Silly Love Songs" - Wings
(May/June 1976, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100/#2 UK,
dance perf. by Ruby Flipper on Top of the Pops)


P.I.T. - ZDF

Our next Biffle stop takes us back to Germany where a wildly popular New Jersey
funk band is set to perform on P.I.T. (Peter-Illmann-Treff), a German music
TV series on ZDF moderated by television and radio actor and pop music
expert Peter Illmann. ("Treff," FYI, translates to "haunt, rendezvous
or meeting place"). Here they are, Kool And The Gang,
with one of their top 10 hits of the 80s-- "Fresh!"

"Fresh" - Kool and the Gang
(May/June 1985, highest chart pos. #9 Hot 100/#1 R&B,
perf. on German TV series P.I.T.)



Penned and recorded by French singer Patrick Hernandez, our next featured
recording is one of the greatest hits of the Disco 70s, a single that reached
#1 in France and a dozen other countries including Germany. We now
switch to a club somewhere in Europe - might be France, might be
Italy, might be Belgium - I don't know. What I do know is that
this is a great song and an exciting performance. It aired on
Kultnacht - "cult night," - a music program carried by the
German PBS broadcaster ZDF. Here now is Patrick
Hernandez doing his worldwide hit and signature
song-- "Born To Be Alive!"

"Born To Be Alive" - Patrick Hernandez
 (Aug. 1979, highest chart pos. #16 Hot 100, #1 U.S. Disco,
#1 in 13 other countries, perf. on German TV show ZDF-Kultnacht)



Now let's hear from soft rock maestro Jay Ferguson. Jay was an original member
of the late 60s jazz and Beatles-influenced psych band Spirit known for their hit
single "I Got A Line On You." In the early 70s Jay formed Jo Jo Gunne, an
LA rock band that took their name from a Chuck Berry hit. In the mid 70s
Jay began a solo career, and in early '78 scored a top ten hit with this
one, "Thunder Island," the title song from his second studio album.
"Thunder Island" is a soft rock record that has more meat than
Manilow, a slightly harder rock edge, thanks to the featured
guitar playing of James Gang and Eagles vet Joe Walsh.
Our Biffle tour now takes us to The Netherlands where
Jay performed on the Dutch music show TopPop.

"Thunder Island" - Jay Ferguson
(Feb./Mar. 1978, highest chart pos.
#6 Cash Box,/#9 Hot 100, perf. on TopPop)



For the grand finale of our show, I'd like to stay right here in Holland... wooden shoe?
Gotta love 'em (or not)... they're Barbarella, a female Dutch trio that released two
synth-pop, dance-pop, Euro disco style albums in 1990, Sucker For Your Love
and Don't Stop The Dance. I'm a sucker for girl groups and cool covers and
here's one now. From Don't Stop The Dance here's Barbarella on the
Dutch TV channel RTL 4, headquartered in Luxembourg, doing
their version of the Beatles biggie-- "Please, Please Me!"

"Please, Please Me" - Barbarella
(1991 single from 1990 album Don't Stop The Dance,
perf. on Dutch TV channel RTL 4, Luxembourg, Holland)

I hope you enjoyed volume 10 of


Stay tuned for the next edition coming soon.

Have a Shady day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Happy Birthday, John!

John Ettline was born 113 years ago
on the 12th day of March, 1906.
John was a card shark, a gambler, and a wheeler dealer, a larger-than-life
type of person, a colorful, loveable, and memorable character. John cared
about people and about kids. As a member of his family once told me,
"John was loved and respected by everyone he came in contact with,
especially his family. He offered love, guidance and advice to
anyone who would give him the respect and listen.”

John also loved music and dancing, and to celebrate his birthday
this year I selected two up tempo dance songs and a sweet ballad.


First here's a number found on the various artists compilation Mark Lamarr
Presents Mule Milk 'N' Firewater, a collection of obscure R&B recordings
from the late 40s to early 60s culled from the vaults of the King,
Federal and Deluxe R&B labels. It's saxophonist Fred Clark
who played with Johnny Otis and His Orchestra doing
an unreleased nugget called "Bobby Sox Rocker."

"Bobby Sox Rocker" - Fred Clark
(circa 1953, unissued Take 2)


Now that Fred Clark's "Bobby Sox Rocker" has the joint jumpin'...
singer and showman Bobby Freeman is ready to take the stage and
ask the musical question "Do You Want To Dance?" In this vintage
clip, Bobby shares the spotlight with a boppin' baby elephant as
he performs his top 5 hit from the spring and summer of 1958.

"Do You Want To Dance" - Bobby Freeman
(May thru July 1958, highest chart pos. #5 Hot 100/#2 R&B)


On his birthday I think John will appreciate being serenaded by
America's sweetheart, Miss Shelley Fabares aka Mary Stone,
as she sings her signature song "Johnny Angel" on her hit
television series, the family friendly Donna Reed Show.

"Johnny Angel" - Shelley Fabares
(Mar./Apr. 1962, highest chart pos. #1
scene from The Donna Reed Show)



Thursday, March 7, 2019

Hey, That Sounds Just Like... Vol. 3:
Candlelight Afternoon with the Old Man Down the Road




This is the series that compares recorded songs that sound similar
to each other and, in some cases, sound almost exactly alike.
Which do you prefer, the originals or the soundalikes?

Remember, ladies and gentlemen...

This is only an exhibition...
This is not a competition...
Please... no wagering.


Singer, songwriter and guitarist John
Fogerty came to fame in the late 60s
as leader of Creedence Clearwater
Revival. Creative differences
between Fogerty and his mates
took their toll, as did contract
hassles with their label Fantasy
Records. Fogerty departed and
CCR dissolved. In late 1984, as
a solo artist, Fogerty released
"The Old Man Down the Road,"
the first single from his come-
back album Centerfield.

 "Old Man" made the top 10, and the music video
is one of the most memorable of the 80s, edited
to make it appear a guitar cord is miles long.

"The Old Man Down the Road" - John Fogerty
(Feb. 1985, highest chart pos. #10 Hot 100,
#1 Top Rock Tracks)


Film producer Saul Zaentz, winner of Best Picture Academy
Awards for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestAmadeus and
The English Patient, was also owner of Fantasy Records.

Zaentz sued John Fogerty, claiming
the chorus of "The Old Man Down
The Road" sounded too similar to
CCR's "Run Through The Jungle,"
a song from the band's album
Cosmo's Factory released on
a single in the spring of 1970.
(To get out of his contract with
Fantasy, Fogerty had signed
away his rights to the music
he made with CCR.)

 Fogerty won the court battle when he brought his guitar
to the witness stand and pointed out differences
between the two recordings. Can you
detect those differences?

"Run Through the Jungle" - Creedence Clearwater Revival
(May 1970, highest chart pos. #4, B side of "Up Around the Bend")


Early in 1962 a North Carolina doo-wop
group calling themselves The Corsairs
(featuring Jay "Bird" Uzzell) scored
a top 10 R&B hit with the single
"Smoky Places," a song penned
and produced by Abner Spector,
an A&R man for Chess Records
and founder of his own Tuff label.
Later that year The Corsairs made
the top 30 on the R&B chart with
"I'll Take You Home." In 1965,
the group, now recording as
The Corsairs & Landy McNeil,
waxed Spectorian (Phil, that is) with
this fab slab-- "On the Spanish Side."

"On the Spanish Side" - The Corsairs & Landy McNeil
(Feb. 1965, uncharted)

 BEN E. 

To Shady's ears "On the Spanish Side"
sounds a lot like "Spanish Harlem,"
a song written by Jerry Leiber and
Phil Spector and recorded by former
Drifters lead singer Ben E. King.
Released in November 1960, King's
single went top 10 on the pop chart
and made Rolling Stone's list of
The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

"Spanish Harlem" - Ben E. King
(Mar. 1961, highest chart pos. #10)


Disco was hot at Christmas 1978 when Philadelphia's sibling girl group
Sister Sledge released "He's the Greatest Dancer," a song composed
by Chic members Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers.

The single reached the top 10 in the spring of '79 and might have gone higher,
but its momentum stalled and it was overtaken by an even bigger Sister Sledge
hit, "We Are Family" which rocketed all the way to #2. From the group's hit
album We Are Family, produced by Edwards and Rodgers, here are the
discofied siblings performing "He's the Greatest Dancer."

"He's the Greatest Dancer" - Sister Sledge
(April/May 1979, highest chart pos. #9 Hot 100,
#1 R&B, from Jan. 1979 album We Are Family)


In 1984 Phyllis St. James, a Los Angeles singer and
songwriter, signed with Motown Records and recorded
the album Ain't No Turnin' Back. The album spawned
the club classic "Candlelight Afternoon," a boogie
number that samples "He's The Greatest Dancer."

"Candlelight Afternoon" - Phyllis St. James
(from 1984 album Ain't No Turnin' Back)








Stick around. I've got more cool copycats for your
listening  pressure  pleasure coming soon in vol. 4.

Have a Shady day!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Shady's Eighties Greaties Vol. 4: Backfired Situation!

"The Guy Under the Seats"

Hello there, Shady. I'm sure you never thought you'd
be seeing me again. I'll bet you were hoping I'd stay
hidden away in my little cubby-hole forever so that
you could sit up there in your ivory tower as the
self proclamed ruler of the blog world. 

Let me ask you this, Shady. Do you happen to know how long
it's been since you ran an Eighties Greaties post? I'll tell you
how long. The last post ran in 2012. Do the math. That's
something like 20 years ago. Tell me, Shady, how does
it feel to play God year after year, foisting heavy metal
thunder, sugar-coated disco ditties and your granddaddy's
lame Hit Parade tunes from the 50s upon your readers?

 Well I'm back and things are gonna change around here pronto. You see, Shady,
the vast silent majority of my fellow Americans agree with me that the 80s
was the last great decade for music. Therefore, I am staging a coup.

 Effective immediately, I am taking over as host of your sorely neglected
Eighties Greaties. My first order of business will be to change the name
of the series to... Jennifer Jason Leigh Bridget Fonda Phoebe Cates
Christie Brinkley Bo Derek Morgan Fairchild Heather Locklear...
and, try as you may, there is absolutely nothing you can do
to stop me, mister smarty pants!


Debbie Harry will turn age 74 this year, folks. Anybody feeling old?
In 1981, after a highly successful five year run as front woman of
the new wave band Blondie, Debbie began a solo career. Her debut
single, "Backfired," from her debut solo album KooKoo, backfired.
It didn't exactly burn up the charts in the U.S. or the UK. Blondie
fans were surprised and perhaps a little put off when they saw
the transformation in Debbie's appearance in the music video.
Check out her darker hair and sci-fi inspired look.

"Backfired" - Debbie Harry
(Sept. 1981, highest chart pos. #43 Hot 100,
#39 Cash Box, #32 UK, from July 1981 album KooKoo)



In the early 80s actor and comedian Eddie Murphy began to try his luck as a
recording artist with varying degrees of success ever since. In 1985 Murphy
entered the Buffalo, New York, home studio of record producer Rick James
and recorded "Party All The Time," a danceworthy single that features
Rick on backing vocals. Eddie's party platter spent three weeks at #2,
bumping its head on Lionel Richie's chart-topper "Say You, Say Me."
Watch and listen as Eddie Murphy and Rick James lay down the
sound on their collaborative hit-- "Party All The Time!"

"Party All The Time" - Eddie Murphy
(Dec. 1985, highest chart pos. #2 Hot 100/#8 R&B)



Since the mid 1990s, Britain's Cathy Dennis has enjoyed a very successful career
as a songwriter. Cathy has penned hit songs for Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue and
Britney Spears. Cathy's greatest success came in 2008 as co-writer of Katy Perry's
monster international hit "I Kissed a Girl", one of the best-selling digital singles
in history. In the late 80s, before she started focusing primarily on songwriting,
Cathy made a name for herself as a pop/dance recording artist. In November
1989, Cathy's dance single "Just Another Dream" was released in the UK
 but failed to chart. In the year that followed, the record was re-issued in
the UK and reached #13. The slab was also released in the U.S. where,
in the early weeks of 1991, it caught fire, finishing in the top 10
on the pop chart and top 3 on the dance chart. Here now is 
Cathy Dennis on Oprah with "Just Another Dream."

"Just Another Dream" - Cathy Dennis
(first released Nov. 1989, charted in U.S. Jan. 1991,
highest chart pos. #9 Hot 100/#2 Dance Club/#13 UK)


In 1985 the English new wave pop rock band Tears For Fears achieved
back-to-back #1 hits in the U.S. with "Shout" and "Everybody Wants
To Rule The World." That same year Tears For Fears extended their
American winning streak with a third single, "Head Over Heels,"
which cracked the top 3 that summer and turned up in
the soundtrack of the 2001 sci-fi film Donnie Darko.

"Head over Heels" - Tears For Fears
(Oct./Nov. 1985, highest chart pos. #3,
from Feb. 1985 album Songs from the Big Chair)



Yazoo (known as Yaz in North America because lawyers say so) was an English
synthpop duo, consisting of vocalist Alison Moyet and former Depeche Mode
keyboardist Vince Clarke. Yazoo enjoyed worldwide success in the New Wave
80s and their songs have been used in numerous movies and television shows.
In March 1982 the song "Situation" was released in the UK on the B side of
Yazoo's debut single "Only You" and therefore failed to chart. It was a much
different story stateside where "Situation" made the Hot 100 and topped
the Dance Club chart for four weeks. In this cool clip, Yaz performs their
U.S. club hit "Situation," better known to some as-- "Move Out!"

"Situation" - Yazoo aka Yaz
(Aug 1982, highest chart pos. #1 Hot Dance Club Play)


Fun Boy Three was an English New Wave pop group made up of Terry Hall and
two other vocalists who broke off from the popular late 70s British ska revival
band The Specials. Hall, together with Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's, penned
"Our Lips Are Sealed" which became a hit for Jane's girl group in 1981 and
was named by Rolling Stone mag as one of the 100 Greatest Pop Songs
Of All Time. In 1983 Fun Boy Three released their own rendition of
"Our Lips Are Sealed" and it made the top 10 in the UK. I like
this version better than the Go-Go's original! 

"Our Lips Are Sealed" - Fun Boy Three
(April 1983, highest chart position #7 UK,
live perf. on Top of the Pops)

Well Shady, I hope you got your jollies sitting on the side-
lines contemplating your navel while I hosted my new series
Eighties Greaties Jennifer Jason Leigh Bridget Fonda Phoebe
Cates Christie Brinkley Bo Derek Morgan Fairchild Heather
Locklear. Tell me, Shady... how does it feel to be cut down
to size? How does it feel to have somebody else up here
on your throne while you're way down there groveling
in he dirt and crying like a little girl? Knowing you, it
wouldn't surprise me one little bit if you pulled the
plug on this series just to get rid of me. 

Do what you must, my friend, but remember, what goes around
comes around. One of these days, instant karma's gonna get you,
gonna knock you off your feet, better get yourself together,
darlin'.. Billy Bob Thornton you're gonna meet.

But, until that day, I'm gonna be right here
making your life... a living HELL!