Saturday, February 29, 2020

Dell Rat Tom's Jukebox Giants - Volume 4:
A Tale of Two Ditties - Gimme Some Lovin'

...and the cow was returned to its rightful owner.

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AT 1:14 MARK!

"Hanky Panky" - The Shondells
(June/July 1966, highest chart pos. #1)

The Shondells leading us off with "Hanky Panky," another song that
gained a new set of naughty lyrics thanks to me and my Dell rat buddies.
By the way, "Hanky Panky" is a lot older than you might think. It was
written in 1963 and first waxed by a girl group called The Summits -
another cool record. The version you just heard by Tommy James
and his group was first released in early 1964 and again in '65,
but it took until the summer of 1966 to become a #1 smash.

Hi and welcome to the show!
I'm Dell Rat Tom back here on
S-P-M-M with another edition
of Jukebox Giants spotlighting
the greatest hits that played
in the dance hall of my old
hangout the Shady Dell
in York, Pennsylvania.

This special leap year edition is called "A Tale of Two Ditties" because I'm playing
two great versions of the same song -"Gimme Some Lovin'." One version was
released in the U.S. and the other in the UK.  In December 1966 The Jordan
Brothers, a veteran rock 'n' roll band from Frackville, PA, a town 60 miles
from York, became the first to release "Gimme Some Lovin'" as a single.
The record was just catching on when it was eclipsed by a version
waxed by the Spencer Davis Group, a Brit band that featured the
vocals of budding solo star Steve Winwood who wrote the song.


Although the platter recorded by The Jordan Brothers' merely Bubbled Under
on the national chart, it was big on the East Coast, big in Philadelphia, big on
York's WSBA radio and Lancaster's WLAN, and very big at the Shady Dell.
Listen now to the version of "Gimme Some Lovin'" 4 out of 5 Dell rats
recommend, the one they played more often. Coming in at #63 on
my list of The 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell, a genuine
Jukebox Giant by-- The Jordan Brothers!

"Gimme Some Lovin'" - The Jordan Brothers
(Jan. 1967, highest chart pos. #129)

Frackville's finest - the Jordan Brothers - who began making records
way back in 1958, and their version of "Gimme Some Lovin"
released at the end of 1966.

Now here's the conclusion of my tale of
two ditties, the same song as recorded
by The Spencer Davis Group.


The two versions of "Gimme Some Lovin'" charted
simultaneously for a couple of weeks in January of
'67, but the Jordan Brothers' record stalled at #129
while Winwood took his catchy composition all the
way to #7. The British record was also popular at
the Dell, ranked #78 on my Dell's Greatest Hits
survey. Listen now to The Spencer Davis Group
and their rendition of-- "Gimme Some Lovin'!"

"Gimme Some Lovin'"- The Spencer Davis Group
 (Jan./Feb. 1967, highest chart pos. #7)

A tale of two ditties - two great versions of "Gimme Some Lovin'" -
both records hot in the Shady in the early months of 1967. 

As much fun as the Dell was in summer...
it was pure magic in winter, and here's
another song from the same time period
that "Gimme Some Lovin'" was popular -
the frigid nights of January and February
1967. I can still see Dell rats huddled in
front of the fireplace to keep warm.
Outside it's chilling. The mercury is
dropping down to minus ten below
(the "feels like" temp). It's snowing
hard. Your parents called you crazy
for going out on a wicked night like
this, but you had to make the scene.
Feel the warmth radiating from that
roaring blaze. John just threw another
big log on the fire. Wet snow clung to
the wood and it’s starting to sizzle.
Can you hear the sound, Dell rats?


Meanwhile, out on the dance floor, couples cuddle to
Tommy Roe’s solid cold classic-- "It's Now Winter's Day!"

"It's Now Winter's Day" - Tommy Roe
(Jan./Feb. 1967, highest chart pos. #23)

A roaring fire, a smoky haze, body heat, romance, perfumed hair
that I can smell to this day... essence that I liked so well. Sweet, misty
memories of the Dell in winter - "It's Now Winter's Day" by Tommy Roe.

If you're just  tuning in, I'm Dell Rat Tom bringing you Jukebox Giants,
the greatest Dell songs of the mid 60s here on S-P-M-M Radio.

As a teenager there were three coming-of-age
milestones that I couldn't wait to reach: getting
my driver's license, owning my first car and
buying my first Magnificent Men album.
A fact of life, a fundamental part of
growing up in Central PA, was a
love of "The Mag Men."


Already soulfully inclined... Dell rats were
all the more receptive to what the Mag Men
were puttin' down because they were a home-
grown act... with roots in York and "The Burg."
Here's one of the great songs from that 1967
album, Dave Bupp, Buddy King and the
Magnificent Men-- "Cry With Me Baby!"

"Cry With Me Baby" - The Magnificent Men
(from 1967 album The Magnificent Men)

Our hometown heroes, The Mag Men, and "Cry With Me Baby"
from their eponymous debut album on Capitol. You're listening
to Jukebox Giants with Dell Rat Tom on S-P-M-M...
where all the cool oldies go to live forever.

Our seven song block party continues now with
a super sound from Motown. Like many other
60s artists, Kim Weston started out singing
gospel before making the switch to secular
Soul. Here's a Kim Weston song that missed
the R&B top 10 but was sandwiched between
her two top 5 hits - her original version of
"Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A
Little While)" and "It Takes Two,"
her hit duet with Marvin Gaye.


This one played nightly in the Dell dance hall
and ushered in the spring of 1966. At #177 on
the Dell Hits list, Kim Weston is-- "Helpless!"

"Helpless" - Kim Weston
(Mar./Apr. 1966, highest chart pos. #13 R&B/#56 Hot 100)

That was "Helpless," a sensational yet under-performing
song by a sensational and underrated Motown artist -
Miss Kim Weston - who is now 80 years old.

Hey, time's up, and I gotta head for home to
beat the curfew. Stay tuned. Coming up on
the B side of news, it's my good buddy
Ernest P. Worrell with the premiere of
his new show Rock-A-Billygoat right
here on S-P-M-M, the station that's
number one for music and fun.


Hang on because I'll be back soon with another
edition of Jukebox Giants - the greatest hits of
the Shady Dell. As I leave you with "My Girl"
 by The Temptations- #83 on the Dell survey,
this is Dell Rat Tom reminding you to make
every day a holiday... and every night a
Shady Dell night!

"My Girl" - The Temptations
(Feb./Mar. 1965, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100/#1 R&B)

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Remembering Helen


Whenever I hear this song, it reminds me
of a very special person, the first lady
of the Shady Dell... Helen Ettline.

Unforgettable, Helen...

That's what you are!

We love you and miss you.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Shady Train - Ep. 15: Body in the Middle of the Night!


Shady Train...

the hippest trip in America!

60 nonstop minutes across the

tracks of your mind into the

exciting world of Soul!

And now, here's your host...

Don Cornelius!

Hey now,
welcome aboard.
You're right on time for
another super hip trip
on the Shady Train.
I guarantee you'll
enjoy the ride...
so let's roll.

And we are delighted to welcome for the first time three extraordinary canaries -
a soulful trio from Detroit consisting of the lovely and talented Body sisters:
Francina, Peggy and Letitita, the youngest children in a family of twelve.
They specialize in a form of music called swingbeat, also known as
New jack swing, a fusion of hip hop and R&B. As they join us
to do their debut single for MCA Records entitled "Middle
Of The Night," I'm sure you will agree that the ideal
name for this exciting new girl group is-- Body!

"Middle Of The Night" - Body
(May/June 1987, from 1987 album Body)


And look out now, don't hurt yourself.
It's the Shady Train gang, the Shady
Train line. They're bustin' loose to
their love jones with the latest by
Jesse Johnson. We think it's one
of the baddest sounds in town
or anywhere else around,
a little thing called--
"Love Struck!"

"Love Struck" - Jesse Johnson
(May 1988, highest chart pos. #4 R&B/#78 Hot 100)

And we are excited to have with us on
today's ride a veteran Detroit soul man
who is currently part of the changing
sound of Motown. He is riding high
at the top of the chart with his latest
single for the label, a song originally
recorded by The Temptations. As he
joins us to do what is fast becoming
one of the most popular protest songs
ever recorded entitled "War," make
some big noise, gang, for Agent
Double-O-Soul-- Edwin Starr!

"War" - Edwin Starr
(Aug./Sept. 1970, highest chart pos.
#1 Hot 100 & Cash Box/#3 R&B)

And now it's time to bring in one of
the true musical geniuses of our time.
As he joins us courtesy of our friends
over on The Midnight Special to do his
latest single on the A&M label entitled
"Will It Go Round In Circles"... how
'bout it, gang, for-- Mr. Billy Preston!

"Will It Go Round In Circles"
Billy Preston (June/July 1973,
highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100
Cash Box/#10 R&B, perf.
 on The Midnight Special)

And the Shady Train dancers are gonna
style awhile to a groove that makes you
wanna move real smooth. It's the latest
from the Change gang-- "Hold Tight!" 

"Hold Tight" - Change (July/Aug. 1981, highest chart pos. #40 R&B/#89 Hot 100

And let's welcome aboard four of Philly's
Phinest entertainers, a group that has been among the leading names in soul
since, believe it or not, the mid 1950s.
As they join us to do their latest single
on the Philadelphia International label,
the chart-topping ballad "If You Don't
Know Me By Now," lets put some
hands together, gang, for the mighty -
Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes!

"If You Don't Know Me By Now"
 - Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes (Nov./Dec. 1972,
highest chart pos. #1 R&B/#2 Cash Box/#3 Hot 100)

And across the river from Philly we go
to Camden, NJ, for the club sound. It's
a pleasure to have with us a talented
duo that is responsible for one of the
hottest freestyle dance-pop songs of
the year, a biggin everybody's diggin'
entitled "Catch Me, I'm Falling" from
the soundtrack of the John Cryer -
Annabeth Gish dramedy Hiding Out.
Featuring the vivacious Jade Starling
singing lead, here is-- Pretty Poison!

"Catch Me (I'm Falling)" - Pretty Poison
(Oct. thru Dec. 1987, highest chart pos. #8 Hot 100 & Cash Box,
#13 R&B, from Nov. 1987 film Hiding Out)

And if that don't do it for you nothin'
ever will. We hope you'll come back
and get into it with us next time when
once again we pop open a six pack
and toss in an extra cool one for
good measure, and you can bet
your last money, it's all gonna
be a stone gas, honey. I'm Don
Cornelius, and as always in
parting, we wish you love...
peace... and soul!

Friday, February 14, 2020

This Valentine's Day, Austin Powers Enquires...
"What's Old, Pussycat?"

 Allow myself to introduce.....myself. 

 I'm Austin Powers, super secret spy, 

 international man of mystery, 

 bon vivant, swinging playboy 

 and irresistible babe magnet. 

 London is my home, shag is my bag, 

 planet earth is my playground and 

 danger is my middle name, baby. 

Your regular host, Shady, couldn't make it here today. The chap's
home knitting a sweater from belly button lint. Riddle: What do
you call a hula hoop with a nail in it? Answer: a navel destroyer!

 That's a gag, dove... oh go on now, 
 I saw you crack a smile just then - YEAH! 

Shady has invited me back to host his annual Valentine's Day dance
and instructed me to spin records for your enjoyment. I've got a song
by a Welsh heartthrob plus an exciting lineup of Brit birds for you,
so prepare to meet the strapping gent from Wales and
greet my fine feathered female friends.


I'm sure you remember Tom Jones crooning the hit theme from the
1965 Woody Allen - Peter Sellers comedy film "What's New Pussycat."
If you don't please listen. If you do... please listen.

"What's New Pussycat?" - Tom Jones
(July 1965, highest chart pos. #3, theme song
from June 1965 film What's New Pussycat?)

Nicely done, master Tom. That was "What's New Pussycat?" Well now,
I would like to enquire... "What's Old, Pussycat?" It's my way of getting
you stoked for stacks 'o vintage wax by a bevy of beauteous Brit birds.


Lesley Duncan is best remembered for her 70s
work as a singer/songwriter. In the mid and late
60s, Lesley was a backing vocalist for Dusty
Springfield and the Walker Brothers.
At the same time Lesley wrote
and recorded her own songs.

One of Lesley's finest solo singles was
released at the height of Beatlemania.
Both songs on the slab, the A side,
"Tell Me," and the fab flip side,
"You Kissed Me Boy," were
written by Lesley and her
brother Jimmy. My Pick
to Click is the killer bee.

"You Kissed Me Boy"
Lesley Duncan (Feb. 1964,
B side of "Tell Me")


Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, singer Barbara Kay fronted
show bands, became a session singer, signed with the Pye
record company and released singles of her own.

In the summer of 1965, Barbara released a version of "Yes I'm Ready"
covering the U.S. hit by Barbara Mason, a teenage soul singer from Philly.

Barbara Kay did a fine job with that
sweet love song, but I like the B side
even more. Listen as Barbara serves
a savory slice of Brit girl pop on the
pleasing platter "Someone Has To Cry."

"Someone Has To Cry (Why Must I)"
Barbara Kay (July 1965, B side
of "Yes I'm Ready")


I read the news today oh boy
Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire

John Lennon forgot to mention another phenomenon in Blackburn -
schoolmarm turned pop singer Martha Smith.

Martha landed a contract with Pye
and in February 1965 released one of
the great ballads of the Brit pop genre,
"As I Watch You Walk Away." I urge you
to listen to the entire drama-drenched
song which I think was deliberately
performed in a melodramatic, soap-
opera fashion. I smile and shake my
head in disbelief every time I
experience this recording.

"As I Watch You Walk Away"
Martha Smith (Feb./Mar. 1965)

Manchester, England's Maxine Darren had powerful
pipes, waxed great songs written by Mitch Murray
and wore her hair in a trendy Ronettes style. None
of those factors brought the singer the success she
deserved. In 1965 Maxine released a fine double-
sider, "How Can I Hide It From My Heart" b/w
"Don't You Know." Here's the fabulous flip.

"Don't You Know" - Maxine Darren
(April/May 1965, B side of
"How Can I Hide It From My Heart")


Beach Bloke Brian Wilson had his Pet Sounds, and I've got Pet sounds
of my own - two fantastic ditties warbled by English sparrow Petula Clark.

It took me 50+ years to discover this exciting recording by Pet, a cover of
"Dancing in the Street," the signature song of Martha and the Vandellas.
This fantastic dance floor filler is the lead track of Petula's hit
1965 U.S. album I Know a Place.

"Dancing in the Street" - Petula Clark
(from 1965 album I Know a Place)

In 1965 Chicano rocker Chris Montez, the fellow who had a hit in 1962 with
"Let's Dance," switched to easy listening and made a comeback with "Call Me."

Penned by UK composer Tony Hatch,
"Call Me" was first waxed by Pet Clark
and released on her 1965 EP of the
same name. The song is also found
on the above mentioned U.S. album
I Know a Place, issued in the UK as
The New Petula Clark Album. Let's
 have a listen to the original version
of "Call Me" by Miss Pet Clark!

"Call Me" - Petula Clark
(from Nov. 1965 EP Call Me
and I Know a Place aka
The New Petula Clark Album)

 I hope these super sounds put you in 

 a shagadelic mood, baby. Oh behave! 

 This is your old chum Austin Powers 

 international man of mystery 

 (and music history)... 

 saying ciao for now. 

 Let's do it again real soon, baby... 

 You know you want to... YEAH! 

Monday, February 10, 2020

Toto Moto and Brian Griffin Bark in Perfect Harmony:
"I Don't Know Why I Love This Commercial... But I Do!"


Hi, folks! It's me,
Chief Petting Officer
Toto Moto, the jolly
Shady's Place mascot
and your hound of
sound on S-P-M-M
Retrosonic Radio!

And I'm
Brian Griffin
from Family Guy...
another member of
The Shady Bunch
deejay staff.

Toto and I are poking our snouts in to let
you know that Shady's move went well.
Starting today he is easing back into
blogging and will visit you soon.

And with Valentine's Day fast
approaching... me and my
bowwow buddy Brian are
gonna throw you a bone
and bark the praises of our
favorite television commercial.
It's number one with a bullet,
the hottest spot in the land, the
most popular and talked about
commercial of 2020. It's the
one produced for the travel tech
company Expedia to advertise
their Expedia App. The tagline
reads: “Everything Your Trip
Needs for Everyone You Love.”

The commercial's catchy
jingle introduces to a
brand new and much
younger audience of TV
viewers an oldie but goody
entitled (I don't know why)
"But I Do," a top 5 charting
single released in 1961 by
R&B singer Clarence
"Frogman" Henry.
Check it out!

I don't know about you, Toto, but I could almost
hear the oohs and aahs of viewers all over the
country when it showed a closeup of that cute
Whippet gazing at his human mommy as she

soaked in a bubble bath and used
the Expedia App on her phone

to browse pet friendly vacation rentals
for an upcoming family trip.

Just call me snoopy, Brian,
but I did some digging and
found lots of people on
social media reacting to
Expedia's "Pet Friendly"
commercial. Many of
them think the spot is
Just look are some
of their comments!

"I ❤ this commercial!"

"Love the song."

"Who is the actress? Love that song too."

(TOTO MOTO: She's Toronto-based actress Erica Levene.)

"The Whippet has such a cute little mug-- sold me on Expedia!"

"Love this commerical, the actress, dog and song.
Short and to the point, well done Expedia!"

"I love your commercial, the clumsy husband, the dog just is the high point!"

"Such a cute commercial, love the dog the most!"

"Love the song, the lady in the bath, and the dog, just perfect."

"I love this commercial: the song, whole family and the dog. Also I love Expedia!"

"My most fav advert where the lady and dog look at each other with so much love."

"She rocks! This is quite literally the best commercial I have seen in a while."

"I love this commercial. It is the ONLY one I will stop and listen to.
The look on the Black ladies face, her boy in the car and the last
look between the lady and the dog is precious. What ever
ad firm produced this should get an award."

(BRIAN: Credit for the spot goes to Razorfish Digital Agency and 180LA,
a creative boutique under the Wunderman Advertising umbrella.)

"This ad just grows on you: the kids, the dad, the mom, the dog
and the frogman song. Stuck in my head for weeks now.
Don't know why I love it, but I do. :( "

"I lovvvvveeeee that dog!!!!!"

"More of this whippet please!!!"

Hey Brian, all that
puppy love reminds me
of another great old
song - "Whippet!"

Now Whippet
Into shape
Shape it up
Get straight
Go forward
Move ahead
Try to detect it
It's not too late
To Whippet
Whippet good

Whippet good and, we hope you folks agree,
that Expedia commercial is, as Tony the
Tiger would say..."Gr-r-reat!"

Now for my K-9 kuzzin
Toto Moto, this is your
pal Brian Griffin saying
so long and see you soon.


To play us off, here again is
Clarence "Frogman" Henry,
who will be 83 next month.
I'm sure he's happy to be
making new fans thanks
to that warm and fuzzy commercial. Bye-bye!

"But I Do" aka "(I Don’t Know Why) But I Do"
- Clarence Henry aka Clarence "Frogman" Henry
(Apr./May 1961, highest chart pos. #4 Hot 100,
#4 Cash Box/#9 R&B)