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7 on the Dot - TICK TICK TICK...


"(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock" - Bill Haley And His Comets
(June thru Aug. 1955, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100 & Cash Box)

Kicking off my show with a timely tunethe granddaddy of all
rock 'n' roll songs, "(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock"
by Bill Haley And His Comets. The clock rocker was a
smash hit and best seller on both sides of the Atlantic.
Hard to believe that the now-famous song started
out in obscurity as the B side of Haley's single!

Hi everyone, I'm Dorothy
"Dot" Everest, one of the
stars of The Tickthe TV
series that has critics
raving, nominated for
Saturn Award in the
category of "Best New
Media Superhero Series."

You've heard of the
Blue Man Group and
"The Little Blue Man."
The Tick is a big man
dressed in a bright blue
costume. (Don't ask.)
Nearly invincible,
The Tick is a super
hero who fights
underworld crime
to save the city.

Arthur Everest is the Tick's nervous, nerdy sidekick,
and I'm Arthur's sister, well, more like his mother
because I am always looking out for him.

I have my
brother's back
and an angel's
face, but don't
let my looks
fool you.

I'm no cream puff.
When the chips
are down... I'm
one tough cookie.

(See what I did there?)

By day I am an ordinary, hard working EMT.

By night I reveal my secret
identity as a crime fighting
vigilante heroine on Team
Tick. I am equipped with
a superpower, a unique
time management skill
they don't teach in Tony
Robbins seminars. Let's
just say I have mastered
the five second do-over.
I'm breaking way badass,
so evildoers beware.

I will not fail my brother.
I will not fail my city,
and I will not fail you
the listener. Beginning
now, this very second,
I'll turn back the clock
to bring you some of
the best sounds of the
20th and 21st centuries.

I am also proud to let you know that Shady Del Knight
has picked me to become the latest member of his
Shady Bunch DJ team on S-P-M-M Retro Radio.
Today I'm bringing you a sneak preview of
my new show which will be called

7 on the Dot - TICK TICK TICK...

- 7 songs in a row and every one of them about
marking time or the passing of time -
past, present and future.

You're in Dot's time zone
and the clock is ticking.

From this moment on it's more
music with less tock Get it? 😝


It might be a 5 o'clock world... but there's something
special about "Six O'Clock." Here to explain are
John Sebastian and The Lovin' Spoonful!

"Six O'Clock" - The Lovin' Spoonful
(May/June 1967, highest chart pos. #17 Cash Box/#18 Hot 100)

Flashing back to the spring of 1967,
that was John Sebastian along with
his jug-band pop and folk rock group
The Lovin' Spoonful and their top 20
hit "Six "O'clock," a record that
brushed the top 10 in Canada.


There might be something special
'bout "Six O'clock" but wait a minute.
In fact... wait six hours, because...
"After Midnight" we're gonna let
it all hang out. So sings Eric
Clapton in his 1970 cover
of he J.J. Cale song!

"After Midnight" - Eric Clapton
(Nov./Dec. 1970, highest chart pos. #13 Cash Box/#18 Hot 100)

Hot on the chart at the end of 1970
and the start of '71, that was Eric
Clapton with one of his signature
songs, "After Midnight," a cover
of the J.J. Cale song originally
released in 1966.

If you're just tuning in, I'm Dot
Everest from The Tick and this
is a sneak preview of my new
S-P-M-M radio show coming
next year to Shady's Place.
It's a 7-in-a-row nonstop
blockbuster, so let's get
right back to the music.


Listen! Can you hear the
If you've got the time, I've got
the tune. It's the gospel-tinged
soul of The Mighty Clouds Of
Joy with our next pertinent
platter-- "Time!"

"Time" - The Mighty Clouds Of Joy
(Oct./Nov. 1974, highest chart pos. #32 R&B/#102 Bubbling Under)

All we need is just a little
more time. Ain't it the truth,
though? Those gentlemen
are The Mighty Clouds of
Joy, an L-A based gospel
group that crossed over
the bridge to the secular
side and achieved hits
on the soul and disco
charts in the mid 70s
with "Mighty High,"
"Mighty Cloud Of Joy"
and the song I just
played for you- "Time."

The Charleston was once the rage. History has turned a page.


sign of the times and a sound of the times from Sonny and
Cher who remind us that the show and the beat goes on.

"The Beat Goes On" - Sonny And Cher
(Feb./Mar. 1967, highest chart pos. #6 Hot 100/#7 Cash Box)

What a cool couple! That
was Sonny & Cher making
a convincing run at the
top 5 in 1967 with the
time referencing song
"The Beat Goes On."


Released around Halloween
in 1982, "The Day Before
You Came" is one of ABBA's
last singles. At Christmas that
year, the Swedish super group
sang the song in Germany on
the TV series Show Express.

"The Day Before You Came" - ABBA
(Oct. thru Dec. 1982, highest chart pos. #32 UK/#2 Finland,
#3 Sweden, Belgium & Netherlands, live performance on
Show Express on West German PBS station ZDF, Dec. 1982)

That was "Aggie" - Agnetha Fältskog - singing lead for ABBA on
"The Day Before You Came" on German TV.  The record went
top 3 in four European countries, brushed the top 30 in the
UK and was released in the U.S. only as a DJ promo.

By the way, at nearly 6 minutes "TRT" - total run time, "The Day
Before You Came" it is ABBA's second longest single, after "Eagle."

Before I go, I wanna invite you to watch my
TV series The Tick on Amazon Prime Video.
If you haven't seen it yet, it's high time you did.

Oh darn... look at the clock.
Baby baby baby, we're out of time.

Dot's all folks - I gotta dash.
(See what I did there?)

I hope you enjoyed
this preview of my
new radio series

7 on the Dot -

coming to Shady Place
next year, and I hope
when the time comes
you'll set aside a few
minutes to tune me in.
Heck, you might even
come back for seconds.


Stick around. Coming up after the news, it's time to Flash Back
with Iris West, here on S-P-M-M Retrosonic RadioTo play
us off, here's Miu, the German retro blue-eyed soul band
fronted by singer/songwriter Nina Graf. Three months
have now passed (tick tick tick) since Christmas
and it seems Nina's "Chocolate Santa" has
overstayed his welcome. Now this is Dot
Everest saying bye-bye and see you in '23!

"Chocolate Santa" - Miu (Apr. 2020)

Monday, March 21, 2022

March Gladness: It's a Slam Dunk as Jim Sieling
and Dell Rat Tom Introduce THE BIG THREE!

You've heard of the Sweet Sixteen,
the Elite Eight and the Final Four. 

Dell Rat Tom circa 1961, age 11

Today Jim and I are spreading 
and introducing you to

Hi, friends!
Dell Rat Tom
back to share with you another
surprise from my hometown -
York, PA. It's another picture
that's directly related to my old
alma mater - The Shady Dell. 

The picture arrived in an
email sent by my friend
Jim Sieling, a Yorker
with family ties to
John Ettline and
The Dell. 

As you recall, Jim is the husband of Nancy Rae Sieling,
the niece of Dell owner John Ettline. 

 Last year, Jim sent me pictures of a 45 rpm record, "Close Your Eyes" by the
Five Keys, the song that tops my list of the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell.

Writing on the label indicates that my first wife and I shipped that record to
Helen & John at the Dell in 1973. I had forgotten all about it over the years!

Jim found the 45 in a large batch of records salvaged from the Dell's
dance hall jukebox (above) which Jim also owns. A few months later,
Jim surprised me again by sending pics of another record of special
interest to Dell rats, another record that I had sent to the Ettlines
and forgot about - "Jingle Bell Rock." Today I present the third
surprise from Jim, yet another priceless picture. Jim explained: 

Tom -- It’s been a while since I last contacted you. I’ve been busy organizing
 the 45’s that were saved from the Shady Dell. Most are now in artist sequence,
 have title strips, and are in sleeves. There are still a few that need title strips
and some of them also need sleeves. Once they are merged together the
final step will be log them into my computer so a particular record
can be found either by artist or song. There may be as many as
2500 records – once they have been entered into the
database we will have a good count. 

In any event, after reading your blog I kept my eyes open and found
the original copies of your Shady Dell top three songs and have
attached a photo of all three together to this note. 

Apparently at one time ‘Close Your Eyes’ was at location A 3...

...and N 8 was pressed for ‘Peace of Mind’.  I hope the pictures
bring back even more fond memories of The Dell. - Jim 

Jim, you have me shaking my head
and smiling ear to ear, my friend!
I am very grateful to you for sharing
these priceless pictures with me and
with Shady's Place readers. It blows
my mind to gaze at these records,
"The Big Three" - the top three
Jukebox Giants of the Dell -
and to realize these are the
actual records I listened and
danced to hundreds of times
at the Dell in the mid 1960s.
It's surreal that these are the
same title strips I squinted
to read as I peered into that
Seeburg  jukebox in the
 dimly lit Dell dance hall,
the strips that compelled
me to play these great
songs countless times.

 Yes, Jim, thanks to you my mind is indeed reeling and filled with fond
memories. Thank you very much for this kind gesture, my friend! 

Now that the field of 200 Greatest Dell Hits has been whittled down to
THE BIG THREE, let's listen to a few songs. Last year, in my first
post inspired by Jim's generosity, I played "Close Your Eyes."
To listen to the song again, click HERE. For today's post,
Jim sent me the picture below, a marvelous closeup of
 the label and the many different title strips used in
the jukebox over the years for "Close Your Eyes."

 Jim wrote: This one record (out of all the records found at the Dell) had
so many title strips. (I don’t think any other one had more than 4). There
must have been something special about this 45 !!!! Probably about 90% +
of all of the hand written strips over all the years were printed by the same
person (notice the L’s, G’s, & T’s). I’m guessing it had to be either John or Helen. 

Yes indeed, there was something special
about that 45, Jim. As you already know,
"Close Your Eyes" ranks #1 on my list of
The Dell's Greatest Hits. It also earned
the title of Record of Greatest Longevity
because it first entered the Dell jukebox
shortly after its release in January, 1955,
and it was still being played frequently
 ten years later in 1965 when I arrived
on the scene. In fact, "Close Your Eyes"
was still in the "Barn box" and still
popular in 1971 when I ended my
stint as a Dell rat and moved away
from York. To my knowledge, no
other record lasted that long on the
Dell's main jukebox. It should be noted
that many other 1950s doo-wop records
were eventually retired from the jukebox
in the Barn and found a new home inside
the music machine in Helen's snack bar.

Since I played the A side
song "Close Your Eyes"
last year, today I'd like
to spin the seldom heard
B side of that Five Keys
single. I honestly don't
remember this song
being played at Dell,
even though it's on
the back of the #1
ranked Dell hit.

From what I've gathered
on YouTube, the song is
an early example of the
Carolina Beach Music
genre. Here now are
The Five Keys with--
"Doggone It, You Did It." 
"Doggone It, You Did It" - The Five Keys
(Jan. 1955, B side of "Close Your Eyes") 

The second biggest hit of the Shady Dell is by the local York group
The Del-Chords aka Del-Cords led by Dave Bupp and Buddy King. 

Released in 1964, this dreamy soul ballad was played on radio stations
across the mid-Atlantic region and is one of Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldies.
In "the Barn" at the Dell, it was a monster, a genuine Jukebox Giant.
Here are Bupp, King and The Del-Chords reminding us that--
"Everybody's Gotta Lose Someday." 

"Everybody's Gotta Lose Someday" - The Del-Chords
(1964, uncharted nationally #2 Shady Dell) 

I consider the Del-Chords' platter a double-sider, because the flip
is also fantastic. Here's a sad story that's got to be told, a song
originally titled "Daddy's Lonely," and officially released
as-- "Your Mommy Lied To Your Daddy." 

"Your Mommy Lied To Your Daddy" - The Del-Chords
(1964, B side of "Everybody's Gotta Lose Someday")

We now move to the third record scan sent in by Jim Sieling,
the #3 ranked Dell song "Peace Of Mind" by our hometown
heroes... The Magnificent Men. Lead singers Dave Bupp
and Buddy King founded the all white member R&B
 and soul band after dissolving The Del-Chords.

Along with "Stormy Weather," this is one of the group's signature songs,
a smash hit at the Dell in 1966 and beyond. Rats scurried out to the
dance floor, formed a line and rode the tempo as The Mag Men
performed-- "Peace Of Mind."

"Peace Of Mind" - The Magnificent Men
(Mar. thru Sept. 1966, uncharted, #3 Shady Dell )

Those were The Magnificent Men with
 the sweet soul anthem "Peace Of Mind,"
a single that missed the national chart
but hit the Dell like a tsunami, earning
the lofty position of #3 on my list -
the third most popular song on the
Shady Dell jukebox in the mid 60s. 

Now let's flip that platter, because
it's another genuine double-sider...
two great songs for the price of one.
Here again are "our blue-eyed soul
brothers," The Magnificent Men,
with the Northern dancer-- "All
Your Lovin's Gone To My Head."

"All Your Lovin's Gone To My Head"
- The Magnificent Men (Mar. thru Sept.
1966, B side of "Peace Of Mind,"
#18 Shady Dell)

As a bonus, I will expand 
and play the 4th biggest hit of
the Shady Dell in the mid 60s. 

The majestic fanfare at
the start of this record
was the signal that sent
Dell couples flocking to
the floor for three minutes
of heavenly embrace -
ample time to do some
huggin' and smoochin'.

Hands down this is one of
the greatest R&B ballads
of all time. At #4 on the
Dell's 200 Greatest Hits
survey, Mr. Dynamite,
James Brown, sings--
"It's a Man's Man's
Man's World."

"It's A Man's Man's Man's World"
James Brown And The Famous Flames
(May, June 1966, highest chart pos. #1 R&B,
#4 Cash Box/#8 Hot 100/#4 Shady Dell)

You just witnessed a steaming, sizzling, sweat-drenched performance by
The hardest working man in show business, James Brown, along with
his crackerjack band, The Famous Flames, doing "It's A Man's Man's
Man's World," the song ranked #4 on my Dell's Greatest Hits list.

Once again I wish to thank my good friend Jim Sieling in York
for his kindness and generosity, and for doing so much
to preserve the Shady Dell legacy. 

Have a Shady day! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

B in 23 + S & Z = !!!!!


Dear friend, this post was completed
more than a year ago and scheduled
to run sometime in 2022. I decided
to publish it today because I found
time sensitive message directly
related to the current crisis in
Ukraine. It was placed on
 YouTube and Facebook by
the Ukranian rock duo Sergey
Sershen and Daria Zaritskaya,
the featured artists in this post.
Their message to concerned
fans reads as follows:

This video was supposed to be released on feb 24, but the war had other plans
for us. It’s been 13 days since we’ve been living in fear, (Editor's Note: 21 days
as of today's publication date), not knowing if there will be tomorrow. But even
in the darkest days, music has always been our salvation. We simply refuse to
  give up on our dreams, we refuse to stop fighting, refuse to abandon things
we love to do. We refuse to lay down our arms- guitars, mics and drumsticks.
We will clench our teeth and cling to our hopes with every fiber of being.
With life being so unpredictable today - at any moment we can lose this
connection, or they’ll shut down YouTube, we decided to share this
video now. We’ve had such a massive support from you guys.
We are so thankful to have such an amazing community!
Together We Stand!
- Sershen & Zarítskaya, March 8, 2022 



I'm Chloe, the titular
(don't you just love
that word?) "B-----
in Apartment 23" on
the television sitcom
Don't Trust the B-----
in Apartment 23.
I'm a hard-partying,
irresponsible, free-
loading, sexually
adventurous con
artist described as
having "the morals
of a pirate" - and
those are my
good qualities!

I love rock & roll,
so put another dime
in the jukebox, baby.
I'm revved up and
ready to rock your
world with totally
awesome sights
and sounds.

Consider this a sneak preview
of what I hope will someday
become my very own radio
show here on S-P-M-M.
I was thinking of calling
it "Whiskers on Kittens"
but I decided to go with

In this sneak preview, I am excited
to present Sershen & Zaritskaya,
the Ukranian duo made up of
guitarist Sergey Sershen and
singer Daria Zaritskaya (right).
S&Z are shaking up the rock
world with their cover videos,
and I'm going to play a few
of their best. Are you ready
to par-tay down with Chloe,
the B---- in 23? Let's rock!

In 1990, Alannah Myles scored a chart-
topping hit with "Black Velvet," a song
that in 1991 won the Canadian singer
and songwriter the Grammy for Best
Female Rock Vocal Performance. 


Thirty years later, Daria Zaritskaya
sizzled and smoked as she and her
band performed a cover that will
stand the test of time as a
classic in its own right! 

"Black Velvet" - Alannah Myles cover
by Sershen & Zaritskaya (Nov. 2020) 

Sershen & Zaritskaya have the knack
of authentically performing songs in
various genres and styles, from
mellow, laid-back, unplugged 
soft rock to hard rock and metal.
The dynamic duo's metal cred
 is proudly on display as they
blaze through this medley +
mashup of songs by Metallica
which includes "Wherever I
May Roam," "Sad But True,"
"Master Of Puppets," "Fuel,"
"Enter Sandman"  and
"So What." 

"Metallica Medley + Mashup ("Wherever I May Roam,"
"Sad But True," "Master Of Puppets, "Fuel," "Enter Sandman"
and "So What") by Sershen & Zaritskaya (Feb. 2019)

If you're just tuning in I'm Chloe,
the B----- in 23 and your new
BFF, and this is a sneak peek
at my upcoming radio show
(or something like that) on
S-P-M-M... the station that
rocks harder. Continuing
now with my salute to
Sershen & Zaritskaya, the
exciting duo from Ukraine,
here they covering Skid Row's
"Youth Gone Wild," a single
that brushed the UK top 20
in the summer of '92. Hell,
S & Z don't just tackle
this rock classic...
they wrestle it to
the ground, babe!

"Youth Gone Wild" - Skid Row cover by Sershen & Zaritskaya
feat. Kim and Shturmak (Aug. 2019)

In case you're experiencing sensory
overload by now and can't even think
straight, I will remind you that you're
hard wired to a sneak preview of
(or something equally shocking)
with little old me, Chloe, the B
in 23, apprentice Shady Bunch
deejay in training, right here at
your home for rock... S-P-M-M.
We're plowing thru a 7-in-a-row
rave party... running down the
 hard and heavy sound of the
fabulous Ukrainian duo
Sergey Sershen and Daria
Zaritskaya. In Nov., 2019,
S & Z took the frequently
recorded AC/DC hit
"Back In Black" and
made it their very own!

"Back in Black" AC/DC cover by Sershen & Zaritskaya
feat. Kim and Shturmak (Nov. 2019)


Moving ahead to December,
2019, we find our featured
artists Sershen & Zaritskaya
doing justice to one of the best
known Kiss songs. It's shock
and awe time as S & Z prove
they're for real covering--
"Detroit Rock City!"

"Detroit Rock City" - Kiss cover by Sershen & Zaritskaya
ft. Kim and Shturmak (Dec. 2019)

I hope you had a blast getting it on with guitarist Sergey Sershen
and vivacious vixen Daria Zaritskaya, a duo from Ukraine
that really knows how to rock.


Stick around because I'll be back someday, hopefully sooner rather than later,
with more top shelf party sounds to rock you around the clock. To play us off,
here again are my featured artists S & Z, covering glam rocker Billy Idol's
hit "Rebel Yell." Now this is Chloe, the B in 23, reminding all my party
peeps to keep on rockin', and when you do, be sure to rock hard!

"Rebel Yell" - Billy Idol cover by Sershen & Zaritskaya
feat. Kim and Shturmak (Mar. 2020)


Together we stand.
“Are you ok?” are more than just 3 words today. It’s “I care for you”,
“I’m here for you”, “I love you”. So I just wanted to let you guys know
that me and the guys are safe, we are in Kyiv and we’re not gonna run.
Thank you for showing that you care - as I’ve said million times before.
“Together We Stand” - like this picture says. - Daria Zaritskaya

Singer Victory Vizhanska is another Ukrainian
artist that I have featured in Shady's Place posts.
Please take a couple of minutes to read Victory's
words and watch her two latest videos. They tell
the heartrending story of her plight as the war
drove her and her mother and their cats from
their home and turned them into refugees. 


FEBRUARY 27, 2022 

I am a simple Ukrainian girl, I am 17 years old, I live in Kyiv. I had many
goals and dreams! But there was a war. Russia attacked my country. 4 days
we sit in fear. Outside the window, explosions, automatic bursts, it's very
scary. I planned to move to America in the future. Or to Europe to become
a world star. But this is in the future, these were plans, get a visa, get on a
plane and start a new life. But now I'm crying, out of fear, my mother reads
a prayer all the time. In the early days, we were unable to leave on the
evacuation train to the border, now we have a curfew, if in the coming
days I manage to survive, I'm afraid every night, maybe my mom and
my cats, we can get on at least some train, and we can survive. I pray
for it. This cover, I recorded it in my favorite room, which I dreamed
of since childhood, and which I will have to leave so quickly, fleeing
the bombs of Russia. If I stay alive, I will continue to sing, and I will
try to achieve my goal! Thank you all for your support! I don't say
goodbye! I believe and pray🙏 And I love you all❤❤❤ 
- Victory Vizhanska 

"Hallelujah" - Cover by Victory Vizhanska (Feb. 22, 2022) 

MARCH 13, 2022 

Putin's troops attacked Ukraine. The war began on February 24, 2022, at 5 o'clock
in the morning. Until that time, we lived, practiced beauty, sang, loved! But at once
it all ended and it was necessary to choose the risk of life under the sound of siren
explosions, or escape and look for ways to survive, but go through the evacuation.
Mom and I decided to take one suitcase in which we put only two favorite dresses
and sneakers. Tears tears tears. We left everything we had. My brother stayed
in Kyiv with his family.  In this video that I want to show, not even half of what I
had to go through. What will happen next, I don't know. We are with my mother
and cats in Poland, have not yet moved away from all this terrible. Thank you
for staying with me! Thanks for being so kind! I wish you all never go
through what I went through! I wish you all peace!
- Victory Vizhanska 

"Memories. Sweet Home" - Victory Vizhanska (March 13, 2022)