Thursday, April 28, 2022

Across the Universe with Lucy Carrigan -
Vol. 1: It Feels So Right Now Hold Me Tight!

Images of broken light which
dance before me like a million eyes

They call me on and on across the universe


"Hold Me Tight" - Beatles cover by Evan Rachel Wood
(from Oct. 2007 film Across The Universe)

Kicking off the show, that was me at the school dance singing a cover of
The Beatles' rock & roll ditty "Hold Me Tight." The song was first released
in the U.S. in January, 1964, on the band's second album Meet the Beatles!

Hello again! As you recall from my sneak
preview last year, I'm Lucy Carrigan aka
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, the lead
character in the 2007 jukebox musical
romantic drama Across The Universe,
a movie that gets under your skin and
goes straight to your heart, dazzling
you with wall-to-wall Beatles songs
performed by exciting new artists.
Today I am officially joining
The Shady Bunch as a DJ on
S-P-M-M Retrosonic Radio.
Quite rightly, my new show
at Shady's Place is called
Across the Universe.
Come with me now on this
musical journey and listen
to the greatest music of the
20th or any other century,
the songs of The Beatles!

Now meet The Reos, four brothers from The Philippines who have been
wowing crowds since 2009 with their covers of The Beatles,
Beach Boys, DC-5, Bee Gees and other artists.


Listen as the Reo Brothers do my theme song, originally released
by The Beatles on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band--
"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds!"

"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" - Beatles cover
by The Reo Brothers (Nov. 2019)

You just heard The fab four Reo Brothers, the Filipino Beatles tribute band,
covering "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" a song originally released
by The Beatles in 1967 on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,
one of the biggest selling albums in history.

Now here's "Something" I think you'll like.
Penned by Beatle George, the song "Some-
thing" was released on The Beatles 1969
album Abbey Road. Late that year it was
a #2 charting smash hit, held back from
the top of the chart only by another
Beatles song, the flip side of the
band's double A sided single
"Come Together."


Listen now to the song that established
George Harrison as a composer on par
with Lennon and McCartney--

"Something" - The Beatles
(Nov./Dec. 1969, highest chart pos. #2 Cash Box/#3 Hot 100
(#1 Hot 100 revised) from Sept. 1969 album Abbey Road)

You just heard George Harrison singing lead on "Something,"
the exquisite ballad he wrote. "Something" is the second
most covered Beatles song right behind "Yesterday."
Time Magazine called "Something" the best song
on Abbey Road, and Abbey Road is considered
by some critics to be the best Beatles album.

Lucy in the sky Carrigan coming
to you on S-P-M-M... your #1
source for cool Beatle goldens.
My 7-in-a-row commercial free
Beatles block party continues
now with another song from
the early part of the band's
evolution. It's a cover by
Amy Slattery, the English
singer and musician who
became a YouTube star
uploading homemade
Beatles covers. Watch,
listen and enjoy as
Amy sings- "All
I've  Got To Do!"

"All I've Got To Do" - Beatles cover by Amy Slattery
(September 2018)

That was English cover girl Amy Slattery with her version
of "All I've Got To Do," an early Beatles song written by
John Lennon and first introduced in 1963 on the band's
second British album With the Beatles. The song was
first released in the U.S. in 1964 on Meet the Beatles!,
the same album that contains "Hold Me Tight,"
the first song your heard on today's show.

If you're just tuning in, I'm Lucy Carrigan
taking you Across the Universe with the
great sounds of The Beatles and Beatles
cover and tribute artists right here on
S-P-M-M... the station built on
a solid foundation of hits.

Now here's The Classic Rock Show,
described as "The classic rock fan’s
ultimate live Juke box!" For the last
twelve years, this Liverpool based
band has been thrilling audiences
with their stage performances
covering 20th century rock songs.


Behold The Classic Rock Show as they perform the Beatles' medley from
Abbey Road-- "Golden Slumbers," "Carry That Weight" and "The End."

"Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End" - Beatles cover
by The Classic Rock Show (live performance in Liverpool,
England, on February 23, 2020)

Performing live in Liverpool, that was
The Classic Rock Show with what
might be the definitive cover of
those songs from Abbey Road's
side two medley: "Golden
Slumbers," "Carry That
Weight" and "The End." 

Now here are the MonaLisa Twins,
Mona & Lisa Wagner, musical twin
sisters from Austria who have been
pleasing audiences for years with
their covers of Beatles classics.
Listen as the MonaLisa Twins
do another beautiful song
from the soundtrack of
Across the Universe--
"If I Fell."

"If I Fell" - Beatles cover by MonaLisa Twins
(February 2016)

I hope you enjoyed my first official show here on S-P-M-M Retrosonic Radio.
 Stay tuned. Coming up on the flip side of Gary Owens' news, my good
friend Debbie the Dellette will be here to bring you the latest edition
of her show Debbie the Dellette Meets The Rat Pack, featuring
the groovy sounds from The Shady Dell jukebox. 

And I'll be back soon to transport
you Across the Universe with
another super set of Beatles
classics by The Fab Four
and great cover artists
all over the world.


To play us off, The Beatles with their
hard rock message song "Revolution."
Now this is Lucy in the Sky asking
you to please remember that all you
need is love. Goodbye everybody!

"Revolution" - The Beatles
(Sept./Oct 1968, highest chart pos. #11 Cash Box,
#12 Hot 100, B side of "Hey Jude")

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Shady Train - Ep. 19: Freestyle Awhile!

Shady Train...

the hippest trip in America!
60 nonstop minutes across the
tracks of your mind into the
exciting world of Soul!

And now the host of
Shady Train...
Don Cornelius!

Hi there! You're right on time for another super slick ride on
the big train. You know the drill. Only the cool kids get in
and every tune's a bad mamma jamma. 

And as the train leaves the station on another hip trip, we find ourselves in the mid 80s
when the electronic dance music subgenres of freestyle, Hi-NRG and synthpop
were exploding in popularity. First released as a single in 1986 and again in '87,
"Fascinated" was one of the first freestyle songs to become a mainstream hit.
We now switch live to New York where the talented ladies responsible for
fostering this exciting new sound are set to perform on Club MTV.


As they join us courtesy of Atlantic Records, please welcome
the electrifying trio that call themselves-- Company B!

"Fascinated" - Company B
(March thru June 1987, highest chart pos. #1 Dance,
#21 Hot 100, perf. on Club MTV)

And we're gonna linger a little longer
in New York and freestyle awhile.
Like Company B, our next guests,
native New Yorkers, are credited
with pioneering the freestyle move-
ment. They are led by Lisa Velez
and produced by Full Force, the
Brooklyn based R&B/hip hop
production company.


Currently the group has a chart-topping crossover hit on the Columbia
label entitled "Head To Toe." As they join us to perform their smash,
let's make some big noise, gang for-- Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam!

"Head To Toe" - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
(May/June 1987. highest chart pos.
#1 Hot 100/#1 Cash Box/#1 R&B)

You already met Company B and Lisa Velez of Cult Jam. Now
please welcome to the show three more extraordinary canaries. 


They're the trio responsible for the
Shady Train theme song "TSOP
(The Sound Of Philadelphia)."
As they join us to do their latest
single on the Philadelphia Inter-
national label, another big hit
entitled "When Will I See You
Again," let's get some hands to-
gether for-- The Three Degrees!

"When Will I See You Again" - The Three Degrees
(Nov./Dec 1974, highest chart pos. #1 Cash Box/#2 Hot 100/#4 R&B)


And that's just
half the ride.
Stick around for
more super soul
sounds when
Shady Train
continues right
after this. 

And right now let's welcome aboard
those talented young men who are
responsible for that wonderful
sound that's been driving the
Shady Train gang out of
their minds of late and
making them shout'--
"Can't get enough
of that funky stuff." 


Representing the De-Lite record label, the mighty-- Kool And The Gang!

"Funky Stuff" - Kool And The Gang
(Sept./Oct. 1973, highest chart pos. #5 R&B/#29 Hot 100)

And we're delighted to welcome
back for her second appearance
on the Train one of our favorite
ladies and a great talent as well. 


She burst onto the scene with the
hit "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On,"
and since then she's been rackin'
'em back, and that ain't no fiction,
baby, it's a natural fact. As she
joins us do her latest single on
the Tabu label entitled "You
Look Good To Me," give it up,
gang, for the fabulous- Cherrelle!

"You Look Good To Me" - Cherrelle
(Oct./Nov.Dec. 1985, highest chart pos. #26 R&B)

And look out now, don't
hurt yourself. It's the world
famous Shady Train gang...
the Shady Train line, They're
out on the floor yellin' for more.


Looks like they've got a bad
case of Saturday Night Fever
on a Saturday morning. It's the
disco sound of the Bee Gees
and-- "You Should Be Dancing!"

"You Should Be Dancing" - Bee Gees
(July/Aug. 1976, highest chart po. #1 Hot 100 & Cash Box,
from OST of Dec. 1977 film Saturday Night Fever)

And if that don't do it for
you, nothing ever will.
We hope you'll get
into it with us again
next time when we
pop open another
six pack and toss in
an extra cool one
for good measure.

You can bet your last money, it's all gonna be a stone gas,
honey. I'm Don Cornelius, and as always in parting,
we wish you love... peace... and soul!

"TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)" - MFSB
(Theme from Soul Train feat. The Three Degrees)
(Mar./Apr. 1974, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100 & Cash Box & R&B

Monday, April 18, 2022

Honoring Margaret on Her 110th Birthday

"A rose by
any other

This is an
date on the
Shady Dell

Our dear friend
Margaret Schneider

...who for years inspired us as
"The Oldest Living Dell Rat"
...was born April 18, 1912,
110 years ago today.

Margaret's father built the
Shady Dell and the family
became its first occupants
when Margaret (right)
was one year old.

To celebrate Margaret's
birthday this year,
I posted five songs
I think she'd enjoy.
Maybe she listened
to some of these
in her early years.


I introduced The Shout Sisters last May on the anniversary of Margaret's death.
As you recall, The Shout Sisters - Louise Messenger, Noelle Davies-Brock &
Elise Roth - are Australian jazz singers who relocated to London. The three-
part close harmony vocal group pays musical tribute to The Boswell Sisters
and other girl groups of the early and mid 20th century. Watch and listen
as The Shout Sisters cover "Near You", a 1947 tune by Francis Craig
& Kermit Goell, and add a spooky twist reminiscent of The Shining

"Near You" - The Shout Sisters (Oct. 2020) 


Now meet three Texas-born sisters - stage names Maggie Ross,
Aggie Ross and Elmira Ross. Billed as The Ross Sisters. the
siblings enjoyed moderate success in show biz in the 1940s.

In this scene from the 1944 musical Broadway Rhythm, The Ross Sisters
earn their reputation as "human pretzels" performing the creative, energetic,
acrobatic, contortionist song and dance routine-- "Solid Potato Salad." 

"Solid Potato Salad" - The Ross Sisters
 (scene from Apr. 1944 film Broadway Rhythm


The Kansas-born, Oklahoma raised Dinning Sisters - "Lou" Dinning,
Jean Dinning and "Ginger" Dinning, were Capitol Records' answer
to The Andrews Sisters. The Dinnings have also been compared
to The Lennon Sisters. The siblings traveled to Chicago and
became the highest paid radio act in the Windy City.  

As we watch these scenes from the
1939 Cary Grant - Carole Lombard
romantic drama film In Name Only,
listen to The Dinning Sisters' 1943
recording of a song introduced in the
1936 musical comedy Swing Time,
and notably waxed in 1956 by the
LA doo-wop quartet The Jaguars
and in 1961 by The Lettermen--
"The Way You Look Tonight." 

"The Way You Look Tonight"
The Dinning Sisters (recorded
1943, from 1945 album Songs
By The Dinning Sisters, scenes
from 1939, film In Name Only


I think Margaret would enjoy the following scene from the 1941 movie
Sun Valley Serenade. Watch and listen as Glenn Mller and his orchestra
delight the crowd of nightclub dancers with the big band-era jazz
standard Miller and his musicians recorded and made popular--
"In The Mood." 

"In The Mood" - Glenn Miller And His Orchestra
(from Aug. 1941 film Sun Valley Serenade


Finally, here's one of the 21st century’s most innovative stars -
electronic violinist, songwriter, dancer and artist Lindsey Stirling
of Phoenix, Arizona. Lindsey's groundbreaking vision of cinematic
violin-driven electronic music has gained her millions of adoring
fans worldwide and four chart-topping albums. Experience the
wonder of "Masquerade," a song and official music video
from Lindsey's 5th studio album, Artemis. 

"Masquerade" - Lindsey Stirling
(July 2021 single & video from
Sept. 2019, album Artemis

Happy 110th birthday, dear Margaret.

We love you and miss you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A to Z Challenge (Alexis to Alice to Astrid to Zoe) :
A Walk To Remember (Thanks to Mandy Moore!)


"(If You) Love Me Just A Little" - La La
(1986 single) 

From Queens, New York, that was singer/songwriter La Forrest 'La La' Cope
with "(If You) Love Me Just A Little," a 1986 dance single that captures
the sound of Rufus And Chaka Khan, the R&B girl group Klymaxx,
the S.O.S. Band, the Minneapolis Sound founded by Prince and
the 80s output of Janet Jackson. La La is credited with writing
the Whitney Houston hit "You Give Good Love," a song
released on Whitney's self-titled 1985 debut album. 

Hello and welcome to a sneak preview
of the A to Z Challenge, a new series
beginning next April here at Shady's
Place. In our version, A to Z stands
for Alexis to Alice To Astrid to Zoe.
We invite you to play along!

I'm Alexis Wright

...the personal assistant to leading man
Michael Holloway on the psychological
thriller Netflix television series Gypsy
that stars Naomi Watts. Joining me
in this April Challenge are three
other up-and-coming starlets
from popular TV shows. 

Rules of the A to Z Challenge:

* Taking turns, players advance through the alphabet from A to Z. 
Each player
must pick a music artist whose name begins with the corresponding letter and
play a song by that artist. No songs may be repeated in later rounds. 

* Players are awarded 10 points for naming an appropriate artist and playing a song. 
They can pick up bonus points for selecting specific types of songs, such as songs
with numbers in the title, or by picking artists with numbers in their name. There
are other ways to win extra points and they will be explained as we go along.
For example, if I had landed on the letter "L" and played that song by
"La La," I would have been awarded 10 extra points because both
parts of the artist's name begin with "L."

* When a player lands on the letter "Q," "U," "X" or "Z," she may choose 
to opt out
and play a song with a number in the title or artist's name. If she exercises that option,
she still receives her 10 point credit plus bonus points if multiple numbers are involved.

* 7 songs are played in each round of the game, meaning that three of the players will
get two song picks and two chances to score points, while the 4th contestant gets only
one song pick and one chance to score points. This, of course, is unfair, but remember
that this is only an exhibition round to demonstrate how the game is played.
More players will be joining when the game officially begins next year.

The A to Z Challenge continues now
as I introduce the next player - Alice!

Hi, I'm Alice Charles...
Payton Hobart's girlfriend on the Netflix comedy-drama series The Politician.
In this sneak preview of the A to Z, we're skipping around to various letters
of the alphabet to show you how the game is played and won. Let's say it
was my turn and I landed on the letter "R." I could score 10 points by
picking an "R" name artist, plus 10 bonus points if the song title
contains a number. Here's an example, composer, arranger and
 bandleader Nelson Riddle and his popular instrumental theme
of the early 60s adventure crime drama TV series Route 66
starring Martin Milner and George Maharis.

"Route 66 Theme" - Nelson Riddle
(June thru Aug. 1962, highest chart pos. #30 Hot 100/#40 Cash Box

You just heard a cool instrumental that
most Americans of the pre-Beatles 60s
could have identified in two seconds
flat in a game of Name That Tune -
Nelson Riddle's "Route 66 Theme,"
a top 30 hit in the summer of 1962.
By picking a song with a number
in the title by an "R" name artist,
I scored 10 + 10, a total of 20
points on that play. See?

Okay, now it's time for me to toss
to someone I know all too well,
my co-star on The Politician.
She's trouble with a capital
"T" and her name is Astrid. 

I'm Astrid Sloan
...Payton's rival on The Politician
and not exactly Alice's BFF either.
It's a small world after all...
because I also appeared
with Alexis in her TV
series Gypsy

Suppose my letter in the A to Z is
"I." I could grab 10 extra points
by choosing Janis Ian and her
mid 70s chart-topping hit
"At Seventeen." 

"At Seventeen" - Janis Ian
(Aug./Sept. 1975, highest
chart pos. #1 Cash Box,
#1 Adult Contemporary,
#3 Hot 100

You just watched folksinger and
songwriter Janis Ian perform one of
her signature songs "At Seventeen,"
 a record that topped the Cash Box
and the Adult Contemporary chart
in late summer of 1975. That's
another number song and
20 points for me! 

Now meet the fourth and final
contestant in the Shady's Place
A to Z Challenge. Her name is Zoe. 

I'm Zoe Baker
...Beth Pearson's cousin and Kevin
Pearson's girlfriend on the hit TV
drama series This Is Us. If you
think I look like Alexis Wright
from Gypsy, you aren't the
only one. I get that a lot...
and so does she.😊

Another way of scoring points in
our version of A to Z is by making
Six Degrees connection. If, for
example, I landed on the letter "M,"
I could score 30 points by playing
a song by Mandy Moore, the star
of my show This Is Us. In this
scene from the 2002 coming-
of-age romantic film A Walk
to Remember, Mandy covers
"Only Hope," a song first
released in 1999 by the
rock band Switchfoot. 

"Only Hope" - Mandy Moore
(scene from Jan. 2002 film A Walk To Remember) 

That was my beautiful co-star
Mandy Moore back in 2002
performing "Only Hope" in 
her hit movie A Walk to
Remember. By playing
that song, I earned 30
points - 20 for the
double "M" in the
artist's name and
10 more for the
Six Degrees

Now back to my sista
from another mista -
Alexis - who is ready
with her second song. 

Zoe, if it were my turn to tackle
the letter "M"... I could collect
10 bonus points by choosing
Roger Miller's number song
"Engine Engine #9." 

"Engine Engine #9" 
- Roger Miller
(May/June 1965,
highest chart
pos. #7 Hot 100,
#9 Cash Box

That was King of the Road Roger Miller
performing one of his other major hits
in the country-pop category "Engine
Engine #9," a top 10 record in the
spring of 1965 and an additional
20 points in the game for me.

Now here again is Alice. 

Alexis, I'm going to play another
countrified classic, a folk song by
"F" artist Tennessee Ernie Ford.
The single hit number one on
the Country chart and crossed
over to top the pop chart from
Thanksgiving 1955 through
the first week of '56. Here
now is Tennessee Ernie
and another number
song-- "Sixteen Tons." 

"Sixteen Tons" - 
Tennessee Ernie Ford
(Nov./Dec. 1955, highest
chart pos. #1 Hot 100 &
Cash Box & Country

You just saw and heard country
& Western music star Tennessee
Ernie Ford performing "Sixteen
Tons," his monster crossover hit
single from the holiday season
of 1955. That pick for the letter
"F" earned me 20 more points
in this exhibition round. 

Now here's Astrid with her
second song and the last
play of the game.

Well "F" you, Alice! You can eat my dust,
baby... because I'm going for the glory
with my final artist and song selection.
If it were my turn to do the letter "T,"
I'd pick Tommy Tutone, the California
based power pop/new wave band, and
their 1982 top 5 hit "867-5309/Jenny."
The play is worth 90 points - 20 points
for the double "T" in the artist's name
and 70 more points for the 7 different
spoken/sung numbers in the song title! 

"867-5309/Jenny" - Tommy Tutone
(Apr/May 1982, highest chart pos.
#4 Hot 100/#5 Cash Box,
#1 Mainstream Rock)

In your face bitches...
I just hit a grand slam - a 90 point play for the win!  


  ALEXIS:  40 
     ALICE: 40 
 ASTRID: 110 
         ZOE: 20 

Checking the scoreboard at the end of this exhibition round,
we see that Astrid did indeed win by a landslide after playing
that "Holy Grail" number song by Tommy Tutone. Alexis
and Alice finished tied for second with 40 points each and
I wound up with 20 points but only had one chance to play.

That gives you an idea of how our
A to Z Challenge works.  We hope
you enjoyed the songs the players
 picked for this exhibition round.
Stay tuned. When our series
officially begins next year,
three more players will be
joining the game, the gloves
will come off for real, and
we'll all do our best to score
the most points and win.

For Astrid Sloan, Alice Charles
and my look-alike doppelganger
clone Alexis Wright, this is
Zoe Baker saying so long
and see you next April
for the Shady's Place
A to Z Challenge!