Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Meet Bud's Budding Blossoms - 60s Teenagers
Christine, Denise, Sharon, Janice and Melissa!

After school, and often until late at night,
my friends and I satisfied our hunger for
good music in the Shady Dell dance hall.

We satisfied our hunger for good food and pleasant
conversation at Helen Ettline's snack counter.

Today I begin a new series that pays tribute to
another popular York area hangout for teenagers -

Bud's was located
on South George St.
extended, just across
the hill from the
Shady Dell.

Like the Dell, Bud's was a meeting spot for
teenagers from various area high schools.

Bud's offered good food and a great
selection of tunes on the jukebox.

As it was at The Shady Dell in its early
years, Bud's started out as an ice cream
parlor operating under a different name
and owned by the Fitz brothers. From
1958 to '74, the restaurant was owned
by Bud Markey. Bud's featured indoor
booths and additional seating at tables
outdoors. Going to Bud's was a unique
experience because every booth was
equipped with a "bat phone" - a red
telephone that you used to place
your order to the kitchen staff.
A waitress appeared a short
time later with your food.

In this series entitled This Bud's For You, my assistants,
Bud's Budding Blossoms aka The Budettes, the girls
hovering around Bud's jukebox, will play their
favorite songs from the mid 60s to 1970,
the years I hung out at Bud's Drive-in.
I'd like you to meet them!

The trio of Shady's helpers below represents
the gang of teenagers making the scene at
Bud's in the mid 60s (1963 thru early '67). 

Selecting a song
in the foreground
is the ponytailed
redhead Christine.
On the left behind
her you see Denise
aka "Deenie," the
pretty brunette in
purple. On the
right, meet their
smiling blonde
friend Sharon.

And in this scene at left,
representing the teenagers
at Bud's in the later 60s,
(mid 1967 through 1970),
meet Janice preparing
to pick a song at the
keyboard, and her
bestie, Melissa
behind the box.

Now that you've met Bud's Budding Blossoms,
why not have a taste of the musical menu at


CHRISTINE: I'm picking B-3
to play a record that was hot
during the Christmas season
in 1963. In York and in cities
and towns across the country,
high school football rivalries
were occasionally played out
at spots far from the gridiron,
and Bud's parking lot was no
exception. Set to the tune of
the University of Wisconsin's
fight song, and featuring the
girl group The Honeys as the
voices of the cheerleaders,
here are The Beach Boys
urging every one of us to:
"Be True To Your School!"

"Be True To Your School" - The Beach Boys
(Dec. 1963, highest chart pos. #6 Hot 100/#8 Cash Box)

SHARON: I'm pressing H-9
because I wanna hear singer -songwriter Neil Diamond's
first big hit. The record was originally intended to be a
demo, but with songwriting
partners Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich producing it and  prominently heard on back-
ing vocals and hand-claps,
the finished product was
too good to waste. From
the fall of 1966, a single
that brushed the top 5 on
Billboard and on Cash Box.
Troubadour Neil Diamond
sings-- "Cherry, Cherry! 

"Cherry, Cherry" - Neil Diamond
(Oct. 1966, highest chart pos. #6 Hot 100 & Cash Box)

DENISE: I get a kick out of
Sam The Sham and his Dallas
based band The Pharaohs.
I'm keying in P-7 to play
the group's.third single
and third novelty hit in
row in a single year.
It's Thanksgiving 1965
at Bud's Drive-in, and
here are Sam The Sham
And The Pharaohs
cracking the top 30 on
the Cash Box chart
with-- "Ring Dang Doo!"

"Ring Dang Doo" - Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs
(Oct./Nov. 1965, highest chart pos. #28 Cash Box/#33 Hot 100,
live performance on Oct. 25, 1965, episode of Hullabaloo)


JANICE: It's the spring of 1968
at Bud's, and I'm selecting L-12
to play the latest record by one
of the top female artists of the
rock and roll era, sultry soul
siren Dionne Warwick. This
is one of the many hit songs
given to Dionne by the ace
composing team of Burt
Bacharach and Hal David.
The needle's in the groove.
Here's Dionne Warwick
and her top 10 single
"Do You Know The
Way To San Jose."

"Do You Know The Way To San Jose" - Dionne Warwick
(May 1968, highest chart pos. #10 Hot 100 & Cash Box/#23 R&B)

MELISSA: I'm picking R-8 because
I love this groovy sound by the
South African folk rock group
Four Jacks And A Jill featuring
lead singer Glenys Lynne. The
same month Dionne Warwick
was riding high on the chart
with "San Jose," Four Jacks
And A Jill became the only
South African recording act
to reach the U.S. Hot 100,
and they did it with this song.
Hot on Bud's box in the spring
of 1968, here are Four Jacks
And A Jill with their top 10
American hit-- "Master Jack!"

"Master Jack" - Four Jacks And A Jill
(May 1968, highest chart pos. #10 Cash Box/#18 Hot 100)

That does it for this sneak preview of my
my new series This Bud's For You coming
to Shady's Place in 2022. Many thanks to
Bud's Budding Blossoms: Janice, Melissa,
Christine, Denise and Sharon, for feeding
the old jukebox and playing the top tunes
from the golden years at Bud's Drive-in.

I leave you with another nugget from Bud's
box. The Hal David - Burt Bacharach song
"Wishin' And Hopin," was first recorded by
Dionne Warwick and released as the B side
of Dionne's poor selling 1963 single
"This Empty Place."


Covered the following year by this lady - English blue-eyed soul diva Dusty Springfield -
the song became an international hit, top 5 stateside. Now for the whole gang at
Bud's this is emcee Shady saying so long and remember-- This Bud's For You!

"Wishin' And Hopin" - Dusty Springfield
(June/July 1964, highest chart pos. #4 Cash Box/#6 Hot 100)

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hashtag Rick-Rolled! Alternate Title:
"If You're Becoming Your Parents...
You Should Be Coming To Me."



"Dreams" - Fleetwood Mac cover
by Lanie Gardner (Oct. 2020) 

You just witnessed the turning point in a young
woman's life... the moment a star was born. 

Posted on YouTube last fall, Lanie Gardner's seemingly casual cover
of the 1977 Fleetwood Mac hit "Dreams" blew up, went viral, and has
since been viewed more than 50 million times across social media.
The performance landed the 21 year old Nashville-based artist a
recording contract, placing her on the verge of super stardom.
Upon seeing Lanie's video for the first time, Fleetwood Mac
leader and co-founder Mick Fleetwood exclaimed that he
was “absolutely blown away."  So am I. Remember her
name - Lanie Gardner - because she's going places.
Some say Lanie's awesome cover of "Rumors"
is the greatest cover of that or any other
song ever made!

Hi, I'm Dr. Rick, the Dr. Phil-type tough-love mentor from the
Progressive Insurance commercials. Thanks for attending my
"Un-Become Your Parents" seminar here at Shady's Place

Copies of my book are available for purchase at the back of the room. 

As an author, lecturer and self-help guru, I will teach you about
parentamorphosis - the phenomenon of turning into your parents
when you reach a certain age. You find yourself talking like them,
acting like them and adopting their old fashioned values and attitudes. 

My job is to educate and empower you, to support you in
overcoming the aging process. One way is to bring you up
to speed so that you can function in today's high-tech world. 

You're at the movies and need to silence your phone.
Can't find that button? It's right up here. Everybody has one. 

Another thing. When we're texting, we don't hunt
and peck with our index finger. It's all in the thumbs.  

And your
computer mouse?
Guess what ---
You don't need
to name it. 

In my course you will learn the latest words
and terms commonly used on social media.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Not even close. It's pronounced "QAnon." 

Say it with me: "Q-an-on." It's a thing. Look it up. 

I will also help save you from becoming your parents by
playing modern covers of boomer era hits like the one
you just listened to-- "Rumors" by Lanie Gardner. 


You've heard of TED Talks. By the time you leave this room today,
you'll be "Rick-Rolled" - confident, bursting with energy,
vigor and vitality and feeling like a kid again. 

Are you ready to get Rick-Rolled?
I can't hear you!

Yeah - okay, that's more like it. Let's do this!

You met Ukrainian zinger Victory Vizhanska last year
doing a song in Shady's Best of the Quarantunes 


Today the scarlet-haired YouTube star is back, covering an oldie but goody
reminiscent of the Swing Era of the 1930s and 40s. Here's Vicky V retro-
rockin' her version of Christina Aquilera's "Candyman!" 

"Candyman" - Christina Aguilera cover
by Victory Vizhanska (June 2021) 

Putting a fresh spin on "Candyman," the 2007 hit by Christina Aguilera,
that was Ukraine's singing sweetheart Victory Vizhanska starring in a
video released this month. Listen up. If you want to avoid becoming
your parents, you need to remember that when young people today
refer to old school recording artists, they're talking about Britney
Spears, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, J-Lo
and Christina Aguilera -- not Perry Como. 

Dr. Rick with a reminder that
you are not your parents...
and getting Rick-Rolled
in my musical seminar is
how you can stay young.

Written by Bruce Springsteen and
Patti Smith, "Because The Night"
by The Patti Smith Group went
top 10 in the states and hit the
top 5 in the UK in June of 1978.
Forty years later, a performance
of the rock nugget was recorded
live on stage in England by an
ensemble that has earned a
reputation as one of the
world's best cover bands. 


Watch and listen as the UK-based Classic Rock Show, featuring
Jess Harwood, breathes new life into-- "Because The Night!" 

"Because the Night" - Patti Smith Group cover
by The Classic Rock Show feat. Jess Harwood
(Sept. 2018) 

On lead vocals for The Classic Rock Show in England, that was
the outstanding songstress Jess Harwood delivering a version
of Patti Smith's "Because The Night" that rivals the original.

We're Rick-Rolling right along here on S-P-M-M...
the station that's #1 for music and fun

In June, 1966, a song written by
John Sebastian and waxed by
his band The Lovin' Spoonful
reached #2 on the pop chart.
In 2019 Sebastian was back
singing his well known ditty
as featured artist on a cover
by the Austrian pop rock
duo the MonaLisa Twins
now based in Liverpool.


In this surreal video, John asks twin sisters Mona and Lisa Wagner
the musical question "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?" 

"Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind"
- Lovin' Spoonful cover by MonaLisa Twins
feat. John Sebastian (Mar. 2019) 

The definition of cool - boomer John Sebastian of The Lovin' Spoonful
joining the MonaLisa Twins and putting a fresh coat of Day-Glo paint
on his 60s hit "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?"

If you're just tuning in,
I'm Dr. Rick and you're
listening to my seminar
aimed at helping prevent
you from becoming your
parents. One of the keys
is groovin' to new cover
versions of old classics.
The tunes I play and the
principles I teach will
reprogram your brain
and help you to think,
feel and act younger. 

In seminar speak, it's called being Rick-Rolled

In 1958 when your parents (or grandparents) were young,
the Sheboygan, Wisconsin, female quartet The Chordettes
scored a #2 charting hit with "Lollipop." The song was
covered in 2017 by the vocal trio The Candy Girls.
Determined not to be licked by those versions of
"Lollipop," Andrei Cerbu's Shut Up & Kiss Me
band recently released their own sweet cover. 


Lead zinger, Beatrice Florea is beside herself...
forming a Bea-times-three trio to sing "Lollipop!" 

"Lollipop" - Chordettes/Candy Girls cover
by Shut Up & Kiss Me! feat. Beatrice Florea
(Apr. 2021) 

I'm a sucker for that version of "Lollipop" sung
so sweetly by "Bea-X-3" fronting Andrei Cerbu's
Romanian band Shut Up & Kiss Me! 

S-P-M-M radio personality
Robert W. Morgan gets you
Morganized, and I'm here to
make sure you you get Rick-
Rolled with cool covers of
rusty relics. I'm your host
and motivational speaker
Dr. Rick. Now, on with
the show. In late 1977
and the early weeks of
1978, the English rock 
band Electric Light
Orchestra had a hit
single on both sides
of the pond with
"Turn To Stone." 


Check out this fine rendition of the song laid down in the
new millennium by rock vocalist Royston Calder and the
talented gang at the Deesound Recording Studio in the UK. 

"Turn To Stone" - ELO cover
by Royston Calder and Dee (Apr. 2015) 

Not your granddaddy's ELO - that was a great cover
of "Turn To Stone" recorded at a studio in the UK
by British rock veteran Royston Calder. 

Time's up and I need to clear the conference room to make way for
Tony Robbins and his NLP seminar and firewalk. I hope you found
value in my musical motivational workshop. Thanks for attending.
Stay tuned. Coming up on the flip side of Gary Owens' news,
meet Bud's Budding Blossoms, the new girls on the block,
exclusively here at Shady's Place, and I'll be back soon
to get you Rick-Rolled with another edition of my
Bloggy Award winning seminar series. 


To play us off, here's Nashville singer Allison Young with
Dusty Springfield's cover of "Spooky" by the Classics IV.
I'm Dr. Rick reminding you that I can help save you from
becoming your parents, but the rest is up to you. So long!

"Spooky" - Dusty Springfield/Classics IV cover
by Allison Young (Oct. 2020) 


Sunday, June 20, 2021

John Ettline - Every Dell Rat's Dad

It's Father's Day...

time to honor
"Every Dell Rat's Dad."

John didn't have kids of his own but, as every Dell rat knows, he would
have made a great father.  John was like a dad to us all. Again this year
on Father's Day, I am proud to present that classic scene from
The Donna Reed Show as Dell rats old and new salute a
great man and genuine father figure, John Ettline.



Monday, June 14, 2021

Libbin' It Up With The Good Girls (Cindy, Patti & Jane) -
Volume 2: The Good Girls Rise Up Eight Miles High!

...and the cow was returned to its rightful owner.

And that's the latest from S-P-M-M news...
fast, up-to-the-minute, completely fake
and proud of it. Now stand by for

 LIBBIN' IT UP with 


 Cindy, Patti & Jane 

on the station that's #1 for music and fun - S-P-M-M!



"Nobody But Me" - The Human Beinz
(Jan./Feb. 1968, highest chart position
 #5 Cash Box/#8 Hot 100, scene from TV show
 Teen Time on WSTV Channel 9 in Steubenville, OH)

Kicking-off our second show on S-P-M-M, The Human Beinz,
the one-hit-wonder rock band from Youngstown, Ohio, and
"Nobody But Me," their top 5 charting single from the early
weeks of 1968. It's a cool cover of an R&B song recorded
 in 1962 by The Isley Brothers. If you're watching our
simulcast on YouTube, you saw the kids dancing on
Teen Time, the Tri-State area's (OH-PA-WV) answer
to American Bandstand, a show that originated from
the studios of WSTV-TV channel 9 (now WTOV) in
Steubenville, Ohio, with youthful host Del Curtis.
In his Book of Rock Lists, music historian Dave
Marsh named the version of "Nobody But Me"
by The Human Beinz "The most negative song
to hit the Top 40" since the word "no" is sung
over 100 times and "nobody" is sung 46 times. 

Cindy           Patti               Jane

Nobody but we can keep you dancing to the coolest
sounds around, like the groovy tune you just heard.
Hello again! We're The Good Girls Cindy, Patti
and Jane - stars of the TV show Good Girls Revolt,
back with you for our second stint moonlighting
as Shady Bunch deejays here on S-P-M-M.

I'm Jane Hollander. My friends and I are delighted to be back
 libbin' it up with you - singing and dancing to the greatest
recordings of the 1960s and early 70s. Songs you'll hear
on today's show are pulled from some of the most 
significant albums of the period, and my first
spin is an example. It's Carlos Santana who,
along with his Latin style psychedelic
blues rock band, rose to fame
following his appearance
at Woodstock.


Hitting the street less than two weeks after the music festival,
Santana's self-titled debut album peaked in the top 5,
and this song, released as the second single,
went top 10 in March of 1970. Listen
to the unmistakable sound of 
Santana and-- "Evil Ways!"

"Evil Ways" - Santana
(Feb./Mar. 1970, highest chart pos. #7 Cash Box,
#9 Hot 100, from Aug. 1969 album Santana)

From early 1970, the sound America came to know and love, Santana
there with their first hit single, "Evil Ways," followed soon after
by an even bigger hit, "Black Magic Woman."

It starts with a great song, and
"Baby, It's You" is a great song.
Composed by Burt Bacharach,
Luther Dixon and Mack David,
"Baby It's You" was first waxed
by The Shirelles who gained a
top 10 hit with the song early
in 1962. In March of 1963,
The Beatles covered the
song on their debut album
  Please Please Me. The
most successful version
reached the top 5 on the
chart in the fall of 1969.
It was recorded by
a St. Louis pop rock
band called Smith. 


As you are about to hear, lead singer Gayle McCormick
belted the vocals in a bluesy, soulful style. Here's A Group
Called Smith on The Ed Sullivan Show doing-- "Baby, It's You!"

"Baby It's You" - Smith
(Oct./Nov. 1969, highest chart pos. #4 Cash Box/#5 Hot 100,
from July 1969 album A Group Called Smith, perf. on
Oct. 19, 1969, episode of The Ed Sullivan Show)

From their debut album, A Group Called Smith with their hit cover
of the Shirelles' original, "Baby, It's You." A sad footnote - Smith
lead singer Gayle McCormick died in 2019 at the age of 67.

Hi, I'm Cindy Reston. My first spin is one of the
most memorable and poignant songs of the 60s,
a grim tale about urban decay and generations
trapped in the cycle of poverty. Released in
the spring of '69, this record went top 3 on
the Billboard chart and all the way to
number one on Cash Box.


Here now is The King - Elvis Presley -
performing his big comeback hit, a song
written by Mac Davis-- "In The Ghetto."

"In The Ghetto" - Elvis Presley
(May/June 1969, highest chart pos.
#1 Cash Box/#3 Hot 100)

Heavy stuff, Elvis singing "In The Ghetto," a song originally
titled "The Vicious Circle," a record that put The King
back on his throne in 1969 after years of struggling
on the chart. Elvis Presley's "In The Ghetto" along
with the Woodstock Rock Festival, that debut
album by Santana and the single and album by
Smith were some of the musical milestones
of 1969. Another major event that year was
the release of The Age of Aquarius, the 4th
studio album by The 5th Dimension. Four
hit singles were released from the album
including the chart-topping smash
I am about to play next.


It's a medley of two songs from the off-Broadway musical Hair,
a manifestation of the hippie counterculture and the sexual
revolution. This single spent an incredible six weeks at #1.
The 5th Dimension-- "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In!"

"Medley: Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)"
The Fifth Dimension (Apr./May 1969, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100,
#1 Cash Boxfrom May 1969 album The Age of Aquarius)

You just listened to one of the most iconic songs of the Baby Boom
generation, "Medley: Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)"
a song assimilated by pop culture and ranked #66 on Billboard's list of
The Greatest Songs of All Time, sung by the fabulous 5th Dimension
with backing by The Wrecking Crew, the great Los Angeles based
session musicians who played on many major hits of the 60s.

I'm "Patti" Robinson. One of the most
important singing and songwriting acts
of the 60s counterculture music scene,
The Mamas and the Papas, gave us a
string of groovy folk-rock recordings.
Their 1966 debut album on Dunhill
made Rolling Stone's list of The 500
Greatest Albums of All Time and
climbed 15 notches to #112 in the
magazine's most recent revision.


If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears, here are the Mamas
and the Papas with a song from that album that was released
on the B side of "Monday, Monday"-- "Got A Feelin'."

"Got A Feelin'" - The Mama's And The Papa's
(from Feb. 1966 album If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears,
Apr./May 1966, B side of "Monday, Monday")

McGuinn and McGuire still a-gettin higher
in LA you know where that's at, and no one's
gettin' fat except Mama Cass.

Those were The Mamas And The Papas doing
"Got A Feelin'," one of the songs from their debut
album If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears.

If you can believe what I say, you might be shocked to learn
that the original album with a cover photo showing the group
in a bathroom sitting in a tub with a toilet visible was pulled
from stores because, in 1966, the sight of a toilet was
declared indecent. We've come a long way, baby!

Oh damn! They're waving us off. Our second show has come
to an end and we need to go. I hope you got your kicks
Libbin It Up With The Good Girls.


Coming up on the flip side of news, meet Bud's Budding Blossoms,
the teen queens at another popular York area venue, and we'll be
back soon with more sensational sounds from the dawning of
the Age of Aquarius on Libbin' It Up, so keep your dial set to
S-P-M-M, the grooviest spot in the universe. To play us off,
German drummer Sina with a cover of "Eight Miles High"
by The Byrds. Now this is Patti along with Cindy and
Jane - The Good Girls - saying see you next time!

"Eight Miles High" - The Byrds  (Apr. 2019 drum cover by Sina,
orig. May 1966, highest chart pos. #12 Cash Box/#14 Hot 100,
from July 1966 Byrds album Fifth Dimension)

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Beth Boland's ADRENALINE RUSH.....
Vol. 1: Cold as Ice is More Than a Feeling!

...and the cow was returned to its rightful owner.

And that's the latest from S-P-M-M news...
fast, up-to-the-minute, completely fake
and proud of it. Now stand by for


on the station that's #1 for music and fun - S-P-M-M!


"Some Guys Have All The Luck" - Rod Stewart
(Sept./Oct. 1984, highest chart pos.
#10 Hot 100/#16 Cash Box)

You know what they say. Spare the rod, spoil the show.
I say... let there be Rod!
That was British lightning rod Rod Stewart feeling his
oats and knocking me out with one of his top 10 hits
of the 80s, "Some Guys Have All The Luck." 

Hi, I'm Beth Boland from the
NBC TV series Good Girls.
Think I look like Joan from
Mad Men? I get that a lot.
I'm an average suburban
housewife and mother who
leads a secret life. In fact,
my girl pals and I have a
lot of secrets. Is our show
comedrama or is it a
dramedy? Who's to say?
This I can tell you. It's a
hoot, a guilty pleasure.
You need to watch, and
girlfriend, here's a hint...
wait till you lay eyes
on my "Loverboy."
Here's Billy Ocean!

"Loverboy" - Billy Ocean
(Jan./Feb. 1985, highest chart pos. #2 Hot 100,
#4 Cash Box/#20 R&B, perf. on American Bandstand)

That was loverboy Billy Ocean, the Trinidad born,
England raised singer/songwriter, appearing on
American Bandstand and doing his top 3 hit.

Speaking of secrets... one of my
best kept is that I am moonlighting
as a Shady Bunch deejay here on
S-P-M-M Retrosonic Radio, and
and you're tuned to my very first
show! Here's the thing to remember:
Beth's bigger on beats than ballads.
The songs I will play are intended
to give you an Adrenaline Rush
that'll get you up on your feet,
out of your seat and rockin'
till you drop. Got it?

A little more about me.


To make a long story short,
on Good Girls I went from
being an average play-by-
the-rules soccer mom to
gun toting gangster moll
in two shakes of a jiffy.
Don't ask 'cause I'm not
gonna tell! Let's just say
bad boy Rio gives this
  Good Girl everything 
she needs, honey... and
"Everything She Wants!" 

"Everything She Wants" - Wham!
(May/June 1985, highest chart pos.
#1 Hot 100 & Cash Box/#1 Canada) 

Topping the pop charts in the U.S. and Canada in the spring
of 1985, that was WHAM!... the English pop duo cosisting
of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. Meanwhile, that
smooth criminal Rio and that redheaded bombshell Beth
(that's me) make a dynamite duo every week on NBC's
Good Girls, so be sure to watch! 

BB - Beth Boland - keeping
you company and pumping
you full of adrenaline here
on S-P-M-M... where the
 classic rock hits just
keep on comin'!


Ever since I started breaking
bad on Good Girls, people say
I'm cold as ice. Maybe so...
but it gets the job done.
Foreigner recorded a
song about it!

"Cold As Ice" - Foreigner
(Sept/Oct. 1977, highest chart pos.
#6 Hot 100/#10 Cash Box)

From 1977 that was "Cold As Ice," a hot one by Foreigner,
the part-English, part-American band that achieved most
of their hits on this side of the pond. That single brushed
the top 5 in the U.S. and made the top 10 in Canada.


If you're just tuning in I'm Beth,
Good Girl turned naughty and
lovin' it, and I'm playing the
classics of the 70s and 80s.
We're in the middle of a
7-in-a-row commercial-
free Adrenaline Rush
and to keep the juices
flowing here are--
Hall and Oates!

"Did It In A Minute"
- Daryl Hall And John Oates
(Apr./May 1982, highest chart pos.
#9 Hot 100/#10 Cash Box)


You just heard Daryl Hall
and John Oates doing it
right with "Did It In A
Minute," a top 10 hit
for the duo in 1982.

We're going for an
Adrenaline Rush
with one classic rock
nugget after another,
the good stuff from
the Good Girl on
S-P-M-M... your
station for pure
rock and roll!

"More Than A Feeling" - Boston
(Oct./Nov. 1976, highest chart pos.
#4 Cash Box/#5 Hot 100)

S-P-M-M... the station that never stops rockin'...
and that was a dose of FM rock nirvana from the
fall of '76-- Boston with "More Than A Feeling."
The song was the first single released from the
band's self-titled debut album. It spent 19 weeks
on the chart and is considered a classic rock staple.
"More Than A Feeling" made the Rock & Roll Hall
of Fame's list of 500 Songs That Shaped Rock & Roll
and Rolling Stone's list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

I've got more than a feeling I'm out of time and the show's over.
The clock on the wall proves it. I need to fly on outta here and
I'm going to do it on The Steve Miller Band's "Jet Airliner,"
a top five hit in the summer of '77. I give it to you straight,
and this is the real deal, the album version, not the edited,
sanitized single version played on ordinary radio stations.
I hope by now I've got you feeling that Adrenaline Rush.
Stick around. Coming up on the flip side of news, it's
those other Good Girls - Patti, Cindy & Jane - from
Good Girls Revolt. They'll be here with the second
edition of their S-P-M-M show Libbin' It Up with
The Good Girls, and I'll be back soon to give you
another Adrenaline Rush with classic rock of the
70s and 80s. Now this is Beth Boland saying
take care, watch your back, be good... and if
you can't be good... be careful. So long!

"Jet Airliner" - The Steve Miller Band
(May to July 1977, highest chart pos.
#3 Cash Box/#8 Hot 100)