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Nancy Wheeler's No More Mr. Nice Girl -
Vol. 1: She's a Beauty... but Stone Cold!

Image courtesy of CalebAlonzoSmith @ DeviantArt 

...and the cow was returned to its rightful owner.

And that's the latest from S-P-M-M news...
fast, up-to-the-minute, completely fake
and proud of it. Now stand by for


on the station that's #1 for music and fun - S-P-M-M!


"Your Love" - The Outfield
(Apr./May 1986, highest chart pos. #6 Hot 100/#10 Cash Box)

Kicking-off the show, that was the London based pop rock band
The Outfield with their first and biggest hit, "Your Love," a single
that brushed the top 5 here in the states in the spring of 1986.

Hi, I'm Nancy Wheeler, an Indiana teenager of the 80s on the hit
science fiction horror series Stranger Things. Mike's my little
brother and Karen is my bored, frustrated, oversexed mom.


You'll see what I mean in this parody of the Fountains of Wayne
hit "Stacy's Mom." Here's The Magnus Thor Experience
with Mike And Nancy's Mom!" 

"Mike And Nancy's Mom" (based on Fountains of Wayne's
"Stacy's Mom") Sept. 2019 parody cover by the
Magnus Thor Experience, (scenes from
Netflix series Stranger Things)

That was a glimpse of my milf mother brought to you by The Magnus Thor
Experience in a parody of "Stacy's Mom," a Grammy nominated song
inspired by The Cars' "Just What I Needed" and a hit single in late
2003 for the New York power pop band Fountains of Wayne.

A little more about me now: I started out on the show as a
sweet, innocent, wholesome girl. That lasted five minutes.

I began to change when I slept with my boyfriend, the big man
on campus, then got involved in a messy love triangle
by falling for a social outcast.

Stranger things started to happen when our town was
threatened by creatures from an alternate dimension called
"the Upside Down." That's when I cried "foul" and started
breaking bad and gearing up for the battle ahead.

Pistols, rifles, bear traps - I learned how to use all kinds of weapons.
That supernatural monster picked on the wrong school girl!


I'm taking a much needed break from fighting giant creepy-crawlies to work
as a Shady Bunch DJ here on S-P-M-M, bringing you the coolest sounds of
the 80s and original music videos from the glory years of MTV that you
can watch on my YouTube simulcast. Goody two-shoes turned badass,
I'm calling my radio show No More Mr. Nice Girl. I'm stone cold...
but hey, when you're fighting freaks... you need to be. Speaking
of "Stone Cold," here's the U.S. hit of that name by the
Brit band-- Blackmore's Rainbow!

"Stone Cold" - Rainbow
(May/June 1982, highest chart position
#39 Cash Box/#40 Hot 100#1 Hot Mainstream Rock,
from June 1982 album Straight Between the Eyes

That was Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ritchie Blackmore,
co-founder and former guitarist for Deep Purple, and his
British band Rainbow, performing "Stone Cold," a single
that topped the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart in spring 1982.

Image courtesy of fydraws @ DeviantArt 

By the time Rainbow released "Stone Cold" from the album Straight Between
the Eyes, Ritchie Blackmore and the band's other co-founder Ronnie James Dio
had split. Ronnie spent three years as lead singer of Black Sabbath replacing
Ozzy Osbourne before leaving in 1982 to form his own band - Dio.


In the spring of 1983, Dio released
their debut studio album Holy Diver
which yielded the metal anthem
"Rainbow In The Dark." A hit
on the Album Tracks chart,
"Rainbow In The Dark" is
ranked #13 on VH1's list of
the Top 40 Greatest Metal
Songs. Here with a more
than capable cover is Liliac,
the SoCal sibling rock band
rooted in Transylvania!

"Rainbow In The Dark" - Ronnie James Dio
 Feb. 2019 cover by Liliac, original peaked
in Oct. 1983 at #12 Album Rock Tracks)

That was a killer cover
of Ronnie James Dio's
"Rainbow In The Dark"
by the cool kids of Liliac,
the LA based family rock
band. Before coming to
America, their mom and dad
actually lived in Transylvania
not far from Castle Dracula.
The Liliac children are on
their way to the big time...
doing original songs and
 excellent covers of rock
and metal classics like
that one by Dio.

Image courtesy of Anterie @ DeviantArt

If you're just tuning in, I'm Nancy Wheeler, newest member of The Shady Bunch
DJ team, and this is my show No More Mr. Nice Girl on S-P-M-M, where we
go hunting for the great songs of the past and bring 'em back alive.
While the rest are talkin'... we're rockin'!


Here's a glam metal band that sounds
like Led Zep. Originally from France,
they moved to LA and became the
unofficial house band at The Whisky
Go Go on the Sunset Strip. The vid
you're about to watch played on MTV
and the album from which the song
was released peaked at #99 on the
Billboard 200. The band is XYZ
and this is-- "Inside Out!"

"Inside Out" - XYZ
(from Oct. 1989 album XYZ)

Image courtesy of LittleAlfard @ DeviantArt 


That was XYZ, a band signed to Capitol Records and produced by pop metal
VIP Don Dokken.  Also on that label were these guys, The Tubes, a group
from Frisco that in the 70s waxed for A&M. In 1980, they performed
in Olivia Newton-John's film Xanadu, then signed with Capitol and
scored their biggest hit with this catchy song-- "She's A Beauty!"

"She's A Beauty" - The Tubes
(May/June 1983, highest chart pos. #9 Cash Box/#10 Hot 100,
#1 Album Rock Tracks, from Apr. 1983 album Outside Inside)

From the spring of '83 those were The Tubes from San Francisco
with the biggest hit of their career, "She's A Beauty," a single
that went top 10 on the pop charts and all the way to
number one on the Album Tracks survey.

Damn! Time has run out on my first show. Thanks for tuning in. 
Stick around. Coming up on the B side of news, Shady Blue will be here
 to play vintage tunes that'll have you Stuck Like Glue, and I'll be
back soon with more killers on No More Mr. Nice Girl.


 To play us off, one of the leading bands on today's Swedish hard rock scene,
influenced by hair bands of the 70s & 80s like Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Kiss,
Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe. This is Crazy Lixx
 with their latest, the just released "Anthem For America," a song described
by the band as "a call to action for the youth of the US, who seem to have
lost touch with rock music." Now this is Nancy Wheeler reminding you to
be good, and if you can't be good... go ahead and be bad. So long!

"Anthem For America" - Crazy Lixx
(Aug. 2021, from Nov. 2021 album Street Lethal

From the West Coast waters to the
New York streets hear it calling me
For the sons and daughters of the wild and free
Can you feel the beat? Rock is all you need 

From the Texas border 'cross the USA
Hear it calling me. All the sons and daughters,
all you wild and free, can you still believe? 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Candy-Colored Clowns and Candy-Coated Songs :
Meet "The Lynch Mob" and Explore the Jarring Juxtaposition of Beauty and Terror!


One of my favorite directors, David Lynch...

Image courtesy of du-har @

 ...has mastered the use of innocent love songs to create a sense of uneasiness
as you watch his twisted tales of mystery and horror. As Lynch's characters
sing their songs, you can't shake the feeling that something bad is about
to happen. This subject came up recently when my friend Cathy and
I were discussing a song that I posted - "Triangle" by Janie Grant.
We agreed that Janie's teen-pop ditty would work well in a Lynch
 project. In addition to building suspense and apprehension,
pop songs are used as a counterpoint or contrapuntal
device, meaning that the lyrics and mood of the
music deliberately contradict the images
appearing on the screen. 

Meet "The Lynch Mob..."

...some of my favorite characters from David Lynch movies and TV series.
They will introduce a few songs that were actually used by Lynch in his
productions, along with a few other songs that are well suited for
the quirky director's darkside stories.

I'm FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks

Here's the type of sweet, innocent, tender love song that is used by David Lynch
to lull you into a false sense of security before he lowers the boom. Watch the
following video. At some point in the song, an uneasy feeling will creep in
and creep you out. If this were a scene from a scary movie, you would
know that something terrible is about to happen, but you wouldn't
know exactly what or when. The tension leading up to the actual
terror on the screen can become unbearable, and deliciously so. 


Imagine the lovely Paris Sisters, Priscilla, Albeth and Sherrell,
setting you up for the chainsaw massacre as they sweetly sing
their cover of Bobby Darin's "Dream Lover" on Bandstand

"Dream Lover" - The Paris Sisters
(June/July 1964, highest chart pos. #91 Hot 100/#94 Cash Box,
performance on June 27, 1964, ep. of American Bandstand

I'll have what they're havin'! Did you effen see that?

I'm Frank "Effen" Booth from the effen David Lynch film Blue Velvet,
and you just watched the effen Paris Sisters performing baby wants an
effen "Dream Lover" on a 1964 episode of American Bandstand

The sibling trio's biggest hit is another song that's effen Lynch perfect, and the
demented director used it in his 2017 Twin Peaks revival series. Imagine an
effen ax murder taking place as you listen to-- "I Love How You Love Me." 

"I Love How You Love Me" - The Paris Sisters
(Oct./Nov. 1961, highest chart pos. #5 Hot 100/#7 Cash Box

I'm Audrey Horne...
bad girl breaking badder
on Twin Peaks. That hit
single by The Paris Sisters,
"I Love How You Love Me,"
was produced by Phil Spector
...and so was this next one. 


You'll swear you're watching a
deleted scene from a David Lynch
thriller as you experience the sibs
in the British film It's Trad, Dad!
released in the U.S. as Ring-A-
Ding Rhythm! The Paris Sisters
ask the musical question--
"What Am I To Do"? 

"What Am I To Do" - The Paris Sisters
(B side of "Let Me Be The One," scene from
Mar. 1962 film It's Trad, Dad! aka Ring-A-Ding Rhythm!

I'm an aspiring young actress named
Betty Elms... or is it Diane Selwyn?
I'm confused and I know you are too.
Twenty years ago, David Lynch gave
my clone, actress Naomi Watts, her big
break and brought mind bending mystery to
theaters in Mulholland Drive. In this scene
from the film, Lynch makes effective use of
Linda Scott's hit "I've Told Every Little Star." 

"I've Told Every Little Star" - Linda Scott
(Apr./May 1961, highest chart pos. #3 Hot 100/#6 Cash Box,
scene from Oct. 2001 film Mulholland Drive

I'm Bob, the shapeshifting demon on Twin Peaks.


The pop/jazz standard "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" was first recorded
in 1931 by Ricky Nelson's dad Ozzie Nelson. A version by The Mamas
And The Papas with Cass Elliot on lead vocals was released as a
single in 1968 and brushed the top 10. 


LA-based YouTube star Anne Reburn took the dreamy ballad,
made it her own and performed it in a video that looks
like it was produced by David Lynch himself!

"Dream A Little Dream Of Me"
cover by Anne Reburn (Sept. 2019)

Hey there, we're Lula and Sailor from Wild At Heart.

 Here's another sweet and innocent hit by another sister act, also from LA.
They're Patience & Prudence (McIntyre). Like the other songs in this feature,
the one this sister duo made famous practically begs to be used as a suspense
builder or counterpoint song. Turns out it was featured in four episodes of
American Horror Story season 1 - Murder House and also in the psycho
thriller TV series You. Imagine Rubber Man impaling an unsuspecting
victim as Patience & Prudence sing-- "Tonight You Belong To Me." 

"Tonight You Belong To Me" - Patience And Prudence
(Sept./Oct. 1956, highest chart pos. #3 Cash Box/#4 Hot 100)

I'm back, you effen effer! 

Thought you were effen rid of me? Effen think again!
In 1963, effen rock & roll legend Roy Orbison scored a top 10 hit with the
song "In Dreams." In 1986, David Lynch used a re-recorded version of
Orbison's operatic ballad of lost love in his neo-noir mystery thriller
film Blue Velvetstarring yours bluntly, Frank effen Booth! 

"In Dreams" - Roy Orbison
(1986 re-recorded ver., scenes from Aug. 1986 film Blue Velvet

I'm The Log Lady. My log does not judge. That's your job. 

My inquiring log wants to know. Did you find "Sixteen Reasons" to like these
sweet but oh-so-creepy pop hits? The Lynch Mob has logged a lot of time here
at Shady's Place. As we bid you farewell... remember that the answer is within
the question, and if you shut your eyes you'll burst into flames. Sweet dreams! 

"Sixteen Reasons" - Connie Stevens
(scene from Oct. 2001 film Mulholland Drive

Friday, September 17, 2021

Get Morganized with Robert W. Morgan, Vol. 2: Two Pizzas of Advice, Don't Talk To Strangers and Just Treat Her Right!

...and the cow was returned to its rightful owner.

And that's the latest from S-P-M-M news...
fast, up-to-the-minute, completely fake
and proud of it. Now stand by to


 Robert W. Morgan 

on the station that's #1 for music and fun - S-P-M-M!


"409" - Beach Boys
(Oct. 1962, highest chart position
#76 Hot 100B side of "Surfin' Safari")


Smoking the tires and peeling off the
starting line, The Beach Boys getting
your motor running with "409," the
charting B side of their first big
hit-- "Surfin' Safari."

Good Morgan, Boss Angeles...
and good Morgan to you wherever you are!
I'm Robert W. Morgan, one of the boss jocks
at 93 KHJ, the much more music station in
Los Angeles, moonlighting as a member of
The Shady Bunch here on sister station
S-P-M-M. I'm on a mission to get you
Morganized by playing the greatest
sounds of the sensational 60s.

Speaking of surfin'... this next duo rose to fame alongside the Beach Boys.
Like Brian Wilson's group, they had a string of hits in the surf rock and
hot rod categories and you're about to hear one of those exciting sounds.


It's the title song from the film that starred Fabian, Tab Hunter, Shelley
Fabares and Barbara Eden. Jan And Dean-- "Ride The Wild Surf!"

"Ride The Wild Surf" - Jane And Dean
(Oct. 1964, highest chart pos. #16 Hot 100/#23 Cash Box,
from Aug. 1964 film Ride The Wild Surf)

Robert W. in the Morgan, and that was "Ride The Wild Surf," the title song from
the beachy keen surfing film released in the summer of 1964. The song was written
by Jan Berry, Brian Wilson and Roger Christian and performed by Jan and Dean.
Wild Surf has been called the best Hollywood surf movie of the 1960s. Unlike
typical beach movies that have goofy characters and are played for laughs...
Ride The Wild Surf takes an honest, sincere approach to the sport of surfing.


Some say The Beau Brummels were America's first folk-rock band.
In 1965 the Frisco group went on Hullabaloo and performed their
latest single, and here it is now-- "Don't Talk To Strangers!" 

"Don't Talk To Strangers" - The Beau Brummels
(Nov. 1965, highest chart pos. #52 Hot 100/#53 Cash Box,
perf. on Sept. 27, 1965, ep. of Hullabaloo

Those were The Beau Brummels doing one of their classic songs
"Don't Talk To Strangers," a great sound that never even made
the top 50, because the band's label, Autumn Records, was
going belly up at the time of the single's release. 

If you're just tuning in, you're getting
Morganized with me, Robert W. Morgan
of KHJ Boss Angels, on loan to S-P-M-M
Retrosonic Radio here at Shady's Place.

While you're fightin' the freeway, I'm ridin' the
radio, and we're in the middle of a 7-in a row
commercial free cruise. If you're following
my simulcast on YouTube, check this out.


From the Boss 30, here are Phil Spector's
Crystals appearing on Dick Clark's
Where The Action Is doing their
chart-topping crossover hit--
"He's A Rebel!"

"He's A Rebel" - The Crystals
(Oct./Nov. 1962, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100, #2 Cash Box,
#2 R&Bperf. on Aug. 6, 1965 ep. of Where The Action Is)

From a 1965 episode of Where The Action Is, that was Phil Spector's
girl group The Crystals joined by The Action Kids dance troupe
as they performed "He's A Rebel," a record that shot to
number one on the pop chart in the summer of 1962.

Robert W. Morgan here on KHJ LA
with simulcasts on YouTube and
on S-P-M-M Retrosonic Radio,
home of The Shady Bunch.

Burnin' up the Boss lines at KHJ
Bossangeles and wherever you
happen to be, the next sound
you will hear is a genuine
monster unleashed during
the endless summer of '65. 


Here they are, America's coolest couple,
Sonny and Cher, doing their signature
song-- "I Got You Babe." 

"I Got You Babe" - Sonny And Cher
(July/Aug. 1965, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100 & Cash Box,
performance on Top Of The Pops

You just witnessed Chastity's mom and pop on Top Of The Pops -
Sonny And Cher doing their chart-topping signature song
"I Got You Babe" on a Bandstand in a Foreign Land

Let's keep the needle in that same groove. Robert W's got a
double dose of dynamite from that exciting summer of 1965. 


It's McGuinn and the guys, The Byrds, on Hollywood A Go-Go...
with the sound that launched them into the stratosphere--
"Mr. Tambourine Man!"

"Mr Tambourine Man" - The Byrds
(June/July 1965, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100 & Cash Box,
perf. on July 17, 1965 ep. of Hollywood A Go-Go)

Burnin' up the boss lines on KHJ Boss Angeles and coast-to-coast on
our sister station S-P-M-M, The Byrds with their chart topper from
the summer of '65... "Mr. Tambourine Man," the Bob Dylan song
released earlier that year on the album Bringing It All Back Home.


Well gang, I need to take my marbles and go home because
Shady says time's up. I hope you enjoyed this second edition
of Get Morganized with yours truly, Robert W. Morgan.


Stay tuned Coming up on the flip side of
Gary Owens' news, it's Nancy Wheeler,
that spunky little lady from Stranger
Things, with the debut of her new
show No More Mr. Nice Girl...
 and I'll be back before you know it
with another batch of boss goldens to
get you Morganized, so keep it here
on S-P-M-M, your #1 station for a
rock 'n' roll nation. To play us off,
here's blue-eyed soul man Roy Head
with his top 3 charting hit from the fall
 of 1965-- "Treat Her Right." Now
this is Robert W. Morgan saying
goodbye and stay cool!

"Treat Her Right" - Roy Head And The Traits
(Oct. 1965, highest chart pos. #2 Hot 100 and R&B,
#3 Cash Box, perf. on Oct. 9, 1965, ep. of Hollywood A Go-Go)

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Something Old, Something New, Something Happy,
Mona Wu: Sneak Preview - Beautiful Sunday!


"Go, Jimmy, Go" - Jimmy Clanton
(Jan./Feb. 1960, highest chart pos.
#5 Hot 100/#7 Cash Box/#1 Canada)

Getting things started on a happy note, that was Jimmy Clanton,
born on the bayou and nicknamed the "swamp pop R&B teenage idol,"
singing his top 5 hit from the early weeks of 1960 -- "Go, Jimmy, Go!"

Hey yu! I'm Mona Wu, the pert, purty, perky, pixieish
Pollyanna who worked for the Time Bureau on the
superhero TV series DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

If you watch my show you know that I am a former
food delivery girl who served as the Bureau's
Assistant Coordinator of Creature Upkeep,
that is until they gave me the ax.

You also know that
I am obsessed with
fantasy novels and
magical creatures of
all kinds. I actually
had a crush on
a wolf man.

I also believe music is magic. Good music has the power to
mend your achy breaky heart and make you happy again.

With that in mind, I am proud to announce that next
year I will be joining The Shady Bunch deejay legion.
I'm here today with a sneak preview of my show

Something OldSomething New,
Something HappyMona Wu.

The songs I'll be playing on
S-P-M-M Retrosonic Radio
will spread sunshine into
your world. My tunes are
guaranteed to turn your
frown upside down.
Please listen to a few
samples from my show
and let me know if they
have that effect on you.


Let's hear from the family pop group
The Cowsills.  They know a girl who
can make you happy - the flower girl
in their hit song-- "The Rain,
The Park and Other Things!"

"The Rain, The Park & Other Things" - The Cowsills
(Oct./Nov. 1967, highest chart pos. #1 Cash Box/#2 Hot 100)

From the fall of 1967 those were The Cowsills with their first
big hit, "The Rain, The Park & Other Things," a record that
topped the Cash Box chart but stalled at #2 on Billboard,
held back by The Monkees monster "Daydream Believer."

Mona Wu here... putting some sunshine
in your day. How's your weekend going?

Here now is an English singer who was
born Peter Charles Green, made records
as Lee Stirling and Peter Lee Stirling,
and finally had a hit in the U.S. using
the stage name Daniel Boone. Catchy!


This is another song that's guaranteed
to make you smile.  Sing along with
me: Hi hi hi, beautiful Sunday...
This is my my my beautiful day.
Here's-- Daniel Boone!

"Beautiful Sunday" - Daniel Boone
(Sept. 1972, highest chart pos. 15 Hot 100/#16 Cash Box)

That was Daniel Boone, a one-hit-wonder in the U.S., with his feel good
signature song "Beautiful Sunday," a record that cracked the top 20 and
made it halfway to the top 10 in the late summer and early fall of 1972.


Yep, it's a beautiful Sunday... and it's 5 o'clock somewhere.
That's why my friends and I are having a little drinky-poo.
Firewater makes us silly and, as this song by
Blood, Sweat & Tears goes--  You've
Made Me So Very Happy!"

"You've Made Me So Very Happy" - Blood, Sweat & Tears
(Mar./Apr. 1969, highest chart pos. #2 Hot 100 & Cash Box)

"You've Made Me So Very Happy," a song penned by Motown's Berry Gordy,
Brenda & Patrice Holloway and Frank Wilson, and originally released by
Brenda in 1967. You just listened to the great cover by Blood, Sweat &
Tears, the popular jazz-rock band formed and first led by Al Kooper.
When Kooper left, he was replaced on lead vocals by the man you
just heard, Canadian singer David Clayton-Thomas. Released as
a single in 1969, that Blood, Sweat & Tears version spent three
weeks at #2, denied the #1 spot by The 5th Dimension's
mega-hit "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In."

If you're just tuning in, I'm Mona Wu,
how do you do? And you're listening
to a sneak preview of my new show
  Something Old, Something New,
Something Happy, Mona Wu,

coming in 2022 to Shady's Place
and S-P-M-M Retrosonic Radio.


Now here's a happy tune that ran
up the chart a few weeks after
that BS&T song reached its
peak. It's Atlanta pop-rock
artist Tommy Roe and--
oh "Heather Honey!"

"Heather Honey" - Tommy Roe
(May 1969, highest chart pos. #14 Cash Box/#29 Hot 100)

You just heard "Heather Honey,"
one of the many easy listening hits
waxed by Tommy Roe. That record
by Tommy barely made it into the
top 30 on the Billboard chart,
but closed in on the top 10
on the Cash Box survey.

Something Old, Something New,
Something Happy,
and I'm your
host, Mona Wu, with yet another
great song to brighten your day.

From popular 1959 movie
A Hole In The Head... it's
the inspiring ditty about an
ant and a rubber tree plant
performed by Frank Sinatra
and a chorus of cute kids. 


Here they are, Ol' Blue Eyes and the kids, singing their hit song "High Hopes!"

"High Hopes" - Frank Sinatra "And A Bunch Of Kids"
(July/Aug. 1959, highest chart pos. #22 Cash Box/#30 Hot 100,
from the July 1959 film A Hole In The Head)

Nominated for a Grammy and the winner of an Oscar for Best
Original Song, that was Frank Sinatra "And A Bunch Of Kids"
(that's what it says on the record label) doing "High Hopes."

Oh darn! Shady's giving me the sign to wrap things up.
Now I'd like you to be honest and ask yourself this.
Do you feel happier now that you've sampled my songs?

If so, then won't you
please join me in 2022
for the debut of my new
S-P-M-M radio show
Something Old,
Something New,
Something Happy,
Mona Wu?
Of course, you could
always go someplace
else to get your happy
song fix but, knowing
how much fun it is
spending time with
me... I need to ask:


To play us off, here are those men from down under, the Little River Band,
the Aussie pop-rockers who placed ten singles on the U.S. chart between
1977 and 1983. This one took a 22 week ride on Billboard. That's longer
than any other record by the band. Hang on-- "Help Is On It's Way," and
I'm Mona Wu, always here for you, doing my best to make you happy.
I hope to see you next year!

"Help Is On It's Way" - Little River Band
(Oct./Nov. 1977, highest chart pos. #14 Hot 100 & Cash Box)