Friday, June 26, 2020

Top Hit Club of America Inc. - Old York/Shady Dell Chapter Volume 2: The Run For the Rosies!

Hi, I'm Debbie the Dellette...

a teenager of the 1950s
dancing at the Shady Dell.

I am also president of the Old York -
Shady Dell chapter of the
Top Hit Club of America!

 Today my friends and I will make  

 you regret the day you were born! 

What do I mean by that? When you hear the records my fellow Dell rats
play at today's meeting, you will wish you had been a teenager in York, PA,
in the 1950s and 60s and a regular at Shady Dell during those golden years.

Remember, as these original rats spin their songs:
"Don't just listen with your ears -
listen with your heart."

The rats are restless and eager to get started, and I second that emotion.
The meeting of the Old York - Shady Dell chapter of the
Top Hit Club of America will hereby come to order!

In vol. 1 of this series, original
Dell rat Ron Shearer joined
Dell rat Tom Anderson.
The veteran vermin
took turns playing
classic Dell songs
and reminiscing.

Today it's our good friend
Jerre Slaybaugh's turn to play
dueling turntables with Tom.
Jerre was sworn in as a Dell rat
in 1959 and ran with the pack
through the mid 60s. 

Jerre sent in a list of the most memorable tunes played
in the Dell dance hall during the years he hung out
there, and I am proud to play them for
Jerre's entertainment and yours.


Jerre would like us to hear a song by The Fiestas,
the R&B group from Newark, New Jersey, led by
Tommy Bullock. The Fiestas are best known for
"So Fine," a single that brushed the top 10 in the
spring of 1959. On the back of "So Fine," Jerre
and other members of the rat pack found this
gold nugget, a sweet ballad entitled--
"Last Night I Dreamed."

"Last Night I Dreamed" - The Fiestas
(Apr./May 1959, B side of "So Fine")


Here's more proof that Dell rats had a knack for
discovering hidden treasures on the flip sides
of jukebox singles. In 1962 The Rivingtons,
an R&B group from Los Angeles led by
Carl White, had a top 50 minor hit with
the up tempo novelty number "Papa-
Oom-Mow-Mow." Jerre and his
fellow Dell rats took the plunge,
flipped the record and dove into
 the fine B ballad-- "Deep Water."

"Deep Water" - The Rivingtons
(Sept. 1962, B side of "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow")

Hooray for the Rodentia Intelligentsia, Jerre! We already
knew that Dell rats had radar for cool, and you offered
even more evidence of the phenomenon with these
two obscure B sides that turned into slow dance
classics at the Dell.

Alright, Jerre, now it's time for you to take a break
so that we can find out what Dell Rat Tom brought
to the turntable. Tom told me he picked these
tunes with you in mind. Looks like he's set
to spin, so take it away, Tommy boy!

                THE LAVENDERS 

Thanks, Debbie! The first record I'd like to play for you,
Jerre and the other club members was waxed in 1961
by The Lavenders, a doo-wop group from Camden,
New Jersey, right across the Delaware River from
Philadelphia. The Lavenders included lead singer
Brent Edwards, formerly with Dale and the
Cashmeres, and Leon Huff on piano. Huff,
as you know, went on to fame in the 70s
as one of the architects of The Sound of
Philadelphia through his partnership
with Kenny Gamble. As the story goes
The Lavenders were playing at a club
in West Philly when they were dis-
covered by John Madara of the East
Coast producing team Madara & White.

 With another Philly music legend, Jerry Ross, producing them, The Lavenders
released the up tempo dance craze single "Slide" backed with this dreamy ballad
on the B side.  Here's young Leon Huff playing with The Lavenders on-- "Angel."

"Angel" - The Lavenders
(Oct./Nov. 1961, B side of "Slide")


Like many other doo-wop groups of the 1950s,
The Fascinators emerged from a group of guys
who enjoyed singing harmonies on the street
corners of Brooklyn. With Tony Passalaqua on
lead vocals The Fascinators landed a contract
with Capitol but recorded only three singles
before being dropped by the label. I'm going
to play their third and final release. From the
summer of 1959, backed by Jesse Stone and
his Orchestra, The Fascinators continue my
"Run for the Rosies" with-- "Oh Rose Marie."

"Oh Rose Marie" - The Fascinators
(July/Aug. 1959)


Thanks, Tommy! Great stuff there, and now you have me curious about the other
songs that go along with your "Run for the Rosies" theme. Before we find out,
let's listen to another platter recommended by Dell Rat Jerre Slaybaugh.

Jerre loves The Jive Five, the Brooklyn based doo-wop group that featured the lead vocals of the late Eugene Pitt. I'm sad
to report that Eugene died in the summer of 2018. In 1961,
The Jive Five struck gold with their first single "My True
Story" which topped the R&B chart and went top 3 pop.
The group followed with a string of excellent doo-wop
records that kept Dell couples locked in warm embrace
night after night, year after year. Strange as it seems,
several of these great sounds missed the R&B chart,
the pop chart, or both. One such mysterious miss is the
1962 release "What Time Is It?"... a modest hit on the
pop side that never showed up on the black chart. Dell
rats paid no attention to the charts. They made their own
hits and left no record unturned - always checking out the
flip sides in search of gems. They found this one on the
back of "What Time Is It?" Listen to this killer B, a song
that might remind you of "My True Story." Credited as
Jive Five With Eugene Pitt, here's "Beggin' You Please!"

"Beggin' You Please" - Jive Five With Eugene Pitt
(September 1962, B side of "What Time Is It?")

That's classic doo-wop, Jerre.
Thank you! Okay, now sit
back, relax and listen as
Dell Rat Tom completes
his highly touted
"Run For the Rosies!"


Debbie, I'm sure you and Jerre can tell where I'm
going with this. I already played a song called
"Angel" and another called "Oh Rose Marie."
Now here's Rose "Rosie" Hamlin, lead singer
of Rosie And The Originals, the group best
known for their hit "Angel Baby." In 1961
Rosie released the solo album Lonely Blue
Nights. One of the songs on the LP is the
bluesy number "Maybe I'm Dreamin'."

"Maybe I'm Dreamin'" - Rosie
(from 1961 album Lonely Blue Nights)

To complete my "Run For the Rosies," here
are the Mello-Tones, a vocal group formed
by a group of boyhood friends from the
same Manhattan neighborhood. Their
influences included the vintage R&B
groups The Orioles, The Cadillacs and
the Five Keys. With tenor Ray Hulbert
on lead vocals and backed by the
Hank Ivory Orchestra, The Mello-
Tones recorded "Rosie Lee," an
up tempo single that cracked the 
top 30 in the spring of 1957.

"Rosie Lee" - The Mello-Tones
(May/June 1957, highest chart pos. #24 Hot 100/#27 Cash Box)

Many thanks to Dell rats Jerry Slaybaugh
and Tom Anderson for sharing their
Shady Dell music and memories with us.

I hope you had a good
time eavesdropping on
today's meeting of the
Old York - Shady Dell
Chapter of the Top Hit
Club of America. Stay
tuned for more doo-
wop classics of the
50s and 60s spun by
original Dell rats Jerre,
Ron and Tom coming
your way soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

John Ettline - Every Dell Rat's Dad

It's Father's Day...

time to honor

"Every Dell Rat's Dad."

John didn't have kids of his own but, as every Dell rat knows, he would have made
a great father.  John was like a dad to us all. Again this year I am proud to present
that classic Father's Day scene from The Donna Reed Show as Dell rats old and
new salute a great man and genuine father figure, Mr. John Ettline.



Tuesday, June 16, 2020

This is Not a Sequel.
There Has Never Been Anything Like It.
The Third Voyage of Shady Green's Wayback Machine Flashes Back 50 Years and Takes Us...
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls!


June 17, 1970...
50 years ago this week...

one of my favorite movies,

Beyond the Valley
of the Dolls,

opened in theaters across the U.S.

Released by 20th Century-Fox, directed by Russ Meyer, King of the Nudies,
with the screenplay co-written by Meyer and Chicago Sun-Times film critic
Roger Ebert, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls aka "BVD" was destined
to become a cult classic with millions of fans to this day.

Hello again, kiddo. I'm Shady Green,
The Dean of Keen, here to bring you
a special edition of my S-P-M-M
radio show simulcast on YouTube.
I invite you to hop inside my
Wayback Machine and return
with me now to the trippy
psychedelic scene that was
Hollywood in the late 1960s
as I salute BVD, its groovy
soundtrack songs, taglines
and hipster dialogue. 

Here, for example, is the excited utterance made by lead character
Kelly MacNamara, played by English pinup model and actress
Dolly Read, soon to be wife of Dick Martin of TV's
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.




With Kelly's words in mind, let's get this party stated. Come with
me now on this plastic fantastic journey to la-la land as it was
50 years ago... Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood.
Let's go-- Beyond the Valley of the Dolls!

Kelly MacNamara, Casey Anderson
(no relation to Dell Rat Tom) and "Pet" -
Petronella Danforth - are members of
a rock band trio called The Kelly Affair.
The girls take a cross country road
trip to Cali in search of stardom.

The actresses who played The Kelly Affair
band rocked the look but lacked musical
talent. Lynn Carey and Barbara Robison
supplied the vocals for the band. Most
of the music on the soundtrack was
written by film score composer Stu
Phillips. You will need to turn up the
loudness on the first few songs. Watch
and listen as these good girls breaking
bad, The Kelly Affair, perform "Find It."


"Find it" - The Kelly Affair
(Stu Phillips/Lynn Carey, from OST June 1970 film
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls)





Young women (and men) are especially at risk if they fall under
the spell of Ronnie 'Z-man' Barzell, the hedonistic, egotistical
teenage record mogul, a character inspired by Phil Spector.



"Sweet Talkin' Candyman" - The Kelly Affair
(Stu Phillips feat. Lynn Carey & Barbara Robison,
from OST June 1970 film Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls)

Kelly Mac and her cohorts channel
The Mamas and the Papas on this
soundtrack song, a flower power
sunshine pop nugget entitled--
"Come With The Gentle People."


"Come With The Gentle People" - The Kelly Affair
(Stu Phillips feat. Lynn Carey & Barbara Robison,
from OST June 1970 film Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls)



"Look On Up At The Bottom" - The Carrie Nations
(Stu Phillips feat. Lynn Carey and Barbara Robison,
from OST June 1970 film Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls)

Upon watching the titillating trio perform at his party,
Z-man is smitten and makes a bold prediction.

"In The Long Run" - The Carrie Nations
(Lynn Carey, from OST June 1970 film
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

It's time for me to wrap up this special edition
of my show. I hope you enjoyed flashing back
50 years with me and sampling the songs from
one of my favorite movies... Russ Meyer's
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

To play us off, here's the Strawberry Alarm Clock (seen above), the band that
provided the entertainment at Z-man's party in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.


The Clock strikes with their chart-topping, mind bending, psychedelic hit
single "Incense And Peppermints." Stick around, coming up on the B side
of news its the premiere of Get Morganized with Robert W. Morgan, and
I'll be back soon to take you on another ride in my Wayback Machine.
Now this is Shady Green, The Dean of Keen, saying so long!

"Incense And Peppermints" - Strawberry Alarm Clock
(Oct./Nov. 1967, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100 & Cash Box)

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Let's Go-Go to a Surf Party, a Ski Party and a PJ Party!
(Part 2 of My Series A+ Songs from B, C and D Movies)

 Hi, I'm Clarence Rutherford. 

 The guys call me Lumpy uh, a real cool friend. 
 Welcome to Pt. 2 of Shady Del Knight's series 
 A+ Songs from B, C and D Movies. My father 
 says I'm grounded if he catches me hanging 
 out with Shady Del Knight.  He says Shady's 
 an even worse influence than Eddie. I'll take 
 my chances. Here's Shady now with more 
 cool tunes from low budget beach party, 
 ski party and PJ party flicks of the 60s. 

I did the math. 99% of low budget "teensploitation" movies are schlock.
I'm pretty sure the actors who played
teenage characters in them were older
than I am now. 😃 The plots of those
movies are preposterous, the acting
is terrible and so is most of the music.
Watch the trailer of the 1965 cheapy
The Beach Girls and the Monster!

I read somewhere that 60s beach movies were aimed, not at teenage audiences,
but instead at middle aged men (like Shady) who wanted to gaze at bikini clad
women and relive their youth. I loved Annette Funicello but didn't care for
her beach movies. They aren't funny, most of the characters are unlikable
jerks and the music is awful. Occasionally however a genre film delivers
on the music, and that's what this series is about, salivating the best
performances culled from those B (as in bad), C (as in camp)
and D (as in dumb and dumber) flicks.


Holy Godfather of Soul, Batgirl! It's James Brown along with the
late, great Yvonne Craig, together in the 1965 flick Ski Party
starring heartthrob Frankie Avalon and Dwayne Hickman
from TV's The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis!

You wouldn't expect to find Mr. Dynamite on the slopes or hanging out
with a bunch of snow whites at a ski lodge, but anything goes in these
lowbrow teen romps. Brother James steals the show in this picture,
performing a brand new song that went on to become the biggest
hit of his career a few months later-- "I Got You ( I Feel Good)."

 "I Got You (I Feel Good)" - James Brown 
 (Dec. 1965/Jan. 1966, highest chart pos. 
 #1 R&B/#2 Cash Box/#3 Hot 100scene 
 from June 1965 movie Ski Party


Why beach movies are released in wintertime and movies set at ski lodges
are released in summertime is beyond me. Anyhoo, one of the shortest pop
hits on record was used in the Ski Party soundtrack. Here now is lovely
Lesley Gore singing her top 20 hit "Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows"
as she and her friends take the bus to fun and folic at a mountain retreat.

 "Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows"  - Lesley Gore 
 (July 1965, highest chart pos. #13 Hot 100/#19 Cash Box
 from June 1965 movie Ski Party


Prolific singer/songwriter Jackie DeShannon appeared in two
rock & roll movies, C'mon, Let's Live a Little, a 1967 film
featuring Bobby Vee, and Surf Party, a beachy keen
1964 picture starring pop crooner Bobby Vinton.

In this scene from Surf Party, pajama partiers Jackie DeShannon,
Patricia Morrow and Lory Patrick stay up way past their bedtime
and feel a song coming on. Watch the fun as the girls cavort
their way through "Never Comin' Back."

 "Never Comin' Back" - Jackie DeShannon 
 with Patricia Morrow and Lory Patrick 
 (from Feb. 1964 movie Surf Party



In Part 1 you saw and heard The Animals perform a song in the 1964 movie
Get Yourself a College Girl. Also appearing in the film are Astrud Gilberto,
the Brazilian samba and bossa nova singer who cracked the top 5 on
the U.S. chart that year with the single "The Girl From Ipanema,"
and legendary tenor sax player Stan Getz who backed Astrud.
Here are Astrud and Stan doing their hit in College Girl.

 "The Girl From Ipanema" - Stan Getz/Astrud Gilberto 
 (June/July '64, highest cht. pos. #5 Hot 100 & Cash Box
 from Dec. 1964 film Get Yourself a College Girl


As we gaze at Dr Pepper Girl Donna Loren above on the cover of the
September - October 1964 issue of the Dr Pepper Clock Dial Magazine,
a publication that was only available to Dr Pepper employees, and below
gracing a Dr Pepper calendar in the summer of 1966, the time has come to
wrap up my scholarly two-part salute to quick and dirty B, C and D movies.

Before we sail into the sunset, let's take one last spin around the dance floor,
groovin' to a hot number by that Pepper of a Girl, Donna Loren, as she sings
"Among The Young" in a scene from the 1964 teen romp Pajama Party
starring Disney regulars Tommy Kirk and Annette Funicello!

 "Among the Young" - Donna Loren 
 (from Nov. 1964 film Pajama Party

 Beaver, I hope you 
 learned your lesson. 
 If you spend your 
 time watching B, 
 C and D movies, 
 you'll become 
 an F student.  

 Yeah, woll... here's the thing, 
 dad. I don't know much about 
 history. Don't know much 
 biology. Don't know much 
 about algebra. Don't know 
 what a slide rule is for.  
 But I do know 4 and is 8,  
 and if Donna Loren took me 
 on a date, what a wonderful 
 world this would be. 

Hey, got time for one more
drive-in ditty? Check out this
performance by an unknown
band in the 1965 film Go Go
Mania aka Pop Gear (UK title).
I never heard of these chaps...
but I think they've got potential.

Have a Shady day!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

A+ Songs from B, C and D Movies. Part 1:
Caution - Bikini Bunnies Are Bustin' Out All Over!

 Beaver, I just got a 
 disturbing call from 
 Miss Landers about 
 an essay you wrote. 

 Gee, dad... all I did was 
 prove that the earth isn't 
 flat. It's just the opposite! 
 When I saw this movie, 
 I found out the truth. 
 It's a bikini world! 


Oh, Beaver... you never fail to
crack me up with those zingers
of yours! But, know something,
folks?... the little guy is right.
Skeptics might cry "Liar Liar,"
but The Castaways, the frat rock
garage band from the Twin Cities,
are here to prove Beav's theory.

Check out this performance by The Castaways, punctuated by that epic
primal scream on the original recording, in a scene from the 1967 beach flick
It's a Bikini World, winner of 50 Academy Awards including Best Picture! 😋

 "Liar Liar" - The Castaways 
 (Sept./Oct. '65, highest cht. pos. #12 Hot 100 & Cash Box, 
 scene from April 1967 movie It's a Bikini World


It's a Bikini World also gave us a rare glimpse of the Jamaica, NY, trio
The Toys led by Barbara Harris. With a melody based on a Bach minuet,
"A Lover's Concerto" was the act's biggest hit, a #2 charting smash.
Their follow-up single, "Attack," featuring more of that angelic
girl group harmony, made the top 20 and is my Pick to Click!

 "Attack" - The Toys 
 (Jan. 1967, highest chart pos. #18, 
 from Apr. 1967 film It's a Bikini World

"Liar Liar" and "Attack" were
hit records, but bad beach
movies often relied on
throw-away songs and
nondescript instrumentals.
A good example is found
in this next scene from
Get Yourself a College Girl.
The rock & roll reel was
released around Christmas
in 1964, deep in the heart of
Beatlemania, yet the producers
would have us believe that
mid 60s teenagers preferred
jiggling to goofy, generic surf-
rock instrumentals. In the
following clip, look for stars
Mary Ann Mobley, Joan
O'Brien, Nancy Sinatra
and Chris Noel.

For me, what is particularly noteworthy about
this scene is one of the other dancers, the one
wearing a white blouse and black pants. It's
Roberta Tennes, the blonde beauty who
soon after became one of the Gazzarri
Dancers on the LA-based syndicated
television series Hollywood A Go-Go.
Shortly after that, Roberta wowed me
every weekday as a member of the
Action Kids, the dance troupe on
Dick Clark's Where The Action Is.
Sadly, Roberta died in 2015.
Let's relive happier days with
Roberta and the other women
as they take a dance lesson in
Get Yourself a College Girl!

 "Dance Lesson" (from Dec. 1964 
 movie Get Yourself a College Girl


Recordings by Eric Burdon's Animals have been used in the soundtracks
of three dozen movies and television shows, and the Brit band made
live appearances in several of them, including the above featured
film Get Yourself a College Girl. Burdon and company are seen
here in brilliant HD performing a cover of the Chuck Berry
song "Around and Around," a track from The Animals'
1964 debut US album.

 "Around and Around" - The Animals 
 (from Aug. 1964 album The Animals
 scene from December 1964 movie 
 Get Yourself  College Girl


In 1966 the popular duo Dick And Dee Dee joined Jay And The Americans,
The Astronauts, The Beau Brummels and Jackie & Gayle at Alpine Meadows
Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, California, for the musical romp Wild Wild Winter
aka Snowball. Sadly Dick died in 2003 after falling from the roof of his house.
Let's turn back the clock and smile again as we watch this scene from the
film in which Dick And Dee Dee sing the soundtrack song "Heartbeats."

 "Heartbeats" - Dick and Dee Dee 
 (from Jan. 1966 film Wild Wild Winter


Sixties "Dr Pepper Girl" Donna Loren appeared and performed in several
of the movies in American International Pictures' Beach Party series.
In 1965, in the 5th AIP release Beach Blanket Bingo, Donna sang
"It Only Hurts When I Cry" which, in some circles, is considered
her signature song (apart from the Dr Pepper jingle).

 "It Only Hurts When I Cry" - Donna Loren 
 (from April 1965 film Beach Blanket Bingo


In 1966 Peter Noone and his British group Herman's Hermits starred
in the American musical comedy flick Hold On! aka Beat! Beat! Beat!
aka There's No Place Like Space. The cast included Shelley Fabares,
Sue Ane Langdon and Herb Anderson, the dad on Dennis the Menace.
In this scene, Herman's Hermits do one of their top 10 U.S.hits
and one of my favorites by the group-- "A Must To Avoid."

 "A Must To Avoid" - Herman's Hermits 
 (Jan. 1966, highest chart pos. #6 Cash Box/#8 Hot 100
 from June 1966 movie Hold On!

 Easy there, Gertrude. Maintain 
 your cool, Sam. Don't get your 
 panties in a wad, Mildred! In 
 Pt. 2, Shady's got more surfer 
 girls, beach honeys and even 
 ski bunnies boppin' to the 
 beat of super cool tuneage. 
 It's all comin' up after this 
 word from our sponsor. 


Ken Osmond
(Eddie Haskell)
(June 7, 1943 – May 18, 2020)