Monday, August 29, 2022

This Bud's For You - Volume 1: Shady's Beggin' Bud's
Budding Blossoms ("The Budettes") to Play the Budbox!

After school, and often until late at night,
my friends and I satisfied our hunger for
good music in the Shady Dell dance hall.

We satisfied our hunger for good food and pleasant
conversation at Helen Ettline's snack counter.

Welcome to vol. 1
of my new series
that pays tribute
to another popular
York area hangout
for teenagers -


Bud's was located
on South George St.
extended, just across
the hill from the
Shady Dell.

Like the Dell, Bud's was a meeting place
for teens from various high schools.

Bud's offered good food
and a great selection of
tunes on the jukebox.

My new series is called This Bud's For You. In every edition my
assistants, Bud's Budding Blossoms aka The Budettes,
the cute girls seen hovering around Bud's jukebox, will play
records that were popular at Bud's Drive-in from the mid
60s to 1970, the years I spent hanging out there.

This trio of Shady's
helpers represents the
teenagers who hung out
at Bud's in the mid 60s
(1963 thru early 1967).
Meet Christine, the
ponytailed redhead
now selecting a song,
Denisethe brunette
behind her, and blonde
Sharon on the right.

And here, representing Bud's
teenagers of the late 60s,
(mid 1967 thru 1970),
meet Janice at the
keyboard and her
friend Melissa
behind the box.

Now, here they are,
Bud's Budding Blossoms
to give you a taste of
the musical menu at
Bud's Drive-in.


CHRISTINE: I'm picking C-4
to play a record that was hot
at Bud's in winter, the early
weeks of 1966 to be exact.
It's the second number one
charting hit by Motown's
child prodigy Stevie Wonder, 
his first hit after dropping
the "Little" from his name.
This single crossed over 
and reached the top 3 on
Billboard and Cash Box.
Listen now to Stevie
Wonder and-- "Uptight
(Everything's Alright)"

""Uptight (Everything's Alright)" - Stevie Wonder
(Jan./Feb. 1966, highest chart pos. #1 R&B, #3 Hot 100,
#3 Cash Boxperf. in UK on Top Of The Pops)

JANICE: It's the spring of 1967
at Bud's, and I'm choosing F-19
to play one of the best records
released by Frankie Valli and
The 4 Seasons, a song written
by group member Bob Gaudio
along with Peggy Santiglia,
lead singer of The Angels.
This single only reached
the top 15 at the time of its
release, but it was destined
to become a fan favorite in
the decades that followed
and a popular spin in the
Northern Soul clubs of
England in the '70s. Listen
to The 4 Seasons-- "Beggin'."

"Beggin'" - The 4 Seasons
(Mar./Apr. 1967, highest cht. pos. #12 Cash Box/#16 Hot 100)

MELISSA: I spotted one I wanna hear,
Janice. Please punch in L-12 for me...
because I'm excited about this record
by Elvis Presley, a story about a man
searching for his missing love. Penned
by Eddie Rabbitt and Dick Heard and
recorded in February, 1969, it took a
year for the song to be released as a
single and start climbing the chart.
Here's Elvis riding high during
his comeback period, making
the top 10 winner's circle
on Cash Box with a cool
country song about the
cold "Kentucky Rain."

"Kentucky Rain" - Elvis Presley
(Feb./Mar. 1970, highest chart pos. #10 Cash Box/#16 Hot 100)


DENISE: I love records
inspired by dance crazes,
and I'm gonna play S-11,
"The Jerk" by The Larks,
an R&B vocal group led
by Don Julian that was
known in the 50s as
 The Meadowlarks.
In the early weeks
of '65, this ditty was
hot on the Bud Box
and, thru the magic of
this SPMM simulcast,
you'll see The Larks
 perform their hit on
Hollywood A Go-Go!

"The Jerk" - The Larks
(Jan. 1965, highest chart pos. #6 Cash Box/#7 Hot 100,
#9 R&Bperf. on April 17, 1965 ep. of Hollywood A Go-Go)

SHARON: Hey Deenie, do me
a favor and press in number
G-14. I love Johnny Rivers,
and I wanna hear his version
of a rhythm and blues song
written in the mid 50s by
blues great Willie Dixon.
It's the summer of '65
and Johnny Rivers is
climbing the chart and
nearing the top 5 with 
-- "Seventh Son!"

"Seventh Son" - Johnny Rivers"
(June/July 1965, highest chart pos. #7 Hot 100 & Cash Box)

That does it for vol. 1 of our series
This Bud's For You. Many thanks
to Bud's Budding Blossoms aka
 The Budettes: Melissa, Janice,
Denise, Sharon and Christine,
for feeding the old jukebox and
playing the top tunes from the
golden years at Bud's Drive-in.
I leave you with one last nugget
from the Bud Box, a song
written and recorded by
Houston born reggae
and pop singer
Johnny Nash. 

In the fall of 1968, "Hold Me Tight" went top 5 in the U.S.
and in the UK and topped the Canadian chart, making it
Johnny's second biggest hit after "I Can See Clearly Now."


 I can see clearly now that my time's up, so for the whole
gang at Bud's, this is grandmaster emcee Shady saying
so long and remember our famous slogan--
This Bud's For You!

"Hold me Tight" - Johnny Nash
(Oct./Nov. 1968, highest chart pos. #5 Hot 100/#7 Cash Box,
#21 R&B, perf. on Oct. 12, 1968, ep. of American Bandstand)

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Joe Niagara's Knocked Out Nifties of the Past -
Vol. 2: Two Lovers Come To Paradise!

Hello, this is Joe Niagara, and I've got a stack of
Knocked-out Niagara Nifties of the Past.

If you're ready... this Rockin' Bird will fly!

"Come To Paradise" - The Fascinators
(Jan. 1959, B side of "Who Do You Think You Are")

Kicking-off Niagara Nifties show number two, doo-wop at its finest
from The Fascinators, a group from Brooklyn led by Tony Passalaqua.
You heard them do "Come To Paradise," the flip side of their second
single released early in 1959. Niagara says that fab slab should have
taken flight like this Rockin' Bird, but instead it went nowhere.
The Fascinators released two other singles for Capitol but
again and again saw no chart action. Finally the group
was dropped from the label's roster. How and why
The Fascinators slipped through the cracks
remains one of music history's
great mysteries. 

Welcome in! Joe Niagara here, The Rockin' Bird, veteran radio personality
from Wibbage - WIBG Philadelphia - now coming to you on S-P-M-M
Retrosonic Radio. I'm glad to see your face in the place. Your dial
is set to Joe Niagara's Knocked Out Nifties of the Past featuring
the great sounds of doo-wop, rock 'n' roll, and classic soul from
the 50s and 60s, the kind of tuneage you enjoy listening to on
Wibbage. I put down a wailin' pound of sound... so without
further delay - on with the show!

Now hear this, a seldom heard nugget by
Smokey Robinson and his mighty Miracles,
an act that gave us so many great Motown
memories. At the start of 1961, the group
made a splash with their top 5 charting
 single "Shop Around," but it took two
years for them to return to the top 10
with "You Really Got A Hold On Me."
Even though The Miracles didn't
exactly burn up the charts during
those lean months between hits,
they made some great records,
and I've got one spinning on
my turntable right now.

In the late summer of '62, The Miracles' "Way Over There" died on the vine
at #94 on Billboard's pop chart and failed to register on the R&B survey. 


The Rockin' Bird's Pick to Click is the uncharted B side which sounds
a little like "Raindrops," the Dee Clark hit from the previous summer.
Here now are Smokey and the Miracles with a genuine killer bee,
the greatest sound you never heard-- "If Your Mother Only Knew."

"If Your Mother Only Knew" - The Miracles
(September 1962, uncharted B side of "Way Over There")

From the Motown vaults straight to
your ears on S-P-M-M Retro Radio...
you just heard a song that shoulda
been, coulda been and woulda been
a hit... if only it had been released as
the A side of that poor selling single. 
Stay out on the floor. You'll be
beggin' for more when you hear
this next Niagara Nifty.


This cat takes a toe hold,
cuts from the heels and - POW!
It's Thurston Harris and his
claim to fame- "Little Bitty
 Pretty One!"

"Little Bitty Pretty One" - Thurston Harris
(Nov./Dec. 1957, highest chart pos. #2 R&B/#6 Hot 100/#9 Cash Box)

Up there where the air is rare, that was Thurston Harris reaching the top 3
R&B with his signature song and biggest hit "Little Bitty Pretty One."
Singing background on that record were The Sharps, a group that
later called themselves The Rivingtons. 


If you're just tuning in, I'm Joe Niagara, The Rockin' Bird, one of the
Good Guys from Wibbage, WIBG Philadelphia, moonlighting as
a member of The Shady Bunch DJ team here on S-P-M-M...
the station with personality. We're right in the middle
of a 7-in a row, non-stop, commercial free cruise -
one solid gold Niagara Nifty after another. 


I told you so - on this one.
Weeks ago on the air, I said
it would be a hit... and now
it is. Bob Kuban And The
In-Men tell us about--
"The Cheater!" 

"The Cheater" - Bob Kuban And The In-Men
(Feb./Mar. 1966, highest chart pos. #12 Hot 100/#15 Cash Box)

From Saint Louie... you just heard a great one - "The Cheater," by drummer
Bob Kuban and his band The In-Men featuring Walter Scott on lead vocals.
Their only major hit, "The Cheater" brushed the top 10 in March 1966. 

You're listening to The Rockin' Bird
of Wibbage, knockin' you out with my
Nifties of the Past. Time now for more
dreamy doo-wop from Brooklyn, NY.
It's a dusty, rusty relic that missed the
chart but went straight to the heart.


See if you agree, this one starts out
like "The Great Pretender." Here are
Malcolm Dodds And The Tunedrops
singing-- "It Took A Long Time!" 

"It Took A Long Time" - Malcolm Dodds And The Tunedrops
(July 1957, uncharted)

The stuff that dreams are made of... from
the summer of '57, the sound in your ear
was that of the fabulous Malcolm Dodds
And The Tunedrops singing "It Took A
Long Time." The group released three
singles that year on George Goldner's
End Records but they all fell short of
the chart. The End label was home to
much more successful acts including
The Flamingos, The Chantels and
Little Anthony & The Imperials. 


This lady had beaucoup RBIs - the "R" for
"Records Batted In." Here's one of her best.
Motown's Mary Wells is seeing double...
torn between-- "Two Lovers!" 

"Two Lovers" - Mary Wells
(Dec. 1962/Jan. 1963, highest chart pos.
#1 R&B/#7 Hot 100/#10 Cash Box)

Flying high... like a Rockin' Bird in the sky... from the early weeks
of 1963, that was sultry soul songstress Mary Wells with "Two Lovers,"
her second number one hit right behind "You Beat Me To The Punch."

Time's up and Niagara must leave
you now. I had a ball with this blast
from the past and I hope you did too.


Stay tuned. Coming up on the flip side of
news, Bud's Budding Blossoms, Christine,
Denise, Sharon, Janice and Melissa, the
teen queens from Bud's Drive-in, will be
here to refresh your musical memory with
This Bud's for You... and I'll be back soon
with another stack of Knocked-out Nifties
on S-P-M-M Retro Radio. To play us off,
here is Ron Holden along with his group
The Thunderbirds and a sizzler from '60 -
their top 5 record "Love You So." Now
this is Joe Niagara, The Rockin' Bird,
saying so long, be good and take care!

"Love You So" - Ron Holden With The Tunderbirds
(June 1960, highest chart pos. #5 Cash Box/#7 Hot 100/#11 R&B)

Friday, August 19, 2022

Strange Magic Being Erica - Vol. 2:
Right Place - Wrong Time

...and the cow was returned to its rightful owner.

And that's the latest from S-P-M-M news...
fast, up-to-the-minute, completely fake
and proud of it. Now stand by for

S T R A N G E   M A G I C
B E I N G   E R I C A

on the station that's #1 for music and fun - S-P-M-M!

"Got My Mind Set On You" - George Harrison
(Dec. 1987/Jan. 1988, highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100 & Cash Box)

Kicking-off the show, that
was George Harrison with
"Got My Mind Set On You,"
one of three chart-topping
hits for Harrison as a solo
artist. As you well know,
George was a great song-
writer, but "Got My Mind
Set On You" is actually a
cover of a song originally
waxed in 1962 by James
Ray, an American
R&B singer.

Hello again! I'm
Erica Strange.
As you might recall,
I'm the time traveling
main character on the
Canadian TV dramedy
Being Erica.

Welcome to the second edition of
S T R A N G E   M A G I C
B E I N G   E R I C A
coming to you exclusively here on S-P-M-M
Retrosonic RadioI'm excited to be moonlighting
as a member of The Shady Bunch deejay staff.

Strange Magic Being Erica
brings you the greatest
soft rock, new wave and
pop sounds of the 70s
and 80s. Sometimes I'll
even take you all the way
back to the late 60s.

On my Being Erica TV series
I change clothes a lot. I'll be
doing the same thing here on
S-P-M-M... even though I'm
hosting a radio show. Hey,
don't laugh. It makes
perfect sense to me!

Okay, let's get back to
the music and the magic.
By now you might know
that I love ELO.


Electric Light Orchestra is the Beatlesque English band co-founded
and led by Jeff Lynne. Here's a song that literally came from
Out of the Blue, ELO's 1977 album- "Sweet Talkin' Woman!"

"Sweet Talkin' Woman" - Electric Light Orchestra
(Mar./April 1978, highest chart pos. #17 Hot 100/#18 Cash Box)

From the spring of 1978 that was
ELO doing "Sweet Talkin' Woman,"
a single that brushed the top 5 in
the UK and went top 20 stateside.

You're time traveling with Erica
and up next is Phil Seymour,
a talented singer, songwriter,
drummer and musician from
the American heartland.


Phil played drums and bass and
sang with the Dwight Twilley Band.
He then went solo and had a hit
with a song he wrote--
"Precious To Me." 

"Precious To Me" - Phil Seymour
(Feb./Mar. 1981, highest chart pos. #22 Hot 100/#29 Cash Box)

From Oklahoma, that was Phil Seymour with his only hit,
"Precious To Me." The single brushed the top 20 in
the late winter and early spring of 1981. Sadly,
Phil took ill and died at the age of 41.


Now here's another gifted singer, songwriter
and musician, Gary Wright. Gary was a child
actor and later a member of the British rock
band Spooky Tooth. As a solo artist in the
mid 70s, Gary and his two hit singles
helped establish the synthesizer as an
important instrument in pop and rock.
The first of those hit songs is the one
you're hearing right now. The title
is an expression made popular by
John Lennon in his 1970 song
"God." Here's Gary Wright on
The Midnight Special doing  his
signature song "Dream Weaver"

"Dream Weaver" - Gary Wright" - George Harrison
(Feb./Mar. 1976, highest chart pos. #1 Cash Box/#2 Hot 100)

That was Gary Wright doing his breakthrough
hit "Dream Weaver," a single that went all the
way to #1 on the Cash Box chart, but stopped
at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, denied the
top spot by two other records, The Four
Seasons' "December, 1963 (Oh, What a
Night)" and Johnnie Taylor's "Disco Lady." 


If you're just tuning in, I'm Erica Strange
and this is Strange Magic Being Erica...
We're plowing through 7-in-a-row on
S-P-M-M. Now here's another cool
sound of the 70s by the British glam
band The Sweet. Check 'em out as
they do their last international hit--
"Love Is Like Oxygen!"

"Love Is Like Oxygen" - Sweet
(May/June 1978, highest chart pos. #8 Hot 100 & Cash Box)

The Sweet sound of success - 
a top 10 U.S. hit for the
Brit glam rockers in
the spring of 1978.


Erica Strange keeping you company on
S-P-M-M Retro Radio. Earlier, we saw
and heard Gary Wright in the mid 70s
singing about the "Dream Weaver."
Here's another dreamy song that
was hot more than a decade later.
It's by Debbie Gibson, the pride
of Long Island, New York. Here's
Debbie with her gem of the dance-
pop freestyle genresher debut
single "Only In My Dreams!"

"Only In My Dreams" (retro-mix) - Debbie Gibson
(July/Aug. 1987, highest chart pos. #4 Hot 100/#6 Cash Box)

From the spring and summer of 1987, that was Debbie Gibson with
"Only In My Dreams," a record that spent a whopping 28 weeks
on the chart and reached its zenith in the top 5 on the Hot 100.

Remember the episode of my television series Being Erica (above) when
I traveled back to the year 1969 and wore that groovy multi-colored dress?
How I wish I could have just stayed there forever. But, to my dismay,
when blinked my eyes, I found myself stranded here in 2022.
Let me tell you, I was in the right place... but I must have
picked the wrong time. This guy knows what
I'm talking about. Here's Dr. John!  

"Right Place Wrong Time" - Dr. John
(June/July 1973, highest chart pos. #9 Hot 100/#11 Cash Box)

From the spring and summer
of 1973, you just listened to
"Right Place Wrong Time"
performed by one of the
pioneers of swamp rock -
zinger and piano player
Malcolm Rebennack,
better known as "Mac"
and best known as Dr. John.
The platter finished in the
top 10, making it the
biggest hit of his career.

Oh my, Shady just drew his finger across
his throat, the signal for me to "cut," and
that means I need to wrap up my second
show here on S-P-M-M. Before I forget,
I want to invite you to watch my TV
series Being Erica, now streaming
on Hulu and on Amazon Prime.


To play us off, here's another one from ELO,
the theme song of my show, "Strange Magic."
Stick around. Coming up on the B side of
news, it's The Rockin' Bird, Joe Niagara,
who will spin a stack of knocked out nifties
of the past, and I'll be back soon with more
songs from the soundtrack of your youth on
Strange Magic Being Erica. See you then!

"Strange Magic" - Electric Light Orchestra
(Apr./May 1976, highest chart pos. #14 Hot 100 & Cash Box)

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Loris in Bloom


"Yesterday Once More" - The Carpenters
(July/Aug. 1973, highest chart position
#1 Cash Box & Easy Listening/#2 Hot 100

Kicking off the show, musical siblings Karen & Richard, The Carpenters,
and "Yesterday Once More," a chart-topping hit from the summer
of 1973 that reminisces about songs of a generation gone by.

Hello, I'm Loris Webb... 

an 80 year old granny (above)...

who's been mysteriously transformed...

into a bloomin' 20-something hottie! (below)

 on the Australian science fiction mystery TV series Bloom

I'm not my daughter's age. I'm my granddaughter's age!

I guess you could call me a late bloomer Boomer.

Here's how it happened.
 A year after a devastating flood killed five people in my
idyllic country town in Victoria, a mysterious new plant
began to appear. Soon it was discovered that the plant,
unlike the "Audrey Junior" in Little Shop of Horrors,
does not sing... and does not eat people. 

When consumed, the plant's berry
has the power to restore youth! 
For aging locals like me, it was a gift of
power beyond our wildest imagining. 

This Fountain of Youth in edible form is a miracle that some townsfolk
will kill to keep secret. (No hearing it through the grapevine.)
Maybe we should call those berries the grapes of wrath.

My friend Gwen, who was in my 1961 high school graduating class,
has been gobbling up those tutti frutties like there's no tomorrow.
(Hint: there might not be a tomorrow.)  

 Clearly, this is not your granddaddy's Please Don't Eat the Daisies. When Gwen
and I and other grannies and granddads turn young again, all we want to do is
raise hell, shag and keep eating those bewitched berries. Simply put, in our
little town, the boomers muncha buncha bloomers and act like they're
reborn to be wild! To complicate matters, there aren't enough
plants and berries to go around, and if you stop taking
those purple pep pills, the effect quickly wears off
and ZAP! - You're Morganized  old again! 

Now that you know our story, I welcome you to a sneak peek at my radio show
Loris in Bloom
exclusively here on S-P-M-M Retrosonic Radio. The oldies I play will
make Boomers like us feel young again, get us singing and dancing...
 maybe even doing some romancing. So get set to relive the
glory days of your bloomin' Boomer youth as my
7-song-in-a-row block party continues!

A few days ago,
when I was 80...
I was meek, mild-
mannered... and
aging gracefully.


Now, after taking Love Potion No. 9 in the form of those purple pellets
and turning 60 years younger, I wanna rock & roll all night and party
every day. Thanks to that perplexing plant... all I wanna do is root.

This metamorphosis, this extreme makeover, has me baffled and bewildered. 
Somehow I have gone back to the future... been given the present of the past...
 and as far as my body and libido are concerned, it's "Yesterday Once More." 

When I turned 60 years younger
overnight, it was a fresh start.
It felt like a warm breeze
was blowing into my life. 


To help explain the feeling, I'm going
to play a German song re-written in
English by composer Johnny Mercer
and recorded by Frank Sinatra, a
chart-topping Easy Listening hit
for The Sultan of Swoon. Listen
now as Ol' Blue Eyes turns back
the clock to 1966 and makes
you young again singing--
"Summer Wind." 

"Summer Wind" - Frank Sinatra
(Sept./Oct. 1966, highest chart position
#1 Easy Listening/#25 Hot 100/#26 Cash Box

Summer breeze makes me feel high,
and I lost you to the "Summer Wind."
That was cool as a cucumber crooner
Francis Albert Sinatra with his #1
charting single from the fall of
1966, a song from the album
Strangers in the Night

These two are frequent flyers on
S-P-M-M Retro Radio, and for
good reason. The Niagara Falls
brother - sister duo Nino Tempo
and April Stevens were smooth,
polished, poised, professional
and oh so talented. Just before
Christmas in 1965, Nino and
April appeared on Dick Clark's
American Bandstand and sang
"Begin The Beguine," the Cole
Porter song introduced in the
1935 Broadway musical Jubilee

"Begin The Beguine" - Nino Tempo And April Stevens
(from 1964 album Nino And April Sing The Great Songs,
perf. on Dec. 18, 1965, ep. of American Bandstand

If you're just tuning in, I'm Loris Webb...
the late bloomer Boomer, the little old lady
from Padasena the land of Oz... 

... transformed by a peculiar petunia
and its bewitched beans into a younger
me - and I don't mean a little younger -
I mean a lot younger. I'm the budding,
blossoming beauty I was in my early 20s.
Let's put it this way. That perplexing plant
(I've named him Robert) has been berry
berry good to me! (BA-DUM-BUMP)
And I assure you that I'm no shy violet. 

Now, let's get back to the music from
my (and your) Boomer youth. 'Twas
the spring of 1960 and I was close
to the age I am now thanks to
Halle Berry (yep, I named her)
... the fruit of that funky vine.


The Everly Brothers, Phil and Don, were topping the charts
in countries all over the world with their song- "Cathy's Clown." 

"Cathy's Clown" - The Everly Brothers
(May/June 1960, highest chart position
#1 Hot 100/#1 Cash Box/#1 R&B/#1 UK) 

That was "Cathy's Clown," the biggest selling record of The Everly Brothers'
long career. The single spent five weeks at #1 on Billboard and Cash Box,
seven weeks at #1 in the UK and topped the U.S. R&B chart for one week. 

Loris Webb at the mic on S-P-M-M Retrosonic Radio... the station that
makes you feel young again and berry berry happy.  This is my new show
Loris in Bloom
inspired by the Australian fantasy mystery TV series Bloom.  The songs I'm
playing help tell the amazing true story of how I shed six decades overnight. 

Now that I've gone from 80 to 20, I've hit a speed bump. My daughter
has now assumed the role of my nagging mother. She even tried to
ground me for acting like such a tart. The good news is that I've
become besties with my granddaughter. It's ladies night down
at the corner pub and she and I plan to close the joint. 

This next fellow is no stranger
to the top of the chart. In 1960,
Chubby Checker's cover of the
Hank Ballard song "The Twist"
reached #1 and ignited a world-
wide dance craze. (I remember
doing "The Twist" here in the
Outback.) In 1961, Chubby
scored one of the biggest
records of the year with
another "Twist" song. 


Chubby Checker chants:
"Let's Twist Again!" 

"Let's Twist Again" - Chubby Checker
(July/Aug. 1961, highest chart pos. 
#3 Cash Box/#8 Hot 100)

Gonna do The Twist and it goes like this!  From the summer of '61,
that was Chubby Checker milking the dance craze he started
for all it was worth and landing in the top 3 winner's circle
with his follow-up hit, "Let's Twist Again."  

I'm running out of time (in more
ways than one), and I hope you
enjoyed this sneak preview of
Loris in Bloom
...the new radio show that will
magically make you young again,
coming soon to Shady's Place.
Speaking of magic, stay tuned.
Coming up on the flip side of
Gary Owens' news, it's my new
best friend Erica Strange with
another edition of her series
Strange Magic Being Erica
right here on S-P-M-M...
the station that brings
you Retrosonic songs in
bloomin' Futuresonic
Stereo Surround


To play us off, Jewel Akens on Shindig! telling us about 
"The Birds And The Bees!" Now this is Loris Webb leaving
you with sound advice: Never grow up - never grow old! 

"The Birds And The Bees" - Jewel Akens
(Feb./Mar. 1965, highest chart pos. #2 Cash Box/#3 Hot 100,
#21 R&Bperformance on Feb. 10, 1965, ep. of Shindig!)