Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Meet Bud's Budding Blossoms - 60s Teenagers
Christine, Denise, Sharon, Janice and Melissa!

After school, and often until late at night,
my friends and I satisfied our hunger for
good music in the Shady Dell dance hall.

We satisfied our hunger for good food and pleasant
conversation at Helen Ettline's snack counter.

Today I begin a new series that pays tribute to
another popular York area hangout for teenagers -

Bud's was located
on South George St.
extended, just across
the hill from the
Shady Dell.

Like the Dell, Bud's was a meeting spot for
teenagers from various area high schools.

Bud's offered good food and a great
selection of tunes on the jukebox.

As it was at The Shady Dell in its early
years, Bud's started out as an ice cream
parlor operating under a different name
and owned by the Fitz brothers. From
1958 to '74, the restaurant was owned
by Bud Markey. Bud's featured indoor
booths and additional seating at tables
outdoors. Going to Bud's was a unique
experience because every booth was
equipped with a "bat phone" - a red
telephone that you used to place
your order to the kitchen staff.
A waitress appeared a short
time later with your food.

In this series entitled This Bud's For You, my assistants,
Bud's Budding Blossoms aka The Budettes, the girls
hovering around Bud's jukebox, will play their
favorite songs from the mid 60s to 1970,
the years I hung out at Bud's Drive-in.
I'd like you to meet them!

The trio of Shady's helpers below represents
the gang of teenagers making the scene at
Bud's in the mid 60s (1963 thru early '67). 

Selecting a song
in the foreground
is the ponytailed
redhead Christine.
On the left behind
her you see Denise
aka "Deenie," the
pretty brunette in
purple. On the
right, meet their
smiling blonde
friend Sharon.

And in this scene at left,
representing the teenagers
at Bud's in the later 60s,
(mid 1967 through 1970),
meet Janice preparing
to pick a song at the
keyboard, and her
bestie, Melissa
behind the box.

Now that you've met Bud's Budding Blossoms,
why not have a taste of the musical menu at


CHRISTINE: I'm picking B-3
to play a record that was hot
during the Christmas season
in 1963. In York and in cities
and towns across the country,
high school football rivalries
were occasionally played out
at spots far from the gridiron,
and Bud's parking lot was no
exception. Set to the tune of
the University of Wisconsin's
fight song, and featuring the
girl group The Honeys as the
voices of the cheerleaders,
here are The Beach Boys
urging every one of us to:
"Be True To Your School!"

"Be True To Your School" - The Beach Boys
(Dec. 1963, highest chart pos. #6 Hot 100/#8 Cash Box)

SHARON: I'm pressing H-9
because I wanna hear singer -songwriter Neil Diamond's
first big hit. The record was originally intended to be a
demo, but with songwriting
partners Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich producing it and  prominently heard on back-
ing vocals and hand-claps,
the finished product was
too good to waste. From
the fall of 1966, a single
that brushed the top 5 on
Billboard and on Cash Box.
Troubadour Neil Diamond
sings-- "Cherry, Cherry! 

"Cherry, Cherry" - Neil Diamond
(Oct. 1966, highest chart pos. #6 Hot 100 & Cash Box)

DENISE: I get a kick out of
Sam The Sham and his Dallas
based band The Pharaohs.
I'm keying in P-7 to play
the group's.third single
and third novelty hit in
row in a single year.
It's Thanksgiving 1965
at Bud's Drive-in, and
here are Sam The Sham
And The Pharaohs
cracking the top 30 on
the Cash Box chart
with-- "Ring Dang Doo!"

"Ring Dang Doo" - Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs
(Oct./Nov. 1965, highest chart pos. #28 Cash Box/#33 Hot 100,
live performance on Oct. 25, 1965, episode of Hullabaloo)


JANICE: It's the spring of 1968
at Bud's, and I'm selecting L-12
to play the latest record by one
of the top female artists of the
rock and roll era, sultry soul
siren Dionne Warwick. This
is one of the many hit songs
given to Dionne by the ace
composing team of Burt
Bacharach and Hal David.
The needle's in the groove.
Here's Dionne Warwick
and her top 10 single
"Do You Know The
Way To San Jose."

"Do You Know The Way To San Jose" - Dionne Warwick
(May 1968, highest chart pos. #10 Hot 100 & Cash Box/#23 R&B)

MELISSA: I'm picking R-8 because
I love this groovy sound by the
South African folk rock group
Four Jacks And A Jill featuring
lead singer Glenys Lynne. The
same month Dionne Warwick
was riding high on the chart
with "San Jose," Four Jacks
And A Jill became the only
South African recording act
to reach the U.S. Hot 100,
and they did it with this song.
Hot on Bud's box in the spring
of 1968, here are Four Jacks
And A Jill with their top 10
American hit-- "Master Jack!"

"Master Jack" - Four Jacks And A Jill
(May 1968, highest chart pos. #10 Cash Box/#18 Hot 100)

That does it for this sneak preview of my
my new series This Bud's For You coming
to Shady's Place in 2022. Many thanks to
Bud's Budding Blossoms: Janice, Melissa,
Christine, Denise and Sharon, for feeding
the old jukebox and playing the top tunes
from the golden years at Bud's Drive-in.

I leave you with another nugget from Bud's
box. The Hal David - Burt Bacharach song
"Wishin' And Hopin," was first recorded by
Dionne Warwick and released as the B side
of Dionne's poor selling 1963 single
"This Empty Place."


Covered the following year by this lady - English blue-eyed soul diva Dusty Springfield -
the song became an international hit, top 5 stateside. Now for the whole gang at
Bud's this is emcee Shady saying so long and remember-- This Bud's For You!

"Wishin' And Hopin" - Dusty Springfield
(June/July 1964, highest chart pos. #4 Cash Box/#6 Hot 100)


  1. Look at those prices. And I bet all the meals were normal size and not the super size people stuff down their gullets now.
    That's cool Bud's and the Dell could operate together and not e competition.
    I think Twisted Sister did a remake called Be Cruel to Your School - was that a twist on Be True to Your School?

    1. Hi, Alex!

      Welcome back, good buddy! Thanks for returning to reclaim the Early Bird spot at Shady's Place.

      I'm glad you enjoyed looking over the menu at Bud's Drive-in, another popular York area hangout for teens like me. I sure could go for one of those Budburger Plates with fries and cole slaw. It might just be a matter of viewing the past through Rose-Colored Glasses (see Dr. Don Rose), but it seems like the burgers and a whole lot of other things were better back then.

      I'm pleased that you also enjoyed Bud's musical menu. I just returned from YouTube where I watched for the first time the official music video for Twisted Sister's "Be Chrool To Your Scuel" feat. Alice Cooper, a song from the T.S. album Come Out And Play released in November, 1985. Clearly the title was inspired by the Beach Boys song, but that's where similarity ends. As you might have noticed, there are zombies in the video, no doubt intended to capitalize on zombiemania that was sweeping the country following the release a few months earlier in the summer of '85 of Day Of The Dead, the third film in George A. Romero's zombie trilogy. The "Chrool.. Scuel" video begins with the following disclaimer by Twisted Sister leader Dee Snider: "Our videos are simply meant to be cartoons with human actors." Nevertheless, the video was banned by MTV on the grounds that it was too offensive, and the album marked the beginning of the band's decline and eventual break-up.

      Thanks again for coming early, good buddy Alex, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. I knew every tune! At first I didn't think I knew Master Jack but as soon as I heard it I absolutely remembered it! We had a similar hang out like Bud's called Did 'n Suds. It was a drive thru and that's where you cruised and went to see who was dating who. The music came from the car radio! I loved those prices on the menu! Of course I was only making 1.25 working at the movie theater! I don't think there was a place like the Dell in our area but I might have to check with my older brother to make sure. But then I think the Dell was truly a unique, one of a kind place! Have a good week. Stay cool! The country is heating up!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Thanks for hurrying over to become the Early Bird runner-up, dear friend! I hope everything's on the upswing in your world this week. I appreciate your visit!

      I'm excited to learn that you know all of the songs played on the jukebox by "Bud's Budding Blossoms" aka "The Budettes" - Bud's Drive-in's answer to The Shady Dell's "Dellettes."

      Yessum, "it's a strange strange world we live in, Master Jack," and I was thrilled to find that brilliantly remastered/remixed version of the hit single on the Music Enhancement Channel. Thanks to that YouTuber's artistry, the recording sounds better than ever.

      I'm happy to know you had a venue similar to Bud's in your part of Chicago. Yessum, I'd be very interested in knowing if your older brother remembers a place anything like The Shady Dell. I am starting to think our Dell was indeed unique, and original Dell rats were very lucky to have had the opportunity to experience it.

      Thanks again for checking out this sneak preview of "This Bud's For You" - a new series coming soon to Shady's Place. Stay safe and well and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa!

  3. Hi Shady!

    I agree with Alex. Look at those prices! The portions were probably friendlier than they are now today. Ah, simple times.

    That's awesome you had two places to go and what's even better: The Dell of Bud's weren't in competition. It's beautiful when we don't compete and just welcome everyone. Two places that filled your youth.

    I loved these songs, though most are new to me. I've never really listened to Dionne Warwick, but SNL made fun of her in two sketches last season. Now I get this sketch thanks to you:

    Thanks for the entertainment this morning, dear friend. Have a great day!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      I'm sure you are still basking in the afterglow of having been Rick-Rolled not once, but twice, and I thank you for dropping in and experiencing the sneak preview of yet another new Shady's place series This Bud's For You featuring The Budettes from my old haunt Bud's Drive-in. FYI - The Budettes are based on the actual group of girls from my high school that I remember hanging out with at Bud's.

      Yessum, I'm sure the portions served at Bud's were reasonable, but I doubt they offered GF choices. :) Yessum, The Dell and Bud's coexisted peacefully on opposite sides of the same hill. Teens often hopped back and forth between the two venues, checking out the crowds at both. The Dell was a four to five minute drive from my house. I'd say it took only three minutes for me to drive to Bud's.

      I followed your link and got a laugh out of the Dionne Warwick Talk Show sketch on SNL. I'm amazed because that woman sounds a heck of a lot like the real Dionne when speaking and when singing. I noticed that she closed the show by singing her "San Jose" hit. I see that one of Dionne's guests was MGK! That should have pleased you. :)

      Thanks again for joining the fun, dear friend JM, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    2. Hi Shady,

      Yeah, I'd probably be hard-pressed to find something at Buddy's. Granted, I'd be hard-pressed to find something GF anywhere in the 1950s until recently. Talking to older Celiacs, they all tell me that I should be grateful that I was just diagnosed now, in a time where there's more options because when they were younger there were none. I could see that. I was born lactose intolerant. Mom couldn't feed me dairy formula and she often had a hard time finding lactose free, soy, anything non-dairy. I could tolerate goat milk, but she eventually settled on soy. I never bought lunch at school because once the lunch lady forced me to take milk, when I didn't want it since I couldn't have it. Anything with lactose mixed in, I had issues with.

      Anyway, I'm so glad SNL got Dionne Warwick right! I'm not too familiar with her, but she seems like a diva. I might have to YouTube her later. Yes, MGK did please me. I'll have to send you part II, she tried having him back.

      I look forward to hearing more from this series, dear friend! I like the songs and the history. It seems like these simpler times were better in some respects, but not in others. This sounds wholesome.

      Have a great day, dear friend!

    3. Hi again, Jessica Marie!

      Thanks for returning to chat, dear friend!

      Yessum, you are lucky to have suitable options available for your condition. I'm sure you would have had a rough time in the 1950s when there was little understanding of the problem.

      Yessum, I would say Dionne Warwick is somewhat of a diva. Dionne turned kinda spooky on us in the 1970s, relying on psychics to guide her career choices. Some of her decisions didn't work out as well as planned and she went into a slump. That bit on SNL is really well done. The woman who imitates Dionne nails her speaking voice, her singing voice and her blunt attitude. It's funny how she dismisses MGK seconds after he sits down.

      Thanks again for coming and have a wonderful day, dear friend JM!

    4. Hi Shady,

      I'm glad SNL got her spot on! I might have to see if there is anything on YouTube about her early behaviour. I'm curious now. Do you remember from when she was on the Apprentice? I never watched it - DJT has always bothered me and the way he talks. UGH. One day I might have to have a Dionne Warwick day to just study her. Ha!

      Ego Nwodim is amazing. She's funny and the daughter of two Nigerian immigrants. She often makes fun of those experiences. :D

      I was telling an older friend that I never realized that Dusty Springfield was a woman. I heard of the name, but listening on the radio, I never put the voice with the name. I always assumed the name "Dusty" was a male. Thanks for correcting me, dear friend.

      Have a great Thankful Thursday!

    5. Hi again, Jessica Marie!

      To answer your question, I bailed out of The Apprentice after the first three seasons, and therefore don't remember Dionne appearing on The Celebrity Apprentice 4 aka The Apprentice 11 in 2011. Yessum, I agree that Ego Nwodim is marvelous.

      Regarding Dusty Springfield, did you know that she was a queer icon? I read the following: << Springfield was a plain, albeit tomboyish child who earned the name ‘Dusty’ playing football with the boys on the street outside the family home in Ealing. >> << The common denominator in most tributes written after Springfield’s untimely passing is the mention of her “subversiveness.” Many attribute it to her appearance; with her false lashes, flamboyant hand gestures, and oversized wigs, she came to symbolize the joyful, defiant energy of the Swinging Sixties. And as Juliana Smith writes in The Queer Sixties, “she pushed accepted notions of femininity to absurd extremes and thus, even if unwittingly, subverted the iconography of what it means to look like—and be—a “girl.” >> << Though her sexuality was an open secret to the gay community, the fact that Springfield was a lesbian is not common knowledge today, thanks in part to the legacy of homophobia that left prominent queer figures in constant fear of being outed. >> (Source:

      Happy TT, dear friend JM!

    6. Hi Shady,

      WOW! Dusty's story is amazing. I never knew that, but as someone who is younger, I probably wouldn't have. I love listening to the older generation who identify as queer. Their stories are so powerful and it's amazing how many things changed for the better, but we are still fighting.

      I read that Dusty died in 1999, from breast cancer. :( Wow, what a legacy! What a legacy indeed.

      Have a great Friday and holiday weekend, dear friend. I turn 32 on Sunday - can you believe it?! Taking a day trip to Atlantic City on Monday. I'll be blogging again, eventually.

      Enjoy! :)

    7. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thanks for returning to read my reply and learn more about the late great Dusty Springfield, dear friend! Yessum, Dusty was stricken with cancer and died too soon.

      Sunday's your big day - born on the 4th of July - and I want to wish you a very happy 32nd birthday and a year of happiness and prosperity. Have fun and stay safe on your trip to Atlantic City, dear friend JM!

  4. I heard of most of these songs! I really like the Neil Diamond song and Dusty Springfield(I love her name) which that song was showcased on a romcom with Julia Roberts-My Best Friend's Wedding. Great minds think alike with Sam the Sham( wait until tomorrow) but I never heard of that song but I always get a kick out of the Go-Go Dancers. Seeing the menu and those prices makes me think of my mom's menus when she had her restaurant in 1958 to 1959. The prices are so cheap but better quality food. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      Thanks for coming down to meet the Budettes from Bud's Drive-in, dear friend!

      I'm glad most of the records the gals played rang a bell. Thanks for singling out one of my personal favorites, Neil Diamond's Bang single "Cherry, Cherry," along with Brit girl Dusty's top 5 hit from the summer of 1964, "Wishin' And Hopin'." Yessum, a year or so ago, I posted the version of "Wishin' And Hopin'" used in the opening title sequence of My Best Friend's Wedding along with a couple of homemade video covers, as I recall. Seems like you are hinting that you have a Sam The Sham ditty in tomorrow's Weekly Song Challenge. I'll be there! Yessum, I don't like the dance troupe on Hullabaloo as much as the hoofers on some of the other TV music shows of the 60s because, IMO, they overdid it. They were simply too energetic, too frantic, to suit my taste. Sometimes less is more.

      Thanks for letting me know youR mom had a restaurant in the late 50s. Mrs. Shady's dad owned a restaurant in the Baltimore area and taught her the art of cooking and presentation.

      Thanks again for your kind visit and delightful comment, dear friend BB. See you tamale!

  5. No doubt about it. The Dionne Warwick song is the cream of the crop in this bunch. (just my opinion!)

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      Welcome back over to Shady's Place, dear friend! Bud's Budding Blossoms say howdy and thanks for checking out the sneak preview of their new series.

      I'm glad you found a favorite in the bunch: sultry soul sister Dionne Warwick's recording of the Bacharach - David composition "Do You Know The Way To San Jose," a top 10 hit for the diva in the spring of '68.

      Thanks again for coming by, dear friend Kelly. Please give my buddy Pat a good scratchin' and a treat from Shady and enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Hey there friend Shady! Just stopping by quickly before I take Benny for his walk (he's staring at me now!) I wish that there had been soda shops like this in my area or, more precisely, that I would have been able to go to them! About the closest I could come is an A & W Root Beer on the corner of our main street. I led a sheltered life - LOL. Thanks for the great music this afternoon! Have a wonderful week buddy.

    1. Hi, Janet!

      Thanks for being on hand for the preview of my new series This Bud's For You, dear friend! I hope you had a nice walk with Benny and that you gave him a bacon flavored Beggin' Strip when you got back home and told him a little white lie - that it was from Shady. :)

      That A & W Root Beer shop where you hung out in your youth sounds cool, but I do realize more and more how lucky I was to have two exciting venues for teenagers, The Shady Dell and Bud's Drive-in, both within a five minute drive of my house.

      Seems like you enjoyed the musical menu at Bud's, the jukebox records played by The Budettes. Stay tuned, because they'll be back soon for the official start of their series.

      Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Janet!

  7. That sounds like fun. It's fun to see some diners having an old school theme like these places too.

    I like The Beach Boys. Always have. Great song.

    Neil Diamond used to get played a lot when I was a kid My mom loved him so I knew that song.

    I've never herd Ring Dang Doo before but it's catchy.

    Look at the prices on those sandwiches and burgers. I think I remember prices close to those when I was little and my grandma would take me to the fast food places back in the 70's.

    When Dionne Warwick was on The Masked Singer, I knew who she was right away. That lady has a very distinct voice.

    I've never herd Master Jack but as I listen to some of these I wonder if my mom listened to them and liked them.

    I know Dusty Springfield though. She has a great voice.

    1. Hi, Mary!

      Thanks for swinging over, dear friend. I'm pleased to see you!

      You are one of my youngest commenting followers, Mary, and I'm delighted to know you are familiar with most of these Boomer era artists and recordings. There are two recorded versions of "Be True To Your School." I searched YouTube until I found a nice sounding video of the 45 rpm radio edit which includes the sound of the cheerleaders provided by The Honeys, the SoCal girl group which included Marilyn Rovel, who became the first wife of Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson. To me, the cheerleader sounds are what make the recording great. The album version does not have the cheering and pales in comparison.

      I'm glad those images of Bud's menu bring back memories of restaurant food prices when you were little. Yessum, Dionne Warwick has a distinctive smoky, sultry voice, and there is also a nasal quality to her vocals making it sound like she is singing with a cold. I happen to like that. Polly Brown, lead singer of the English band Pickettywitch, has a vocal quality and style similar to Dionne's. I suspect your mom knew "Master Jack," a major U.S. hit for Four Jacks And A Jill in the spring of '68.

      Thanks again for dropping by, dear friend Mary. Please give my buddy Falcor a pat on the noggin and a treat from Shady!

    2. You are delightful. I'm glad I found your blog. Falcor sends his hellos.

    3. :) Thanks, Mary! Can you tell I love dogs and miss my Toto?

  8. Tom,

    Another fun post naturally with filled with great music! What a nice idea to pay tribute to other teenage haunts from your youth!! Bud's looks like a nice place. How cool you have old menu images,too. I remember some of the old burger joints in rural WV. They made the best hamburgers. There was one called the Blue Swan we went to when I was really young. I guess I was under the age of 4. I don't know how I remember stuff like that but I sort of place things around events. I know my baby brother wasn't born yet and I was four and half when he arrived. Those prices make me smile. You can't eat out that inexpensive these days but that's just how the economy changes over the years. It's interesting to think while regular food dishes back then verses now was probably normal size as Alex pointed out but you candy bars are a different story. You pay more but it's no were near the size of candy bars from yesterday. When we eat out, even if it's getting a hamburger, DH and I always share because a burger plus an order of fries is plenty of food for the two of us. It's also really sweet to do. :) This is a great preview to a new series. I can't wait for others to roll out. Have a good evening, my friend!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      I'm delighted to see you, dear friend! Thanks for coming over on day one to experience this sneak preview of my new series "This Bud's For You" starring Bud's Budding Blossoms - The Budettes - illustrated characters based on the actual teenage girls that hung out with me at Bud's Drive-in during the 60s.

      I want to thank former Shady Dell owner Toni Deroche for sharing with me (and with you) those vintage images of the original menu from Bud's. I was surprised and thrilled when Toni sent them to me a while back. Thanks for telling me about The Blue Swan eatery in WV that you went to as a tot. As I mentioned in an earlier reply, the burgers and other food items seemed to taste better back in "the old days." Believe you me, I ate tons of fast food several times a week in my youth and never gained an ounce. On a typical night at the fast food joint, I would get two giant burger sandwiches, two orders of fries, a large milk shake and an apple pie and eat it all with ease. In fact, for years my challenge was trying to keep weight ON. I suppose I had a very good metabolism in my youth, lots of nervous energy. :) Yessum, sharing food is a sure sign that the romance is still alive in your marriage. You and DH are genuine love birds to be admired by all.

      I'm happy that you like this new series with The Budettes playing records on Bud's jukebox. Unlike the Dell, there was no dancing at Bud's. Therefore, most of the records The Budettes will play in this series will be the kind that were not played at the Shady Dell - songs that are more conducive to listening than to dancing.

      Thanks again for your kind visit and excellent comments, dear friend Cathy. I hope your week is off to a great start. I'll be seeing you again soon!

  9. Tom,

    You sound a lot like DH with weight issues from your teens. He was the same way. He ate anything he wanted and didn't gain an ounce. He was constantly active as most kids were in those days playing basketball, working in the garden, or whatever young boys do. I think when we started dating he weight 135 -140 pounds and he's 5'10, so that's pretty skinny. Wouldn't it be grand to eat like we did when we were younger and not have to worry about weight issues now? It's all about moderation these days. I love peeking back into someone's memories. You really bring yesterday into today making me feel like I was apart of it all. Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend, my friend!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      I'm happy to know you liked my story, dear friend, and thanks for sharing yours about how thin DH was when you started dating. When I was a boy, my aunt was always calling me "skinny." I was sensitive and hated when she used that word. Determined to beef myself up, I coaxed my parents into buying me those large cans of "weight gainer" protein powder at a health food store that sold nutritional supplements. You mixed the product with milk and drank it, and it was supposed to bulk you up, turn you into Hercules, so that bullies at the beach would no longer kick sand on you. :) The powder didn't help much, as I recall, and so I began deliberately overeating fast food. I already told you about the huge orders of burgers, fries, shakes and pies I ate as a teenager. When I went away to college, the practice continued. Every night, a couple hours after dinner, I'd be on the phone ordering delivery of a large pizza which I would eat all by myself, or maybe a foot-long double meat sub. This continued into my 30s. It wasn't until I met Mrs. Shady #2 in my late 30s and she got me hooked on her delicious home cooking that I was required to start watching my weight.

      Thank you very much for your kind Independence Day wishes. I wish the same for you, DH, your children and Little-A. Take care and thanks for your support, dear friend Cathy!

  10. Familiar with all these songs except "Master Jack", but I like that one, too. I'm surprised "Wishin' and Hopin" is from 1964. For some reason I thought it was a little later in the decade. Maybe it's because it's later in the '60s that I associate Dusty herself.

    As for Neil Diamond, though I read somewhere he doesn't necessarily think it was his best work, I quite like his '60s songs. Ever see The Last Waltz? In it Robbie Robertson cites the Brill Building songs as an influence on The Band, and hence Diamond's presence on stage among Bob Dylan and Neil Young. What he doesn't say is that he was producing Diamond's album at the time and needed to promote it, but that's all right.

    You've made me curious about York, Pennsylvania. I did some research and found a Cleveland connection. Playwright Ken Ludwig grew up in York, and his most well-known play is the farce Lend Me a Tenor, which is set in Depression-era Cleveland. It's not much but it's something.

    That's all I got.

    1. Hi, Kirk!

      Thanks for paying a midnight visit to Shady's Place, good buddy!

      I'm happy to have introduced you to "Master Jack," a great but seldom heard oldie recorded by the female fronted South African folk-rock group Four Jacks And A Jill. Lead singer Glenys Lynne turned age 76 back in May.

      The difference in our ages is telling, good buddy. I most associate recording star and LGBTQ icon Dusty Springfield with this 1964 hit, "Wishin' And Hopin," and with an even earlier hit single, "I Only Want To Be With You," released in November, 1963, exactly two weeks before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. At any rate, they are my two favorite songs by the artist.

      I am in total agreement with you in preferring Neil Diamond's 1960s output, including songs he wrote during the decade that became hits for other artists such as "I'm A Believer" and "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" for the Monkees, "And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind," a hit for former Paul Revere And The Raiders frontman Mark Lindsay, and "Kentucky Woman," notably waxed into a hit by Deep Purple. I have not seen The Last Waltz but thanks for the heads-up and background. I also appreciate knowing that York, PA, and Cleveland, Ohio, share a connection that practically makes them sister cities.

      Thanks again for taking a look and a listen as Bud's Budding Blossoms feed the jukebox at another popular York area venue, Bud's Drive-in, a restaurant located only a hop, skip and a jump from The Shady Dell. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend, good buddy Kirk!

  11. Maybe I am old and forget, but I don't remember ever going to Bud's. I remember the drive in and minature golf out in the east end of town where the mall went in later. Can't remember the name. Of course there was Ginos and the Ramona and later the 615. Jerre

    1. Hi, Jerre!

      Thanks for popping in, good buddy! Budettes Christine, Denise, Sharon, Janice and Melissa all say "Hello Stranger!" :)

      I went to Bud's during the same time frame I attended the Dell - from 1965 through '70 or early '71. As I recall, Bud's had a miniature golf course on the side of the hill next to the restaurant. I don't think I ever played golf there, but I played Bud's pinball machine. I'll never forget the time two high school buddies and I hooked out of school and spent the day hanging out at Bud's eating junk food, playing pinball and smoking cigars. I ask you, does life get any better than that? :)

      Gino's is where I stuffed myself with fast food several nights a week trying to bulk myself up and avoid being bullied in the years before I left for Penn State - an "institute of high and yearning." I discussed my nocturnal gluttony in my replies to friend Cathy (above). Remember the Jolly Cow ice cream and hot dog shop in the mall just east of Gino's? I enjoyed that shop. I ate many midnight breakfasts at The Ram. The only time I set foot inside the 615 Musical Lounge was once when a drunken high school buddy practically forced me under threat of violence to drive him there through a snowstorm on New Year's Eve 1966. Good times!

      Jerre, whatever you do, be sure to catch my next post beginning Monday. As an original Dell rat, it's certain to be of interest to you and will probably blow your mind as it did mine.

      Thanks again for stopping by, good buddy Jerre. Have a great 4th of July weekend!

    2. Forgot the Jolly Cow. How about Melvins and Playland. Also the drive in I mentioned in the other comment was Avalong Farms Dinner. I spent too much in the "Numbers" as we called it in 1970 right after I got out of the Corps. Should have been at the Dell, but booze and I thought I was older than the Dell crowd. Look forward to next post.

    3. Hi, Jerre!

      Thanks for circling back, good buddy!

      I certainly remember Playland, and I am the proud owner of a vintage "Motor Town Revue" poster that my cousin Bill in York shipped down to me. Near the end of May, 1963, the stars of Motown (inc. Marvin, Marvelettes, Mary and Miracles) appeared at Playland in a live show. You can view the colorful poster Bill sent me by scrolling down through this article about Playland:

      You spent too much at York's infamous Numbers Club at 615 E. Market. I spent too much in an infamous watering hole known as the My-O-My. :)

      Have a great weekend, good buddy Jerre, and thanks for letting me know you'll take a peek at Monday's post. You won't be sorry.

  12. Hi Bud's teens and Shady! Bud's looks like a pretty fun place to be, and the menu is so impressive-right up my alley! I mean...shrimp and scallops? Wow! The jukebox has some pretty good tunes on it to keep everyone moving and eating!

    Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs are such a cool group of guys! I don't recall "Ring Dang Doo", but I'll listen to anything they do. The video was great, and the guys are fun, talented performers.

    Neil Diamond is a cool guy-I remember "Cherry, Cherry" and always liked it. I am a great fan of Neil. He brought some music that was a little different, and stole our hearts with his style. I jumped on the surf genre with the Beach Boys, even started wearing madras tops and white jeans shorts! "Be True to Your School" is a favorite of mine, and I still know the words.

    Everything played on Bud's jukebox rocked today. I especially like Dusty Springfield, and was saddened by her early passing. She was a beauty and had a dynamic voice! "Wishin and Hopin" holds a special place in my top favs files, and I was so glad to hear it again. Her video was the best!

    This is a fun post. I bet Bud's was very popular, as it looks like a great place to meet, eat and bee bop around.

    Hope you are doing well, Shady. I apologize for being tardy again. Take care, dear friend, and have a safe July 4th.

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Thank you so much for making time to drop in, dear friend! No need to apologize for being tardy. I only hope you and Scootie are AOK and in good spirits. Besides, this post will continue to run all this weekend before being replaced by another special report on Monday. I hope you can check that one out because it blew my mind!

      Yessum, I think I remember ordering Bud's shrimp and scallops basket, and I know I got that Budburger plate with fries and cole slaw on many occasions. As I recall, the food came to your table in bright red plastic baskets that matched the red "bat phones" customers used to place their orders. Bud's certainly was a cool place and always jammed with teenage customers from various high schools. I remember at least one fist fight breaking out in the parking lot between a football player from my high school and a player from a rival team.

      What I am doing with this new series is covering some of the great records of the mid 60s that were not on my list of The 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell. In many cases, the songs the Budettes will play on the Bud box were not as conducive to dancing as "Dell songs" were. Kids at Bud's might have stood up and danced in place at their tables or in the aisle now and then, but there was no dance floor like there was at The Dell. Some, perhaps many teens who went to the Dell also hung out at Bud's as well as "The Oaks" - White Oaks Park - a dance venue on the opposite side of town where live bands appeared and the floor was even larger than that of the Dell.

      I was thrilled to come across that ultra rare clip of Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs performing on Hullabaloo. It's one of those YouTube custom sync-edits with remastered original studio sound laid over the existing archive footage. I'm pleased that you also singled out prolific, terrific singer/songwriter Neil Diamond along with that single by The Beach Boys featuring the cheering Honeys girl group. The album version of the song, which does not include the cheerleaders, just doesn't do it for me, yet it is the version found most often on YouTube these days. I'll bet you were a cutie in your beachy-keen outfits back in the day. :) The Dusty video is another special sync-edit. I am excited that so many YouTubers are getting into the practice of culling old clips from Ed Sullivan, Smothers Brothers, Hullabaloo, Shindig, Where The Action Is, Bandstand, Lloyd Thaxton, Shivaree, Hollywood A Go-Go and other shows and marrying the visuals to freshened up original studio sound. What a treat for a music blogger like me and music loving Boomer friends like you!

      Boy oh boy, are we getting the rain lately! We have had rain practically every day for a solid week, and at times it has been heavy. To top it off, now we have Hurricane Elsa bearing down on Florida, possibly striking us on Tuesday!

      Thanks again for setting aside time for a visit and for your wonderful comments, dear friend Suzanne. I wish you and Scootie a safe and restful holiday weekend!


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