Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Candy-Colored Clowns and Candy-Coated Songs :
Meet "The Lynch Mob" and Explore the Jarring Juxtaposition of Beauty and Terror!


One of my favorite directors, David Lynch...

Image courtesy of du-har @

 ...has mastered the use of innocent love songs to create a sense of uneasiness
as you watch his twisted tales of mystery and horror. As Lynch's characters
sing their songs, you can't shake the feeling that something bad is about
to happen. This subject came up recently when my friend Cathy and
I were discussing a song that I posted - "Triangle" by Janie Grant.
We agreed that Janie's teen-pop ditty would work well in a Lynch
 project. In addition to building suspense and apprehension,
pop songs are used as a counterpoint or contrapuntal
device, meaning that the lyrics and mood of the
music deliberately contradict the images
appearing on the screen. 

Meet "The Lynch Mob..."

...some of my favorite characters from David Lynch movies and TV series.
They will introduce a few songs that were actually used by Lynch in his
productions, along with a few other songs that are well suited for
the quirky director's darkside stories.

I'm FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks

Here's the type of sweet, innocent, tender love song that is used by David Lynch
to lull you into a false sense of security before he lowers the boom. Watch the
following video. At some point in the song, an uneasy feeling will creep in
and creep you out. If this were a scene from a scary movie, you would
know that something terrible is about to happen, but you wouldn't
know exactly what or when. The tension leading up to the actual
terror on the screen can become unbearable, and deliciously so. 


Imagine the lovely Paris Sisters, Priscilla, Albeth and Sherrell,
setting you up for the chainsaw massacre as they sweetly sing
their cover of Bobby Darin's "Dream Lover" on Bandstand

"Dream Lover" - The Paris Sisters
(June/July 1964, highest chart pos. #91 Hot 100/#94 Cash Box,
performance on June 27, 1964, ep. of American Bandstand

I'll have what they're havin'! Did you effen see that?

I'm Frank "Effen" Booth from the effen David Lynch film Blue Velvet,
and you just watched the effen Paris Sisters performing baby wants an
effen "Dream Lover" on a 1964 episode of American Bandstand

The sibling trio's biggest hit is another song that's effen Lynch perfect, and the
demented director used it in his 2017 Twin Peaks revival series. Imagine an
effen ax murder taking place as you listen to-- "I Love How You Love Me." 

"I Love How You Love Me" - The Paris Sisters
(Oct./Nov. 1961, highest chart pos. #5 Hot 100/#7 Cash Box

I'm Audrey Horne...
bad girl breaking badder
on Twin Peaks. That hit
single by The Paris Sisters,
"I Love How You Love Me,"
was produced by Phil Spector
...and so was this next one. 


You'll swear you're watching a
deleted scene from a David Lynch
thriller as you experience the sibs
in the British film It's Trad, Dad!
released in the U.S. as Ring-A-
Ding Rhythm! The Paris Sisters
ask the musical question--
"What Am I To Do"? 

"What Am I To Do" - The Paris Sisters
(B side of "Let Me Be The One," scene from
Mar. 1962 film It's Trad, Dad! aka Ring-A-Ding Rhythm!

I'm an aspiring young actress named
Betty Elms... or is it Diane Selwyn?
I'm confused and I know you are too.
Twenty years ago, David Lynch gave
my clone, actress Naomi Watts, her big
break and brought mind bending mystery to
theaters in Mulholland Drive. In this scene
from the film, Lynch makes effective use of
Linda Scott's hit "I've Told Every Little Star." 

"I've Told Every Little Star" - Linda Scott
(Apr./May 1961, highest chart pos. #3 Hot 100/#6 Cash Box,
scene from Oct. 2001 film Mulholland Drive

I'm Bob, the shapeshifting demon on Twin Peaks.


The pop/jazz standard "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" was first recorded
in 1931 by Ricky Nelson's dad Ozzie Nelson. A version by The Mamas
And The Papas with Cass Elliot on lead vocals was released as a
single in 1968 and brushed the top 10. 


LA-based YouTube star Anne Reburn took the dreamy ballad,
made it her own and performed it in a video that looks
like it was produced by David Lynch himself!

"Dream A Little Dream Of Me"
cover by Anne Reburn (Sept. 2019)

Hey there, we're Lula and Sailor from Wild At Heart.

 Here's another sweet and innocent hit by another sister act, also from LA.
They're Patience & Prudence (McIntyre). Like the other songs in this feature,
the one this sister duo made famous practically begs to be used as a suspense
builder or counterpoint song. Turns out it was featured in four episodes of
American Horror Story season 1 - Murder House and also in the psycho
thriller TV series You. Imagine Rubber Man impaling an unsuspecting
victim as Patience & Prudence sing-- "Tonight You Belong To Me." 

"Tonight You Belong To Me" - Patience And Prudence
(Sept./Oct. 1956, highest chart pos. #3 Cash Box/#4 Hot 100)

I'm back, you effen effer! 

Thought you were effen rid of me? Effen think again!
In 1963, effen rock & roll legend Roy Orbison scored a top 10 hit with the
song "In Dreams." In 1986, David Lynch used a re-recorded version of
Orbison's operatic ballad of lost love in his neo-noir mystery thriller
film Blue Velvetstarring yours bluntly, Frank effen Booth! 

"In Dreams" - Roy Orbison
(1986 re-recorded ver., scenes from Aug. 1986 film Blue Velvet

I'm The Log Lady. My log does not judge. That's your job. 

My inquiring log wants to know. Did you find "Sixteen Reasons" to like these
sweet but oh-so-creepy pop hits? The Lynch Mob has logged a lot of time here
at Shady's Place. As we bid you farewell... remember that the answer is within
the question, and if you shut your eyes you'll burst into flames. Sweet dreams! 

"Sixteen Reasons" - Connie Stevens
(scene from Oct. 2001 film Mulholland Drive


  1. Tom,

    Your opening song by the Paris Sisters I thought, "Why does that name sound familiar?" I loved their version of "Dream Lover" and it was with the second song, "I Love How You Love Me" that it clicked. However, when I heard the song on the reboot series I didn't know they really were a vintage song by a sister act from the year I was born. WOW! It's such a beautiful, beautiful song. I don't know why it didn't top the chart. We didn't watch Twin Peaks when it aired. It was decades later that we viewed it the series on Netflix. About the time we finished it, we learned of the reboot which we finally got to see last year when we subscribed to Showtime. It was just a every bit good and weird as the 90s TV show but overall I liked the original series best. In the same spread of time, we added Mulholland Drive another Netflix watch and while we had Showtime, we got to see Blue Velvet. It took me awhile to connect the dots that all of the movies were Lynch films. Heck, I saw David Lynch credited on the Twin Peaks series but it sorta rolled right out of my mind. Kyle McLaughlin was my favorite character in the series, especially the original. In the reboot, he played a dual role with one character a bit too dark but he did it well. I wondered if they might do a another series in the reboot but I haven't heard anything. I think I recall hearing Patience and Prudence's "Tonight You Belong to Me" in suspenseful movie settings and it might have been American Horror Stories season 1. That's a weird series. I think I watched season 2 and that was about all I could handle. Our son loves the series! You picked some great songs for this post. You need to work for David Lynch on his next production. :) Thanks for the mention and for the heads up on this post. Excellent content as always! Have a wonderfully Wild Wednesday, my friend!

    1. PS: I did not get email notification of this post but I have seen them come in later in the day. I will keep an eye out for it and if nothing shows in my inbox by tomorrow then there's a good chance that it finally stopped working.

    2. Hi, Cathy!

      Thanks for coming right over to claim the title of Early Bird, dear friend! I am responding to your two comments separately, so be sure to scroll down to the next comment box.

      I'm so very happy to have you here, because I knew you are familiar with David Lynch and his shows and films. I didn't know the extent of it, however. Turns out you have see more than I have, because I haven't yet seen the Twin Peaks reboot. I am thrilled to know you saw the original Twin Peaks, Mulholland Dr and Blue Velvet and therefore know almost all of the quirky characters who did the introductions on this special post. Dennis Hopper was a force to be reckoned with as hostile sociopath Frank Booth. I am also excited to know that you saw the Murder House season of AHS. I will be making reference to that in another post. By the way, the infamous Murder House is back in the brand new spin-off series called American Horror Stories (plural). I binge watched it as well as the latest season of AHS (singular) and thoroughly enjoyed both. I'm pleased to know that your son is a fan of that series.

      The Paris Sisters were so sweet they were scary. To my ears, the sound on their recordings, released in the early 60s, was a throwback to the sound of pop female and girl group recordings of the early to mid 50s, such as Patti Page's 1953 hit "(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?" (another good song title selection for today's WSC "dog" prompt), and "Mr. Sandman," the 1955 hit by The Chordettes. So, I believe the Paris Sisters style started to fade from popularity soon after they got started making records. "I Love How You Love Me," released in 1961, made the top 5. However, starting the following year, their records charted lower and lower, and by the time they released their cover of "Dream Lover" in the spring of 1964, The Beatles and British bands were all the rage and The Paris Sisters look and sound were fast becoming old hat. "Dream Lover" only made it to #91 on the chart!


    3. Thanks for checking on those email notifications, Cathy, and if there are any other followers who read this who depend on email notifications to keep up on Shady's Place posts, be advised that the notification widget has been disabled. From now on, you will simply need to bookmark my site and check back here every few days for new content.

      I also want to thank you again for visiting my archives yesterday, Cathy, and for pointing out that a number of embedded videos are missing from old posts. For the benefit of other followers who read the comments at Shady's Place, I will repeat what I told you (Cathy) yesterday. One of my main suppliers of videos, a YouTube channel that specializes in uploading brilliantly remastered and restored hybrid sync edit videos, had his account suspended by YouTube, wiping out hundreds of excellent performance videos of Boomer era songs, many of which I already used in earlier posts, and many more that I had embedded in drafts of future posts. It's a nightmare. I wish I had time to comb through all of my old posts and replace all the videos that have since been removed by the YouTube gremlins or by the uploader, but it would be all I ever got done in a day's time, and by the time I completed the sweep of all back posts, there would probably be more holes in the posts I just fixed. That's how it goes when you rely on YouTube. Vids are constantly being taken down and channels terminated over copyright violations, wreaking havoc with people like us who operate mewsic blogs. So thanks again for your interest and concern, dear friend Cathy. I wish you a wonderful Wednesday and thank you again, very much, for coming early and leaving such a great comment!

    4. Tom,

      Last night, when I retrieved my email you'll be happy to know that around 6-ish pm I got notification of THIS post. So, it's still working! I'll continue to keep a close, close eye on this to see. It helps to keep me on track with your daily visits right since that's the way I' sharing content. I probably will fall behind at some point but even if you don't post every day, it reminds me check our conversation log on our current post like this one. :)

      Trust me, I know how horrible it is to redo these broken YT vids. When I first got the plugin I mentioned, I had scores of links that needed something fixed but the biggest thing was the videos needed replacing. It took me months to take care of everything but I did it. The plugin thinks a restricted video is broken, too. But, those I usually do not replace since my largest audience is in the US. Over the years, I figured out that it's a good idea to include the artist name and song title either before or after my videos for my reference as well as those who are blocked from viewing it. I don't understand all the legalities but you'd thinking sharing music would increase sells for the artist. I know some would rip the songs to make bootleg copies but most folks aren't into that sort of thing. There's always a few bad apples to spoil it for everyone else. Just wondering, if I spot anymore broken vids, do you want me to flag them for you or not?

      In response to your comment just before this one, yes I am familiar with many of David Lynch characters. I meant to mention yesterday that I didn't know Mulholland Drive was Naomi Watt's big break. She was perfect in it, as well as the Netflix series, Stranger Things. By the way, any news on a new season coming out?

      Well, I'm off here for now. Just wanted to make sure I stopped by first thing this morning before I forgot to tell you about getting email notification. Have a terrific Thursday and weekend, my friend!

    5. Hi, Cathy!

      Thanks for circling back for a visit, dear friend, and for giving me the encouraging word that you are still receiving email notifications about my posts.

      Regarding the videos that have dropped out of my older posts, no, don't worry about notifying me whenever you come across them. There will be dozens, maybe hundreds, and I don't have the time or the will to go hunting for replacements. What's happening on my front page right now is what matters most, along with creating future content. As you notice, I print the title and artist above or beneath every song video I post, so anyone who is genuinely interested in hearing a missing song can easily find it on YouTube.

      The release date for Stranger Things keeps getting pushed back. Those kids will all have gray hair by the time season 4 arrives. :) DigitalSpy sez: << There isn't currently an official release date on the table, although we do now know that season four won't arrive until 2022. A recent teaser only confirmed that "the global phenomenon" will return next year, which is significantly later than fans were hoping. >> Speaking of Stranger Things, stay tuned for my next post which marks the premiere of the new SPMM radio show "No More Mr. Nice Girl" hosted by my favorite Stranger Things character Nancy Wheeler. Nancy's show makes it debut next Tuesday, the 28th.

      Thanks again for returning to connect with me, dear friend Cathy!

    6. Hey Tom,

      Sorry for the late visit this morning. I'm swamped as you can imagine. Thanks for the update on the series Stranger Things. I will look forward to your premiere of "No More Mr. Nice Girl". Thanks for alerting me of the upcoming post, my friend. Gotta scat for now. Have a boogietastic week!

    7. Hi, Cathy!

      I'm happy to see you, dear friend!

      No need to apologize for tardiness, dearie. I don't expect you to come back here and post another comment every time I leave a comment at CAAC. That said, I always like chatting with you and appreciate your desire to be an excellent friend. I certainly do enjoy your follow-up visits to Shady's Place.

      Yessum, Nancy Wheeler is waiting in the wings, her new series set to launch first thing tamale morning. I hope you like the 1980s tuneage the plays.

      Thanks again for joining the fun and have a wonderful week, dear friend Cathy!

  2. I'm here! Feeling lost and down but I am here. I have not seen these Lynch films...yet. I am not sure why but I just never got around to it. I can see, right away, how much he loves the "innocent '50s and '60s age and juxtaposed it with warped, sinister ways. Dennis Hopper said he was, for a time, just like his character from "Blue Velvet" only worse. The songs are so sweet and innocent sounding even the album cover of the sisters is sooooo sweet, my teeth hurt-lol. The young lady, in a very nice black dress, gave a great performance of that old song that I remember from the Mamas and the Papas. I love Roy Orbison-any song he does is gold to me. Seeing Dean Stockwell lip-sing it made me giggle. I can see how these sweet songs would work for sinister times.

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      I am pleasantly surprised to see you, dear friend! Thanks for coming over when I know you've got an awful lot of crap to deal with on your side of the screen. Your visit means all the more to me because of it.

      I hope you got a little much needed cheering up from this special report filed by "The Lynch Mob," characters from some of the most popular David Lynch movies and TV series. Film and TV are right up your alley, and even if you haven't yet seen Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet or Wild At Heart, perhaps these clips of scenes from them will prompt you to do so. As you might have noticed, Laura Dern landed prominent roles in Blue Velvet and in Wild At Heart. Lynch likes to use some of his favorite players in multiple projects. Thanks for sharing the tidbit that Dennis Hopper admitted he was, for a time, like Frank Booth only worse. That's hard to imagine! Hopper certainly fleshed out the character brilliantly and gave an iconic career-crowning performance in the role.

      I'm glad you appreciated the jarring juxtapositions. Seems like these sugar sweet, innocent sounding ditties are just dying to be used with scenes of horror and violence, or to imply that something terrible is about to happen soon. I'm glad you enjoyed Anne Reburn's rendition of "Dream A Little Dream." As you noticed, Anne's thing is to have clones of herself appear in her videos and sing along in harmony. They came and went in ghostly fashion and reminded me of something Lynch would do.

      Yessum, in the complete scene from Blue Velvet, Dean Stockwell's character stands there and lip syncs to that Roy Orbison classic while Frank Booth stands close to him and just stares (or glares). You start to wonder if Booth is going to punch him out or perhaps grab him and kiss him on the lips. You can never be sure what Frank will do. As you can tell, Frank Booth has a potty mouth. He speaks (yells) the obscene F-word in almost every one of his lines, often more than once. The infamous line "F you, you effen F" comes from Frank's mouth in Blue Velvet. He uses the F-word a total of 55 times.

      Thank you again for being a trouper and coming down for a visit, dear friend BB. Your friends are all thinking about you and wishing you better times ahead. I hope to see you again soon.

  3. I don't think I've ever heard of the Paris Sisters before.

    I've never really gotten into any of David Lynch's stuff, though my sister was a great fan, particularly of Twin Peaks. I do know the music of Julee Cruise, though, who collaborated with him on some of his work.

    1. Hi, Kelly! Hi, Pat!

      I'm glad to see you, dear friend, and thanks for crossing the finish line in third place this week.

      The San Francisco-based trio The Paris Sisters, actually started their singing career at a very young age in 1954, but they achieved their greatest success (such as it was) under the guidance of producer wizard Phil Spector. With Spector producing, the sisters jumped out to a good start in 1961 with their top 5 charting "I Love How You Love Me," a song co-written by Brill Building ace Barry Mann and originally intended to be recorded by Tony Orlando. The P-Sisters single features that creepy (to me) spoken recitation by lead singer Priscilla. Late in the decade, Bobby Vinton released a cover of the song as a single and it went top 10, #2 Easy Listening. Maybe you've heard his version.

      Yessum, thanks for mentioning the singing of Julee Cruise. I left Julee out of this post because I had so many other clips I wanted to use, but she deserves a mention and a lot of credit for ramping up the creepy factor in Twin Peaks. The works of David Lynch aren't everybody's cup of tea, but I love having my brain scrambled by him.

      Thanks again for your kind visit and comment, dear friend Kelly, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Ok, this post was way too funny. I can totally see these songs playing during some of the most gory scenes in horror movies. The song and movie that always stands out to me like this is Jeepers Creepers movie playing the Jeepers Creepers song while The Creeper was digging out one of the characters eyes.

    I loved Twin Peaks, I thought that was such a fun, creepy show. Those songs were really good. I love how they pick slow, fun songs in horror movies for such graphic scenes because it's funny how it really does make it scarier.

    1. Hi, Mary!

      Thanks for coming early on day one to experience my tribute to David Lynch and the syrupy songs that were used, or could have been used, in his various productions. I'm glad you got a kick out of these sugary sweet ditties that are used so effectively to instill a sense of dread and foreboding or to amplify the effects of chilling events depicted on the screen in mystery, suspense and horror films.

      Yessum, I have seen Jeepers Creepers, and it is another great example of how this technique is used. One more example that I'd like to mention is "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," the dreamy ballad by The Platters, that plays on the radio of a convertible parked on lovers lane as a deranged ax murderer, recently escaped from a mental institution, chops up a young couple while they're smooching. The gory scene unfolds in the 1986 horror flick Night Of The Creeps. If you haven't see it, it's a hoot. I'm excited to learn that you have also watched and liked Twin Peaks. Log Lady says hello to you and Falcor. :)

      Halloween 2021 is fast approaching, Mary, and I think you're in for a treat here at Shady's Place. Stay tuned for classic 80s rock and metal anthems, scenes and posters from horror movies and much more in the weeks ahead! Thanks again for dropping by and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend!

  5. Hi there Shady - I do remember Twin Peaks but I didn't see Blue Velvet. The first of the Paris Sisters' songs was a bit too slow for me but the second was better. LOL the log lady. What a mind David Lynch had. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

    1. Hi, Janet!

      Thanks for coming over to see my David Lynch tribute, dear friend!

      Yessum, when it comes to creating quirky and very memorable characters, Lynch is the master. I'm happy to know you watched Twin Peaks and are therefore familiar with most of these presenters. I like the third Paris Sisters song, "What Am I to Do," and don't understand why it wasn't released as an A side. I think it could have been a hit for the singing sibs.

      My buddy Benny's pulling on your apron. He must need to go out. :) Thanks again for joining the scary fun, dear friend Janet. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

  6. Hi Shady,

    Let me give this a listen to tomorrow. I've been sneezing all day and I want to sign off to rest. I meet my Synagogue tomorrow night and I don't want to be sneezy, so I want to rest.

    This sounds like my type of entry! Can't wait to give it a listen to tomorrow morning before work. :)

    1. AOK, Jessica Marie!

      I'm happy to see you, hope your sneezing subsides and that you get some rest overnight. I'll see you tamale or whenever you can report back in.

      Take care, dear friend JM!

  7. I'm surprise you didn't include Isabella Rossellini singing "Blue Velvet". Is it because it's too well-known and you wanted musical moments that were overlooked?

    I read somewhere that David Lynch never wanted to reveal Laura Palmer's murderer until the final episode of what was hoped to be at least a five-season Twins Peak run. But the mystery, quite unintentionally on Lynch's part, reached "Who Shot JR" speculative proportions among viewers and the media, forcing him to reveal the culprit early in the second season, thus causing the show's many sublots to spiral out of control now that the connecting thread--Agent Coopers investigation--was put to rest. The twenty-five-years-later third season was aired on Showtime, which means I haven't seen it. I do know that it got good reviews. I take it you saw it. Did you like it?

    Finally, using what would seem to be sunny, innocuous songs as an ironic counterpoint to some very dark storytelling. You know who else did that? Stanley Kubrick. In the opening credits of Dr Strangelove, a smaller plane refuels a B52 nuclear bomber in the sky to the tune of "Try a Little Tenderness". Later, as the plane flies over Russia to drop a nuke that (unbeknownst to the crew) will set off a "doomsday" device that destroys all life on earth, you hear the patriotic ditty "When Johnny Comes Marching Home". Then there's the Vietnam War movie Full Metal Jacket. As opposed to the dark Rolling Stones and Doors songs that punctuate Apocalypse Now, the soundtrack on Jacket includes such upbeat numbers as "Chapel of Love" and "Wooly Bully". Asked why he used such innocuous tunes in such a violent movie, Kubrick simply replied that such songs got a lot of airplay during the Vietnam War. And so they did.

    That's all I got.

    1. Hi, Kirk!

      Thanks for coming over good buddy! You axed for it... you got it... a whole post devoted to David Lynchian songs used to creep us out.

      I will reply to your two comments separately, because doing so will get me one step closer to reaching my goal of 100 comments.

      Always aware that a reader's time is precious, I try to limit each post to no more than 7 songs. This one already had 8 that I wanted to include, and that's why I didn't insert Izzy R's number into the lineup.

      Thanks for adding tidbits about the original Twin Peaks. I saw it when it first aired and one time since. I have also seen the prequel movie Fire: Walk With Me, but since we don't subscribe to Showtime, I haven't seen the Twin Peaks reboot. I'd like to if it ever becomes available on one of the channels to which we do subscribe.

      I'd like to add two more examples of counterpoint songs in film. The first example is by the great director you already mentioned, Stanley Kubrick, and the fine film you already mentioned Dr. Strangelove. I'm referring to the end of the film, the closing song. Here's a blurb from regarding the final scene of Dr. Strangelove:

      << "Stanley Kubrick was a bold--and controversial--innovator in the use of film music. In Dr. Strangelove, he sardonically juxtaposed Vera Lynn's sentimental World War II tune, "We'll Meet Again," with images of a global nuclear holocaust--a grim reminder that we probably won't meet again after World War III" (Giannetti 236). >> I own a Stanley Kubrick DVD box set of his greatest films on DVD and it includes Strangelove and Full Metal Jacket.

      The second example of contrapuntal music in film that I'd like to mention is one that better fits into the category of eerie music that sets the stage for the terror soon to come. It's "Look For A Star," the theme song of the 1960 British movie Circus of Horrors which I saw in the theater at age 10 and many times since over the years. I also have it on DVD. "Look For a Star" was written by Tony Hatch, the composer who wrote many of Petula Clark's biggest international hits, and it is sung in the movie soundtrack by Garry Mills. The ethereal love song plays during a circus act in which a beautiful woman, performs an acrobatic interpretive dance suspended on a rope high above the ring with no net below her. (SPOILER ALERT:) The audience already knows that she is about to plunge to her death, because other beautiful female members of the circus troupe have already died in the middle of their respective acts, including the model used by a knife throwing "Indian chief." The tension becomes unbearable as the song plays and you wait for the other shoe (and the girl) to drop. "Look For A Star" was released as a single and became a fairly big hit on the pop chart, but every time it came on the radio a chill went down my spine as I remembered the context in which it was used in the movie.


  8. I mixed a metaphor! I should have said the connecting thread was severed, not put to rest. Oh, well, it's late...

    1. Hi again Kirk!

      That's AOK, good buddy. A typo, a grammar correction or a soup recipe added as an afterthought are all good as gold when they are placed in a new comment form, thereby boosting my total.

      Thanks again for staying up late to visit and for your excellent comments, good buddy Kirk!

  9. Hi Shady! I'm a little late, but, Happy Friday! The Paris Sisters are pretty darn good, aren't they! "I Love How You Love Me" is a song I remember, and is very pretty-they have great voices! The girls did a very good job on "Dream Lover", and I had a hairstyle just like theirs in the early 60's! We all liked "Dream Lover", and Karo recorded it playing his guitar! He had a totally different version which he didn't like, but he loved the song. Patience and Prudence have great voices and they did a stand-up job on "Tonight You Belong to Me".

    I like Anne Reburn's cover of "Dream a Little Dream of Me". I always "kind of" liked the song, but, she does a fabulous job, and sold me on it totally! A beautiful, sensitive cover. Sorry Mama Cass, but this girl owns it!

    It doesn't seem so long ago that Dennis Hopper passed away. He was great in all he did! It was fun seeing him with his hilarious dialogue and antics!

    The "Sixteen Reasons" video is pretty clever. Connie Stevens is a beautiful actress, and singer. In the mid 1970's I went with some friends to Hot Springs, Ark. for my first Horse Race experience-what fun! We went to a dinner theatre for dinner, and Connie Stevens performed there! It was exciting, and I'll always remember that!

    Oh Roy! "In Dreams" is one of his best...OH, WHO AM I KIDDING! All of his work is the best! "In Dreams" does bring a tear to my eyes, and I love this video -it's superb! I didn't see Blue Velvet, and don't think I even know of it, but it is really cool. I watched it twice (mainly because of the song, I think).

    Great post, Shady! I hope you are doing well. Scootie is out of school early today for teacher's meetings. It's the end of the first six weeks, and he had to attend some after hours classes to catch up after his bout with allergies kept him home a couple of weeks ago. The weather is up and down now, cold and hot! Happy Fall, huh? Take care, dear friend, thank you for a fun post!

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Welcome to the David Lynch platter party, dear friend! I'm very happy to see you.

      I'm pleased that you like The Paris Sisters. I agree they were great, but perhaps came along a little late with their particular style of singing and dressing to mount a long and successful career as recording artists. Overall, traditional style female pop singers started falling out of fashion in the 60s. Let's look at the evidence. After 1961, The Paris Sisters never again reached the top 30, and after early 1962, they never again even reached the top 80! After 1961, Linda Scott never again reached the top 40. After "Sixteen Reasons" in 1960, Connie Stevens never again reached the top 40. After 1959, Dodie Stevens ("Pink Shoe Laces") never again reached the top 50. After 1962, Connie Francis never again reached the top 20. Sustained hit maker Lesley Gore is a notable exception to the rule, and we all know how successful the girl groups of Motown turned out to be as the decade wore on. Anyhow, I agree with you that The Paris Sisters did a fine job of covering Bobby Darin's hit "Dream Lover," creepy sweet as it was. Yessum, those hairstyles are indicative of the period, and David Lynch, now age 75, obviously drew upon fond memories of his late 50s/early 60s youth when using songs and singers like these in his projects. Thanks for telling me that Karo played "Dream Lover" on his guitar.

      I'm with you in preferring Anne Reburn's version of "Dream A Little Dream" to that of Mama Cass. Anne's video, complete with clones of herself that appear and vanish, seems ripped from an episode of Twin Peaks.

      Yessum, Dennis Hopper gave a career performance as the angry, dark and dangerous sociopath Frank Booth in Blue Velvet - totally convincing in the role.

      Wow, thanks for sharing the anecdote about seeing Connie Stevens perform at a dinner theater in Arkansas in the 70s. I remember her showing up in my neck of the woods (Tampa Bay, Florida) appearing on Home Shopping Network and peddling her wares.

      Yessum, Roy Orbison was an all time great. Many artists cover his songs and perhaps try to imitate him, but he was unique, an enormous talent who is sorely missed. "In Dreams" is both mysterious and unsettling, yet undeniably touching and innocent, almost like a child's song. It produces mixed emotions, and that's what Lynch was counting on when he used it so effectively in Blue Velvet.

      I'm sorry to learn that Scootie missed school because of allergies, but happy to know he's caught up now and enjoying the afternoon off due to teachers' conferences. Our weather is nothing but hot, but at least we've been getting plenty of rain this month. The other day it was dark as midnight all day long!

      Thank you again for stopping in and for your usual superb comments, dear friend Suzanne. Have a safe and happy weekend and join me if you can next week, beginning on Tuesday, when spark plug Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things brings your her first show on SPMM radio. Take care!

  10. Shady, I forgot to congratulate David Lynch on a super job here!

    You are correct in saying "In Dreams" is mysterious and unsettling-I hadn't heard much of Roy Orbison until Karo and I got together in the late 90's. I always loved his voice, but paid little mind to the words. I'm go glad I got another chance even though he had already passed away.

    "Running Scared" still gets me, once I listened to the words! It is also scary, but turns out good at the song's end. I sit on pins and needles every time I hear that one.
    "My heart was breaking, which one would it be
    You turned around and walked away with me." My heart dropped at this ending! If I could draw, I would have a picture of this!

    Bob Dylan liked Roy. In a passage of American Songwriter in 2014, about hearing "Running Scared", Dylan said of Roy: "He sang like a professional criminal. His voice could jar a corpse. His songs had songs within songs, shifting from major to minor keys without any logic. Orbison was deadly serious-no pollywog or fledgling juvenile. There wasn't anything else on the radio like him."

    Ain't it the truth! I have the Black and White Night DVD of Roy and friends, and I still get chills and smile when I watch it.

    So, Shady, I'll be off. Hope I didn't blab too much, and you probably already know all of this. It's Friday night, and Scootie's online with some friends playing games. He designed a few online games some months ago, and actually has kids playing them. I'm proud that he has some skills in that area...a possible incentive for a bright future. Thank you Shady, see you next time!

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      I'm excited that you returned to chat, dear friend. Thank you! Heck no. I don't mind your blabbing at all. That's what friends are for. No, I didn't know all of these interesting factoids about Roy Orbison and Dylan's laudatory statements about him. Thanks for sharing them. I would say there's a wistful sadness to all of Roy's songs. They are simple and sung with sincerity - straight from the heart - with no gimmicks. Fans loved that about him and there were and are untold millions of them.

      I am very impressed with Scootie for being able to design online games for he and his friends to play. That does indeed show lots of potential. It's a great way for kids his age to spend their Friday nights.

      Thanks again for dropping back in, dear friend Suzanne. I wish you and Scootie a safe and happy weekend!

  11. Happy Saturday Shady! It's been a busy week but I'm glad I got to finally check in and check out this crazy post. Using these sweet, sweet songs during a horror flick is pretty cool but I haven't ever seen Twin Peaks or Blue Velvet. Which surprises even me who loves the weird and wacky and Halloween horror. Oh well, the songs would be so perfect for the horror and also so...well, creepy. Anne Reburn did a knock out version of Dream a little Dream..loved it. I hope your weekend is going good. I hope to post something here soon. Just can't believe how fast time is going these days! Jack will be having surgery again next week so I'm sure I'll be busy then too! This will make 4 for him in the last year and we're hoping this will be it forever! Wish us luck! Take care Shady!

    1. Hi, Yaya!

      Thanks for swinging by, dear friend! I know you have a tremendous amount of stuff going on up there, and therefore I am doubly appreciative that you were able to break free of responsibilities and visit for a while.

      Yessum -

      They're creepy and they're kooky
      Mysterious and spooky
      They're all together ooky
      The David Lynch family.

      Lynch plays head games with his audiences, but if you happen to like that sort of thing, as do I, then you should try to find and watch Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart and Mulholland Drive. They are all filled with bizarre circumstances and quirky characters. Several of those creepsters are on display in this special tribute post along with the kind of soft, gentle, sweet, innocent songs that are so often used to build apprehension and make your skin crawl in the films and TV series of Lynch and other directors of his ilk.

      If you guys have Hulu up there, you should watch the anthology series Into The Dark. There are 24 feature (movie) length episodes already in the can. I have watched two so far and they are great (and intense) spooky fun. I also highly recommend the Hulu original miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers starring Nicole Kidman set at a mysterious wellness retreat. I am hooked on the characters and their story lines and practically binge watching the show.

      I'm delighted that you enjoyed the performance of Anne Reburn singing that old standard and looking like she just stepped out of a David Lynch production or perhaps a 1940s or 50s movie.

      I'm dismayed to learn that you have more waiting and worrying ahead as Jack prepares for his 4th surgery in a year. I do indeed wish you luck. I pray that all goes well before, during and after, and that you will finally... finally... get your lives back to normal and enjoy a long stretch of carefree living at The Pines, especially with the holidays coming.

      Thanks again for making time for a visit and for your splendid comment, dear friend Yaya. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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